KotoR Remake is reportedly canned...

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Poll of the Day » KotoR Remake is reportedly canned...

Think it still will be made?
think everyone knew it'd never be real once the developer appeared on screen
see my gundams here
I thought it was already canned. Not too surprised by the news, it would be a hard game to modernize. Making a version of kotor that plays well by today's standards without feeling completely different would be tough.
And with that... pow! I'm gone!
This is the least surprising thing I've heard all year lol
It would have been god awful anyways
What would Bligh do?
Probably for the best. Theres no way that people were gonna like it anyway. There wouldve been some stupid minor change that people would have blown up and acted like it was some personal attack. Then the people who cant make their own decisions wouldve been like oh well I guess the game is bad, then etc. etc.
No. I wouldn't allow it. The taste would be terrible. Can you imagine Augustus-flavored chocolate-coated Gloop? Eww. No one would buy it.
Poll of the Day » KotoR Remake is reportedly canned...