what makes shit a worse word that poop

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Poll of the Day » what makes shit a worse word that poop
i don't get it
A lady poops. A fat trucker shits
im gay
George said so
Iirc shit actually started out as a polite euphemism, such as using the powder room. Poop is just Latin for the sound of a fart. And only relatively recently became a word for defecation.
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i like poopin

it's just kinda fun y'know like

How is shit a worse word? Poop sounds stupid, so much so that it's hard to take it seriously. Shit on the other hand has significantly more oomph.
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poop is definitely the superior word actually
poop is probably the only word that's almost as fun to say as fuck.
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Dookie is the most fun to say
Hershey Squirts
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Poll of the Day » what makes shit a worse word that poop