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Still get goosebumps at BioShock infinites opening
inloveanddeath03004/26 3:56am
20 million bucks but you're a EA shill
Zerocide2904/26 3:53am
White Supremacist who wanted KILL LIBERALS will NOT be charged with TERRORISM!!
Full Throttle1004/26 3:44am
Kai the Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker has been convicted of first-degree murder
Swagnificent119204/26 3:43am
ITT Unpopular Opinions
au_gold11804/26 3:42am
do you ever feel sorry for vegans?
MakoReizei11304/26 3:41am
I used to advocate teaching personal financing (taxes & stuff) in school but
St0rmFury404/26 3:39am
Endgame *spoilers*
Smashingpmkns3704/26 3:35am
Video game confessions topic
clearaflagrantj3804/26 3:34am
embarrassing..... but how do I not get hard in front of my straight buddies?
HaloFan8954704/26 3:28am
Currently at a Juice WRLD concert.
electricbugs21204/26 3:19am
i bought a yellow nike sweatshirt today
Parappa0911904/26 3:19am
I just watched a James Bond movie for the first time
WafflehouseJK26504/26 3:18am
How important is alcohol in socializing with adults
Scotty_Rogers704/26 3:06am
I'm not even 5 minutes in MK11s story mode, and Rouseys acting mks me wanna quit
ShakaBraMoshPit2704/26 3:05am
China alone slaughters 735,100,000 pigs every year
solosnake704/26 3:03am
Jaime should get a, GoT spoiler
CM_Ponch604/26 2:58am
New Emarosa album.
PenguinsBabe904/26 2:58am
Ghost is such a great band
darkprince451104/26 2:57am
Forget Jax; Kano's ending in MK11 though *Spoilers, I guess*
Kitt1304/26 2:52am
being an INTJ is a blessing and a curse
No_U_L71404/26 2:51am
Feminists and incels are two sides of the same coin.
Orlando_Jordan804/26 2:50am
literally every other topic is "Endgame spoilers"
HylianFox304/26 2:49am
The perfect girl but she's obsessed with My Little Pony.
Bestoffuture1104/26 2:48am
Just saw Endgame
1NfamousACE_2904/26 2:48am
MLP Social v.2478: "In memoriam of the tree..."
DStone3926804/26 2:47am
what ever happened to mainline SMT V on nintendo switch
apolloooo604/26 2:46am
Lol fuck you GameSpot
AvantgardeAClue504/26 2:45am
Why are so many people hating on the ending? *Endgame spoilers*
_MorningStar404/26 2:44am
Man violently beats baby to death upon learning that it wasn't his son.
UnfairRepresent7004/26 2:40am
Massachusetts Judge is INDICTED after she helped an ILLEGAL Escape ICE!!
Full Throttle1104/26 2:35am
CE: So what are you telling me, Verdekal? That I can dodge shitposts?
Verdekal104/26 2:31am
Scenario: Your father marries your bride to be
Scotty_Rogers604/26 2:28am
Cuh-Rib-Ian vs. Care-Ah-Be-An
Jeff AKA Snoopy604/26 2:23am
Looking to try mud masks out, anybody have a favorite brand?
JTilly404/26 2:20am
Check out this Asian girl with a nice ass
Flockaveli1304/26 2:17am
I got a package from the US Mint today! :D
AssultTank1604/26 2:16am
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
r25204/26 2:15am
Bangs on girls; does it make them hotter?
Isaac19872204/26 2:15am
Remember Obama
_BlueMonk504/26 2:06am
54 y/o TRAMP is caught dumping 7 NEWBORN DOGS into the TRASH!! Look at it!!
mrduckbear1004/26 2:03am
Boyz n the Hood director John Singleton in a coma after suffering stroke
brestugo604/26 2:03am
The GBA is the best handheld produced by Nintendo. Debate me.
k8ybug7204/26 2:01am
"We live in a society" sounds like an incomplete sentence.
MakoReizei1904/26 1:54am
Limited Run games to release physical edition of Panty Party on Switch
Turbam1504/26 1:46am
One tiny thing I didn't get about End Game.. (spoilers, obv)
6_7__89104504/26 1:46am
So fed totally wants to fuck poki right?
_BlueMonk204/26 1:46am
What film and video game is the best showcase for 4K HDR?
Vita_Aeterna604/26 1:43am
Katana Zero is amazing so far *no spoilers*
Smashingpmkns1204/26 1:43am
Teacher faces FIRING because she's letting a STUDENT write her story on PORN!!
Full Throttle1204/26 1:41am
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