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I'm sorry but people labeling is a necessary evil.
Veggeta X809.01.2017 6:10pm0 + 0
Why The Orville was destined to get cancelled.
Cotton_Eye_Joe1109.01.2017 6:10pm0 + 0
Everyone gets upset that Clifford is big but why the FUCK is he RED
Doe2809.01.2017 6:07pm0 + 0
I Instantly Respect People Who ________
Terra-enforcer3409.01.2017 6:06pm0 + 0
Why does GOT season 5 seem like such a drag? No spoilers past episode 3)
__Stewa__209.01.2017 6:03pm0 + 0
Name a recent game design trend you like, and one you dislike
Antifar1709.01.2017 6:02pm0 + 0
Remember Stefanie "Da" Joosten?
Touch4509.01.2017 6:02pm0 + 0
Why do a lot of American businesses use the Dutch flag with the word open on it?
Verdekal109.01.2017 6:01pm0 + 0
Real talk: You hate death metal because it's over your head...
Mike_Stanton7509.01.2017 6:00pm0 + 0
Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light trailer (Netflix)
Makeveli_lives809.01.2017 6:00pm0 + 0
Worst character in It's Always Sunny.
slmcknett609.01.2017 5:55pm0 + 0
I would never be able to sleep in the Pokemon world
Coffeebeanz1809.01.2017 5:55pm0 + 0
Nurse arrested for refusing to give blood sample to police without a warrant
Glass_Phantom1209.01.2017 5:52pm0 + 0
Ever been accused of having a horse face?
USANumber13209.01.2017 5:44pm0 + 0
So like are you supposed to daydream all the time or nah
Doe309.01.2017 5:44pm0 + 0
when will lolicons be accepted like gay people
Renault309.01.2017 5:37pm0 + 0
we're living the plot of harry potter in irl life right now (spoilers)
Philoktetes209.01.2017 5:36pm0 + 0
Rate these MEGA HOT scene girls!
electricbugs23109.01.2017 5:34pm0 + 0
did they make the right call in this case about cops killing blacks?
zado19209.01.2017 5:33pm0 + 0
I'm having pangs of poor self image. I need to feel sexy rn :/
USANumber1409.01.2017 5:33pm0 + 0
have you ever used jinjo as a racial insult before?
Two_Dee809.01.2017 5:29pm0 + 0
What if Hitler did not commit suicide, but continued hes work until he retired?
coldshadowater2509.01.2017 5:29pm0 + 0
Im Sick Of Doing Nazi Stuff Just To Have Some Antifa Dweeb Get All The Credit
averagejoel709.01.2017 5:22pm0 + 0
I just found a term that explains nerds perfectly.
Veggeta X309.01.2017 5:22pm0 + 0
im gonna write an It and Pet Cemetary level of quality horror novel
AlternativeFAQS309.01.2017 5:21pm0 + 0
Russia has a new pope
Antifar609.01.2017 5:21pm0 + 0
Fox News Poll: Which Qualities Describe Trump
Anteaterking1709.01.2017 5:18pm0 + 0
The photos the U.S. and Saudi Arabia don't want you to see
whitewimmin1109.01.2017 5:15pm0 + 0
We ain't official until I eat your ass
soulunison2409.01.2017 5:15pm0 + 0
Freddie_Mercury609.01.2017 5:12pm0 + 0
House of the Dead Overkill is one of the greatest games ever made
Blue_Inigo209.01.2017 5:10pm0 + 0
I honestly get off on arguing on Facebook.
Deadpool_181709.01.2017 5:09pm0 + 0
When you're an everyday smoker and have to go dry, it fucking sucks. Can't sleep
MuayThai851909.01.2017 5:08pm0 + 0
It was no-bra day at my local bookstore today.
Sunhawk1909.01.2017 5:08pm0 + 0
Sometimes, it feel like bad people just gravitate towards me.
Kitt109.01.2017 5:05pm0 + 0
Super Meat Boy Forever Nintendo trailer
Drpooplol1809.01.2017 5:03pm0 + 0
Anyone here take CompTIA Network +?
psvitantifail109.01.2017 5:02pm0 + 0
Why do Kingdom Hearts fan get mad when you call their side games spinoffs?
Veggeta X3709.01.2017 5:01pm0 + 0
can we have a hurricane relief donation pledge topic?
AlternativeFAQS309.01.2017 4:59pm0 + 0
Are you a NEET?
Damn_Underscore1009.01.2017 4:58pm0 + 0
Mega Man Legacy for $5.99 3DS.
VandorLee509.01.2017 4:56pm0 + 0
Online needs to be universal with all consoles.
Dark_SilverX209.01.2017 4:54pm0 + 0
is my gf pergant?
gafemaqs109.01.2017 4:54pm0 + 0
Geograph Seal has some of the catchiest, most epic, and badass music in any game
SharpX68000209.01.2017 4:53pm0 + 0
Mega Man 7 is so underrated
ZMythos1009.01.2017 4:51pm0 + 0
CE you're smart, right. Help me solve this conundrum.
paerarru309.01.2017 4:50pm0 + 0
FUCK everything
Bok_Choi909.01.2017 4:49pm0 + 0
Marvel have a character named "U.S. Agent".
Kitt1009.01.2017 4:48pm0 + 0
That feeling when your best friend ignores you
Wolfenstein20001509.01.2017 4:46pm0 + 0
WB wants DiCaprio for Joker Origins movie
ledbowman3809.01.2017 4:45pm0 + 0
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