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I had the pastrami sandwich at Katz's which was piled high and cut thick but at $27.45 cents per sandwich, that can get expensive to say the least but the sandwich was really good.
I've never been to New York

so yes
if i wasn't important then why would you waste all your poison
always wanted to go. But what if they made Superman gay?
im gay
I thought that was the place in Courage but that might be Kat's hotel
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i don't really have any desire to check it out. i thought the new superman was gay? he seems well-written. that is pretty progressive and cool. i don't know what i'd do if they made the original superman gay but i'm kind of hungry and pizza sounds good so maybe that. that is a lot of money for a sandwich. i do not think i would enjoy it enough to justify the price or the trip to new york.

i picked yes
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That pastrami
I'll destroy you in Street Fighter, For Honor, COD, and hungry hungry hippos.
No, but I'd like to give it a try.
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No, if only because I've never been to New York
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Johnny_Eagle posted...
No, if only because I've never been to New York

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Dr. Katz
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Shrek posted...
I've never been to New York

so yes
NY like anywhere else has it good and bad as most places do but for people who are active, there's lots to do in NY for sure and tons of places to eat albeit it can be expensive until you know where to go.
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