How much money a week do you spend on food?

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Poll of the Day » How much money a week do you spend on food?
Per week I usually do about 100 in groceries and 100 on eating out ie uber eats at work or dinner with friends. So in a month 800 goes to feed just 1 person. Seems a bit much.
My total grocery bills in a given week are something like $200-300 total, but that's for two people and includes non-food items.

(ex. I went shopping today, and spent $220 or so, but that included a couple baking pans)

I rarely spend more than $50 tops in any given week for take-out or fast food, and I avoid restaurants like the plague unless it's a social obligation. Some weeks I'll spend closer to $25, some I don't spend any extra at all.

So I probably average out to somewhere around $ 500 a month, give or take.

But keep in mind, where you live is almost certainly going to play a role. It's part of why cost of living can vary so much from place to place.
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It's random since I buy in bulk when possible, but it's like $50~70 a week at best
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$4271.41 for Food: Groceries in the past 12 months, so that's $82.14 per week.

Food: Dining out is $1058.06 for the past 12 months, or $20.35 per week.

And there's another $94.05 for Food: Candy, or $1.80 a week. Can you even buy a candy bar for $1.80 now?

I've also spent $1653.40 in the past year for Animal: Food.
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I don't shop weekly. I buy groceries about every 10 weeks, sometimes closer to 12 weeks. My groceries typically cost around $300, sometimes more, sometimes less. I do door dash a couple of times a month on average. I used to get fast food a couple of times a week, but can't do that since I don't have a car and nothing's in walking distance, and doordash is too expensive to get that often.
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Per week, for two people, it's $150-$200 depending on how often we go out.
80 ($100) a week for two. I don't each much.
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Between $150 and $400.
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I think it is about $125 per week. Varies depending on how often I eat out. Usually only two meals a week, one of them I keep under $20, the other is always $7 (breakfast sandwich and iced tea at my local deli).
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Poll of the Day » How much money a week do you spend on food?