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this girl who ghosted me a week ago is now suddenly hitting me up
Engineer_Gamer602/16 12:31am
I bet none of you here tried poached eggs, just because...
coldshadowater1002/16 12:30am
Are you on track to get your February Loyalist badge?
Frostshock102/16 12:30am
Mods, permaban anybody who repeats anything.
LightningAce11702/16 12:28am
Where is catboy?!
bossjony3202/16 12:28am
Man Aqua is bae (KH3 Spoilers)
Touch902/16 12:24am
i love how hornily this girl looks at me
No_U_L71202/16 12:22am
Ever really enjoy a song and then find out later it was from a hentai game?
TheMarthKoopa1502/16 12:20am
Frat boy messes with Asian guy, gets knocked the fuck out
TrowaBarton75202/16 12:17am
my wife prints out my texts and circles all the grammar/spelling mistakes
Cpt_Pineapple102/16 12:16am
Mueller recommends a prison sentence of up to 24.5 years for Paul Manafort
Hairistotle702/16 12:12am
Would you let doctors chop off your limbs if they got replaced with bionic ones?
CasualGuy1502/16 12:09am
my vday date answered her phone during dinner ._.
No_U_L72702/16 12:07am
Suddenly, MegaTech is sitting right next to you.
ssj3vegeta2402/16 12:06am
Anyone else had a shit week?
The_Scarecrow2302/16 12:05am
What's up with sandwich shops having tip jars?
SomeGuyUO602/16 12:05am
Critically acclaimed horror film Wish Upon is now available on Prime Video.
au_gold1302/16 12:04am
2 New York Girls are EXPELLED because their CHRISTIAN Mom won't VACCINATE them!!
Full Throttle1402/16 12:02am
man fan
YukihoHagiwara202/16 12:02am
Kaepernick, Eric Reid settle collusion cases with NFL
Antifar7802/16 12:01am
I saw boobs on omegle
Cpt_Pineapple502/15 11:55pm
53 percent of Californians want to leave the state, according to new survey
refmon8002/15 11:54pm
Isnt it funny how the religious right worships the rich?
Genocet_10-3252202/15 11:49pm
Is it gay if u fuck a Fleshlight that's in a man's ass
Romulox282102/15 11:49pm
it's so tough, lads
VoightKent102/15 11:49pm
Thank God for Steven Crowder.
Sirius702/15 11:49pm
im not really a pick up artist...
No_U_L72402/15 11:47pm
Any other proud fleshlight owners on CE?
Rida_Go_To_Bed3102/15 11:46pm
Buttslam Boyz General #180 - Big Black n Beautiful
MegaTech14302/15 11:45pm
10 trillion lions vs 10 trillion silverback gorillas
smoliske2202/15 11:43pm
CEper Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament Thread Part III
PiOverlord20602/15 11:42pm
That Triple Frontier movie on Netlix looks pretty dope.
Captain_Qwark302/15 11:42pm
getting laid this weekend?
Cpt_Pineapple302/15 11:39pm
Police in Canada free 43 Mexicans from near slavery
absl1102/15 11:36pm
Mueller has proof that Stone was involved in the DNC Hack along with Russia
Giant_Aspirin1602/15 11:35pm
How hard is it to maintain a swimming pool?
IdiotMachine1602/15 11:33pm
IGN: "Russian Doll is Netflix's best show yet"
g0ldie2802/15 11:32pm
A deaf leopard seems like an incredibly inefficient predator.
Duncanwii302/15 11:31pm
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Vento Aureo episode 19 is up!
Popcorn_Fairy802/15 11:31pm
large segments of the population have been streamlined for obedience through....
JimCarrysToe102/15 11:31pm
Do you think it's time for the US to invoke the 25th amendment?
A_Good_Boy3102/15 11:29pm
Reminder: Donald Trump believes Vaccines cause autism.
UnfairRepresent4202/15 11:27pm
What are you favorite sneakers?
PIITB415102/15 11:26pm
Im looking for a tiny in ear (ear buds).. thats bluetooth and looks concealed
coldshadowater502/15 11:26pm
NLE Choppa - Shotta Flow 2 (Video) He is only 16 O.O
NewportBox100s102/15 11:25pm
Beautiful Asses: Part III
au_gold2502/15 11:24pm
green butter
Muffinz0rz202/15 11:20pm
ay, The Dragon Prince is back
g0ldie402/15 11:19pm
i havent had a girlfriend in 2 years
Stallion_Prime402/15 11:17pm
White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders interviewed by Mueller
Giant_Aspirin802/15 11:14pm
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