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Andrew Yang convinced me to do a 180 on Universal Basic Income
Yasiel_Puig402/16 2:05am
holy shit, this video Trump just tweeted out
primatepancakes4902/16 2:04am
Rune Factory 4 and 5 HYPE!
Leanaunfurled1902/16 2:01am
Best buy let me down
L0Z702/16 1:59am
itt a video of me winning a competitive pokemon match
No_U_L7202/16 1:57am
boobs are amazing
MakoReizei1102/16 1:56am
Just came back from watching Alita: Battle Angel.
Volkswagen_Bros1702/16 1:51am
I want to fuck dis Florida Woman
ssj3vegeta2502/16 1:48am
You can't be a feminist and a Christian.
DarkChozoGhost1002/16 1:48am
Monk tries to educate the ignorant about the manji symbol and selective bigotry
ModLogic4202/16 1:44am
As an adult, have you ever had breast milk?
Killmonger1102/16 1:39am
Is Ryan Phillippe the best actor of our generation?
au_gold502/16 1:37am
What is it about Trump that makes his base borderline cultish?
LethalAffinity1302/16 1:34am
Wow, someone got a -5/40 on a paper in one of my classes.
PiOverlord102/16 1:26am
A remake of Wand Of Gamelon could work
_PrincessZelda1002/16 1:24am
Just finished Klonoa Door to Phantomile
discodancer771202/16 1:21am
What was your favorite part of the last Jedi?
Complete_Idi0t1902/16 1:20am
So I did the Good King Moogle Mog fight in FFXIV..*spoilers?*
Crimson_Angel502/16 1:18am
how would your react to a live action remake of King of the Hill?
Zikten702/16 1:18am
Under which president had the best music releases?
AngryGrandpa902/16 1:17am
Jussie Smollett faked the assault. I'll take my apologies now CE.
Agnostic42031202/16 1:16am
Suddenly, Ariana Grande is shitting right next to you.
Sexypwnstar1102/16 1:12am
remember the time Bobby used a plastic head to practice kissing with?
MakoReizei502/16 1:08am
Holy shit NyQuil tastes like radioactive ass
Touch902/16 1:07am
You guys seen The Expanse?
emblem boy1102/16 1:06am
Interview with an ALIEN: Explanation of Life, the Universe and Everything!
absl1602/16 1:05am
Childish Gambino
tremain072202/16 1:04am
DSPgaming General V: The Taxes ChainSNORT Massacre
LightningAce1140502/16 1:04am
Oh wow they made a Kim Possible live action movie
TheHoldSteady402/16 1:02am
aren't boobs just milk containers?
Cpt_Pineapple1802/16 1:02am
introducing dagwood, popper's ping pong sparring partner
SSJCAT302/16 1:01am
Border patrol agent detains 2 US citizens because they were speaking Spanish
CableZL9802/16 1:00am
22 y/o Girl who told her BF to KILL HIMSELF has CUT HER HAIR and starts PRISON!!
Full Throttle902/16 1:00am
I've submitted my bachelor thesis. AMA
teepan953302/16 12:54am
Binged season 2 of The Dragon Prince. Good shit. The choppiness is gone btw.
Doom_Art202/16 12:45am
Is this just one sentence?
Agnostic4202302/16 12:42am
Girls Frontline General 9: Hasta la vista, baby!
Calwings8502/16 12:38am
I'm day 5 into Nofap and im like that crackhead from New Jack City.
21WIVES_CHILL302/16 12:37am
Do you think there will really be a technological singularity?
lincoln002902/16 12:37am
Ass Combat 7
spudger602/16 12:34am
Got back into Tales of Vesperia. Still want to motorboat Judith's tits >_>
NeonOctopus3902/16 12:34am
Finished! SKYWALKER SAGA OVER! Star Wars Episode IX has finished filming!!!
Tryhaptaward202/16 12:34am
this girl who ghosted me a week ago is now suddenly hitting me up
Engineer_Gamer602/16 12:31am
I bet none of you here tried poached eggs, just because...
coldshadowater1002/16 12:30am
Are you on track to get your February Loyalist badge?
Frostshock102/16 12:30am
Mods, permaban anybody who repeats anything.
LightningAce11702/16 12:28am
Where is catboy?!
bossjony3202/16 12:28am
Man Aqua is bae (KH3 Spoilers)
Touch902/16 12:24am
i love how hornily this girl looks at me
No_U_L71202/16 12:22am
Ever really enjoy a song and then find out later it was from a hentai game?
TheMarthKoopa1502/16 12:20am
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