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GUIS GUIS. You're missing the point. Would you kill Baby Assad?
CruelBuffalo404.11.2017 3:38pm0 + 0
For people complaining about Yooka-Laylee, and saying the subgenre of...
Sunhawk404.11.2017 3:35pm0 + 0
Did anyone ever find that video of Gourmet Race made up of porn sounds?
Swagnificent119104.11.2017 3:32pm0 + 0
Whats your favorite King of The Hill joke?
nayr6266604.11.2017 3:31pm0 + 0
Bayonetta and Planescape: Torment Enhanced are on Steam today.
Leanaunfurled804.11.2017 3:28pm0 + 0
Man physically assaulted and dragged off United flight by airport security
Chev427BB27804.11.2017 3:28pm0 + 0
So I started exercising, but I'm just getting more sore the more I do it.
HaVeNII71304.11.2017 3:27pm0 + 0
Yooka-Laylee pulls a 69 in Metacritic...
Solid Sonic2004.11.2017 3:26pm0 + 0
what are your favorite copypastas?
andel1204.11.2017 3:24pm0 + 0
is "commander and chief" cultural appropriation?
darkphoenix181404.11.2017 3:24pm0 + 0
News about Steam replacing Steam Greenlight with? I wanted to make a game...
ForestLogic704.11.2017 3:23pm0 + 0
Post and I'll give you a movie recommendation.
WafflehouseJK5304.11.2017 3:21pm0 + 0
Billie Jean is not my lover.
Go_Totodile704.11.2017 3:20pm0 + 0
What fictional genre settinf would you prefer to live in?
AlisLandale804.11.2017 3:08pm0 + 0
It's not how fast you mow...
AntiPhiDisciple204.11.2017 3:02pm0 + 0
Sometimes I feel like a real life Johnny Bravo.
Haldol1604.11.2017 3:00pm0 + 0
if i post spoilers for a series that no one reads is it really consider a spoile
soulunison2404.11.2017 2:58pm0 + 0
Do you have a "bad luck day" of the week?
Cocytus604.11.2017 2:57pm0 + 0
Why do we still allow old as fuck people to drive?
V-E-G-Y-104.11.2017 2:53pm0 + 0
I had a lull in watching many new films, but now I'm back at it again.
Sunhawk304.11.2017 2:52pm0 + 0
I got shot with an electric Taser
DemonBuffet2204.11.2017 2:51pm0 + 0
Do you think the term "Mansplaining" is sexist
epik_fail15404.11.2017 2:49pm0 + 0
ATTN: Vanilla Coke
Doe1504.11.2017 2:47pm0 + 0
Why have I never listened to Daft Punk?
DelianSK904.11.2017 2:46pm0 + 0
Should i cancel Amazon Prime?
MixedRaceBaby1504.11.2017 2:40pm0 + 0
Dept of Housing & Urban Planning made ~$520 billion in mistakes under Obama
Logos5604.11.2017 2:39pm0 + 0
Save That Marvel Character! (Round 6)
WafflehouseJK3804.11.2017 2:32pm0 + 0
Whatever happened to Robot Jones?
Go_Totodile404.11.2017 2:27pm0 + 0
you'll never see it coming
drunkmuggle804.11.2017 2:25pm0 + 0
I skipped my psych appointment. Now I'm going to be out of pills for a while.
weapon_d00d816404.11.2017 2:23pm0 + 0
Still one of the best ps2 intro made.
mach256872104.11.2017 2:23pm0 + 0
I've been an Uber driver since 2015, AMA
thompsontalker73204.11.2017 2:21pm0 + 0
So I'm in this "singles group" on Facebook. You're the devil if you
spanky12304.11.2017 2:20pm0 + 0
Tomahawk are missiles "cultural appropriation" and offensive.
Howl604.11.2017 2:19pm0 + 0
Is there really any reason for me to get the newest smartphone?
Burt_Macklin404.11.2017 2:18pm0 + 0
How would I sell something to the government? (State and/or federal)
meingott604.11.2017 2:14pm0 + 0
Damn son
dragnmaninferno1104.11.2017 2:12pm0 + 0
I was going to fly United on a vacation to korea next year. not anymore
MixedRaceBaby804.11.2017 2:12pm0 + 0
Woman rescued by ambulance that she herself donated 3 months ago.
UnfairRepresent404.11.2017 2:12pm0 + 0
my manager told me i have 20,000 dollars to spend on computers. by next month
MixedRaceBaby1804.11.2017 2:09pm0 + 0
Are there things you've asked of your partner to do in bed but she refused?
V-E-G-Y-604.11.2017 2:06pm0 + 0
Samsung phones sure do over heat alot
Haldol1304.11.2017 2:02pm0 + 0
If religion never existed, Skyrim wouldn't be at war
LIsJustice504.11.2017 2:01pm0 + 0
When you click "I agree to the terms and conditions..."
Ryan__Leaf1804.11.2017 2:00pm0 + 0
Are there any shows where the bad guy protagonist actually wins?
pinky09261804.11.2017 1:57pm0 + 0
Which CEman is this?
megATOMOS3104.11.2017 1:56pm0 + 0
I kinda want to be a black isrealite now
MARKINGRAM22204.11.2017 1:56pm0 + 0
90's kids unite. Major historical and technological achievements?
AzurexNightmare1904.11.2017 1:45pm0 + 0
It's crazy how different our culture is with sex/sexuality
Burt_Macklin1004.11.2017 1:43pm0 + 0
The best Call of Duty game of last gen is finally backwards compatible on XB1
GallisOTK204.11.2017 1:43pm0 + 0
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