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Which comic book movies will you watch in 2019?
Vol2tex301/09 2:42pm
"A 70 percent top tax rate is a moderate, evidence based policy"
Antifar17901/09 2:37pm
Lifting weights is very overrated
Romulox28801/09 2:36pm
When you think about it, plastic dinosaurs are made from real dinosaurs.
RiderofHogs1201/09 2:34pm
Normal people have gotten in-school suspension, detention,
Anisoptera101/09 2:34pm
Do you know why Male Walruses can easily get dates?
Duncanwii701/09 2:34pm
Black DSP gets bodied by warlock, calls opponent scrub.
Banjo25533501/09 2:29pm
Does God like it when you pray, or is it just for the human being?
CasinoNights401/09 2:24pm
Have you noticed some publications have started their 2020 agenda?
King_Hutton301/09 2:22pm
Man, the NYT pays for this drivel
Antifar501/09 2:17pm
Immigrants are driving across the border in tanks
Antifar401/09 2:15pm
Tips on how to limit my tissue usage?
Two_Dee1801/09 2:11pm
Is policing for profit an issue of considerable concern in the US?
LordRazziel901/09 2:08pm
YR: You are a part of a group competition You win $2k and one member did nothing
IslamMD1401/09 2:08pm
Momir's Madness in MTG: Arena is a mess.
DirkDiggles301/09 2:06pm
Colonel, what's a gunship doing here?
DevsBro401/09 2:05pm
Fat pig squeals when almost shot in fat head, saved by even fatter partner
Bruce_Somali401/09 2:01pm
Shit my car is on fire! What do?
frozenshock401/09 2:00pm
I've got it. There's only one logical reason why Trump behaves so crazy.
DarkTransient601/09 1:59pm
Who are the strangest famous people of the last 100 years?
CasinoNights1201/09 1:58pm
What is the age cutoff for living forever? Is it likely you will live forever?
Kombucha201/09 1:58pm
Saw an article in the paper about Luigi being trans.
DK9292301/09 1:57pm
Sexual assault in women's bathroom w/transwoman (associated press)
Tyranthraxus2301/09 1:54pm
Do you buy table napkins?
SomeGuyUO301/09 1:52pm
Pelosi/Schumer had a bigger audience than Trump per early ratings numbers
Bio1590501/09 1:51pm
Would a Dark Souls character be a good guest for Mortal Kombat 11?
DK9292101/09 1:51pm
Trump shitposting about California "Forrest" Fires
CruelBuffalo5601/09 1:50pm
People who unironically retweet the Krassensteins
50Blessings101/09 1:47pm
It's been almost 4 weeks since I've looked at porn.
JustMyOpinion201/09 1:43pm
It took me 3 years to get this strong
Akagami_Shanks401/09 1:40pm
The worst part of adulting is how huge your video game backlog gets
Veggeta_MAX2201/09 1:40pm
More Americans watched Democratic rebuttal than Trump's speech
Giant_Aspirin1201/09 1:40pm
just started new vegas
SSJCAT5901/09 1:38pm
why do people make C/D topics when there are poll options
Razuberii1701/09 1:35pm
You are now imagining someone smacking their lips together loudly while eating.
Kombucha201/09 1:30pm
MapleStory2 topic
_Lyonidias1201/09 1:30pm
From what I've seen "The Killing Joke" is....
nevershine801/09 1:30pm
Welp, that's my joy-con sent to Nintendo.
DK92921701/09 1:29pm
ask me anything
Ryuko_Chan3201/09 1:29pm
C/D: Austerity is the solution to all of a nation's economic woes.
Doom_Art201/09 1:29pm
AMD hype!
_BIueMonk701/09 1:29pm
I got lit 6 out of the last 8 days.
C_Pain401/09 1:28pm
mach25687501/09 1:27pm
Florida woman attacks parents who wouldn't take her to Outback Steakhouse
smo86101/09 1:27pm
Who would win in a fight between a regular tall guy and a physically fit manlet?
Kitt2701/09 1:25pm
Do you have any really close female friends?
TommyVercetti1101/09 1:25pm
you guys ever get mistaken for other races/ethnicities?
cavalierking2701/09 1:24pm
Thailand won't deport illegal immigrant who was beaten by her family.
UnfairRepresent4101/09 1:20pm
Le Gabe! Ubisoft skipping Steam Store for Division 2
CruelBuffalo201/09 1:20pm
Which PFP makes you trust someone more?
Koinzo201/09 1:19pm
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