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Next semester is going to be such a downgrade.
PiOverlord303/04 4:09am
hat > JUST hair
VoightKent603/04 4:00am
Giving Hollow Knight another chance *spoilers*
Smashingpmkns1303/04 3:53am
CE im going to japan NEXT MONTH and i still haven't planned!!!
TheBlueMonk_403/04 3:50am
Why do Americans take off their shoes at the airport but wear their shoe at home
SoundNetwork103/04 3:50am
i made sims of the teen wolf cast, lydia, stiles, derek and scott.
yusiko203/04 3:47am
May I... stand unshaken
TheBlueMonk_303/04 3:47am
I've been binge watching Supernatural. Up to 2x13 now (Spoilers)
KayfabeTactics1203/04 3:39am
is World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth good yet?
TheBlueMonk_403/04 3:37am
What games are you playing?
Big_Nabendu5103/04 3:36am
This good for video editing?
NocturnalLight403/04 3:34am
Why did kids lie about things in games when we were in elementary school?
Very_Unreliable1803/04 3:26am
do you have any 'soup nazi' friends
Engineer_Gamer303/04 3:25am
I am going to delete this thread if no one posts in it by 2:11 AM CST
PiOverlord603/04 3:22am
just saw Spider Man: Enter the Spider Verse
MixedRaceBaby103/04 3:20am
will you cheat if you have the deepest true love in a dream qirlfriend then.
visualboy20031403/04 3:18am
I'm going to go to bed with my sexy imaginary boyfriend, Jeremy.
HashtagTartarus1203/04 3:08am
Real talk: Britta > Annie
RiderofHogs3003/04 3:06am
Who else did this.
Duncanwii1703/04 3:05am
is death cab for cutie still popular
Engineer_Gamer603/04 3:01am
is it possible to mention The_Admiral?
catboy0_0203/04 2:58am
Cuddleing Doge is about to get a lot better with two Doge
The_Doge2203/04 2:58am
Forthcoming adidas Yeezy 350 V2s Will Release Regionally
NinjaBreakfast603/04 2:57am
today i made kimchi from scratch. a whole 20 pounds of it
TheBlueMonk_403/04 2:56am
Bored of lookin at purble on black, what should I change it to?
JimCarrysToe4803/04 2:54am
I feel like Bambi is better than it gets credit for
ledbowman703/04 2:52am
Where can I meet woman like Juri Han from Street Fighter?
Scotty_Rogers6903/04 2:44am
Is it true that Americans sleep with socks on?
SpriteLimit2203/04 2:44am
Here's a UK commercial that American's couldn't dream of clapping to >_>
NeonOctopus403/04 2:43am
What's the best 'build' in Final Fantasy Tactics? No Special units
KayfabeTactics603/04 2:41am
I've had a taste of PC gaming, and now I'm addicted :(
Metua4403/04 2:28am
Ya know who haz a pretty lunchable face?
JimCarrysToe703/04 2:27am
Just saw Black Panther last week
Tony_Biggie_Pun403/04 2:23am
Anyone here dislike Pocky?
Darkrobotisback303/04 2:23am
Mob Psycho 100 > One Punch Man
totalnerdken2203/04 2:17am
The Last Jedi appreciation topic
ledbowman3403/04 2:09am
I heard beauty is in the eye of beholder.
Cotton_Eye_Joe103/04 2:09am
Lois Griffin
Kelystic503/04 2:05am
daily reminder that Chads are immune to MeToo
VoightKent103/04 1:55am
$100,000 but your dad transforms into Terry Crews
smoliske803/04 1:51am
DoA is actually a pretty good fighting game
Cobra1010203/04 1:50am
Is anyone terrible at expressing excitement?
Vita_Aeterna103/04 1:48am
how is kingpin so strong in into the spider verse
apolloooo1503/04 1:45am
How does Assassins Creed Odyssey compare to The Witcher 3?
tripleh2132503/04 1:43am
The world's on fire.
Cotton_Eye_Joe603/04 1:41am
whats wrong with boneless wings?
Philoktetes403/04 1:35am
Goblin sharks look so fucked up
Future_Trunks603/04 1:28am
Save That Video Game! (Round 31) RULE CHANGE!
WafflehouseJK7903/04 1:26am
I'm trying to learn how to code, any tips for beginners
JBaLLEN66603/04 1:10am
Well fuck you
Cotton_Eye_Joe203/04 1:05am
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