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IYO, what kind of Democrat would be best suited for defeating Trump in 2020?
ThyCorndog5512/12 12:55pm
Is it rude to push someone else's items on the supermarket conveyor belt?
TheCEmanCometh1312/12 12:54pm
how do you early signs of CANCER?
SoundNetwork312/12 12:53pm
Nick Foles is back
Caution9991012/12 12:51pm
Traditional "man" things that don't interest you?
cmiller464216112/12 12:50pm
Sexy Anime Girls V9.00 "Pleased to make your assquaintance"
SDBZ38312/12 12:47pm
William Barr jailed for sex assault on neighbour
Revnir112/12 12:46pm
thinking of making a video game review website in 2019, is it worth it?
completeboy2812/12 12:46pm
It's always the goddamned printers.
Solar_Crimson312/12 12:45pm
Apparently Kingdom Hearts core fans hates new players to the series.
Veggeta_EDGE5312/12 12:44pm
Does DC have the most inept marketing team?
Deadpool_18312/12 12:43pm
The World's Most Dangerous Prisons
ninjarobot_22112/12 12:43pm
ITT: kickass 70s songs
Shotgunnova18612/12 12:38pm
Watching my friends do stuff while I reenroll in college is depressing
Deadpool_181012/12 12:37pm
Do you think most of CE knows they aren't nice people?
Veggeta X1512/12 12:35pm
Today I had to talk to my vet about putting my cat on psych meds
Doctor Foxx112/12 12:34pm
Has there ever been a feature length movie that starts out seemingly innocent...
Kitt1012/12 12:33pm
AG Nominee Barr has donated over $567k in 2 decades, almost all to GOP
Bio1590512/12 12:33pm
Man, you know what was a good show? 1000 ways to die.
Weezy_Tha_Don312/12 12:33pm
Madonna is seriously underrated on this board
Damn_Underscore4812/12 12:31pm
Should Trump Pardon Cohen?
solosnake312/12 12:30pm
Judge orders Stormy Daniels to pay Trump attorneys $300K
Suchomimus4212/12 12:29pm
Do you remember the last video game that you bought that had a physical manual?
CyricZ712/12 12:28pm
My favorite Christmas song
Gafemage312/12 12:27pm
Real Trump quote: 'If we don't get what we want, I'll shut down the government'
Ambience6112/12 12:27pm
Tbqh, if you just mindlessly judge addicts you're probably a bad person.
OctilIery8512/12 12:26pm
Third American Football album releases in March
ReginaldClovis212/12 12:25pm
Alright, so the Charmed remake series is improving somewhat but *SPOILERS*
leebul9712/12 12:24pm
Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Show!
KainWind912/12 12:23pm
Amber hard should be black widow
SoundNetwork412/12 12:22pm
I woke up angry today.
tremain071012/12 12:20pm
Why do rapists have it the worse in prison?
CEOffendsMe712/12 12:18pm
California wants to tax text messages
Monolith16763712/12 12:15pm
If Asians hate King John Un so much why did they elect him?
Genocet_10-325212/12 12:14pm
The Smash Bros development team really have a lot of video game knowledge
Darmik1612/12 12:13pm
I'm not gay
YukihoHagiwara212/12 12:12pm
Is there a worse movie than Manos: The Hands of Fate?
YoshitoKikuchi2412/12 12:12pm
Favorite weapon class in vidya games?
bobbaaay2512/12 12:10pm
SailorGoon is black
Kitt212/12 12:10pm
Castlevania Season 2 on Netflix was pretty sweet
Giant_Aspirin2212/12 12:07pm
Update on my Hiragana/Japanese learning thread.
Steve Nick16712/12 12:06pm
Post some good bachelor ready recipes 6 ingredients or less.
t_paynes_ghost412/12 12:05pm
What was the first thing you fapped to that wasn't your imagination?
MegaTech2012/12 12:04pm
watching aquaman tonite
apolloooo1912/12 12:02pm
How would the world be different if black people were the majority?
CiIantro1812/12 12:01pm
how do atlantian or any underwater civilization pee or poop?
apolloooo2412/12 11:58am
NHLCE - How goes the season for you so far?
Jeff AKA Snoopy412/12 11:58am
Omnislasher, are you making a comeback on CE?
Sunhawk212/12 11:58am
20 million, but you're only allowed to deed to these 5 people.
Darkfire412/12 11:57am
Yay my Switch NES Controllers shipped today
DarkRoast112/12 11:55am
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