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I hope to see Daniel Craig regenerate into the next Bond actor
Bass_X0904/26 9:02am
I'm falling for a girl who's moving out of the country in a few months
MFBKBass51304/26 8:59am
Princess Daisy should actually be Empress Daisy
DarkRoast604/26 8:56am
GTA: SA Ultra HD.
Verdekal1004/26 8:53am
I take it back. The Incredible Hulk is the worst MCU movie...
SwayM4104/26 8:49am
The 360 had the best controller of all time. GOAT controller.
Sunhawk1104/26 8:48am
I turned in my project for school. My professor then commented that it was blank
LastTomorrow204/26 8:43am
Ran out of milk for my granola so I had to literally melt butter into water
SoundNetwork1404/26 8:42am
Why are the 2019 jettas so ugly?
L0Z604/26 8:41am
Biden running for president proves Trump will win 2020 now
MFBKBass5604/26 8:40am
Soft tacos or hard tacos?
Vol2tex3104/26 8:39am
My allergies are making my eye swell up, but just the one eye.
Duncanwii104/26 8:36am
Beautiful Asses: Part IV
P4wn4g34404/26 8:34am
Who owns the truth?
BeyondWalls204/26 8:30am
Favourite weather?
Sunhawk1304/26 8:24am
academic claims gay men have a anal worm that eats seamen
AceMos1204/26 8:23am
Cold Oreos are the best Oreos
Dark_Garioshi7804/26 8:22am
i hate watching sports hall of fame inductions
PeePeeTheFrog104/26 8:22am
I assume everyone is a white straight American on GameFAQs
Bass_X01404/26 8:19am
Imagine losing your gf/bf/wife/husband to the snap.
St0rmFury804/26 8:16am
So... those spiderman far from home leaks *spoilers*
Akagami_Shanks704/26 8:16am
Better tell your woman Good Morning every time or else I will
Veggeta X104/26 8:06am
Glad I'm not a nerd who cares about comic book movies
Antifar304/26 8:03am
Have you guys been out moral hunting?
ThrobbGoblin404/26 8:03am
Coast Guard who wanted to kill the entire world could be released soon.
Cheater87204/26 7:59am
I cooked chicken breast and mashed potatoes and gravy. Rate please.
WrestlinFan4104/26 7:58am
gave a girl my phone to enter her number and she accidentally pulled up CE
No_U_L7404/26 7:55am
ITT: Badass NES music
Ser_Jaker24304/26 7:54am
Just recently got into Asian dominatrix porn and I love it.
Scotty_Rogers2004/26 7:49am
Following someone to ask them for their number is not smart.
_Matchabuu_29004/26 7:47am
If you work hard at it, you will achieve global domination in 20 years, BUT!!!
Ic3Bullet404/26 7:46am
Users you would like to know more about?
ssj3vegeta_704/26 7:43am
Does anybody play Marvel Strike Force? Part 4
au_gold9804/26 7:43am
ITT: If Ed Boon ran other industries, professions and/or companies...
EffectAndCause104/26 7:36am
I'll draw your favorite video game, anime, or cartoon character (capped at 20).
Ryetoast10004/26 7:32am
Given the newest US Presidential Candidate announcements, what's your vote?
Cocytus3104/26 7:30am
Republican running against Trump tells him to resign
Zikten1204/26 7:25am
Have you eaten all of your Easter chocolate yet?
MeIon Bread304/26 7:25am
do yoy thinj detective pikachu will show people eat pokemons?
apolloooo804/26 7:24am
Steve Rogers in full gear could solo Westeros.
Duncanwii3004/26 7:22am
I want to fuck dis football player
ssj3vegeta_404/26 7:22am
Do you know much Latin?
MeIon Bread104/26 7:21am
Will nuclear radiation turn me into an Xmen?
KG5361104/26 7:20am
I just watched The 40-Year-Old Virgin
PiOverlord5304/26 7:16am
Imagine my surprise when I open up a PM and I find out some really shocking news
Alpha21811904/26 7:10am
Joe Biden is officially running for President
King_Hutton21704/26 7:10am
How to make our internet faster?
KG536104/26 7:03am
Idk how people can hate KISS
darkprince454304/26 6:58am
Proper way to say Celtic?
KG536404/26 6:54am
I tried to start watching WWE again yesterday...
Solid Sonic2004/26 6:49am
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