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Nostalgia or not, Ocarina of Time is still fun to replay
MetalGearSquid2204/26 11:15am
Me: Yo body do you need to shit? Body: Nah
CruelBuffalo404/26 11:15am
How is assassins creed origins?
L0Z604/26 11:14am
Is it a bad sign if my back feels tight during the deadlift?
Squall28804/26 11:14am
DSPgaming General 7: Return of the Pig.
LightningAce1150004/26 11:13am
This would never happen in the horsing business
Kaliesto204/26 11:12am
Trump Administration to rollback transgender healthcare protections
King_Hutton11604/26 11:10am
I used to be a bad man before.
AbysmalTrinity204/26 11:10am
At work, they call me Batman. I'm going to be the new guy's mentor.
DevsBro704/26 11:08am
Soft tacos or hard tacos?
Vol2tex3604/26 11:08am
Trump reverses Anti-Vaxx Stance in temporary show of sanity
spudger104/26 11:06am
Well, I pulled the trigger and canceled Netflix...
Solid Sonic104/26 11:05am
Emirati Woman Reportedly Regains Awareness After 27 Years in Coma
KamenRiderBlade1804/26 11:04am
does anyone here have an MBA?
green butter104/26 11:03am
Rate this guy's creepiness
LordRazziel904/26 10:59am
Average American monthly makes $3,700 and about $44,000 a year
HellsingOrg2404/26 10:59am
Captain Marvel is pretty NASCAR
codey904/26 10:58am
Someone come to my house and watch movies with me.
KeepAnEyeOut304/26 10:57am
PokemonExpert441204/26 10:55am
Man intentionally plows car into crowd in California suburb, injuring 8
Antifar1004/26 10:55am
Celine Paolini
r25804/26 10:54am
my 10 year old's first gun
Swagnificent1196204/26 10:54am
Which countries do you think have the best work ethic?
Sunhawk1004/26 10:51am
Is it bad dat da major thing I'm looking forward dis FRIDAY night is FIFA?
V-E-G-Y-304/26 10:50am
ATTN: PokemonExpert44
Veggeta X104/26 10:50am
Save that Assassin! Round 46!
Popcorn_Fairy4504/26 10:49am
so this bird at work keeps shitting on my car
spudger1504/26 10:49am
Taylor Swifts new song sounds like the title song to some shitty CGI movie
CruelBuffalo504/26 10:48am
McDonald's is Bringing International Favorites to America This Summer
spudger504/26 10:47am
social media made white people less racist
Balrog0104/26 10:45am
Stargate SG-1 Watchthrough Topic 2.1 *show spoilers*
spudger30004/26 10:43am
Is it true that Arya Stark wanted to.... (Game of thrones spoilers)
toyota1604/26 10:43am
Gacha and Hero Collection Game General Topic 3: ''Singing the rate-up blues.''
Calwings39404/26 10:42am
Avenger's Endgame already passed 200 million in China. Smashin expectations.
pikachupwnage1304/26 10:42am
How would you rank Game of Thrones out of all the HBO shows?
--Zero-1704/26 10:39am
Police arrest a drug parrot
FF_Redux304/26 10:38am
When are you seeing Endgame?
pikachupwnage2204/26 10:38am
I decided to pull out from doing A Level ICT
supermichael11204/26 10:36am
Catwoman to be played by diff actress in Gotham
toyota3804/26 10:36am
The Pokemon Youtuber Verlisify is having a feud with someone named Duncan.
Duncanwii1604/26 10:34am
What do you think of the japanese avengers?
eggcorn5504/26 10:32am
Warned/Suspended General CXXX: New Mods Incoming
0AbsoluteZero040204/26 10:31am
Killing Floor 2. God damn this is fun as fuck
MrK3V1504/26 10:31am
I wonder how many Movie theater employees will have breakdowns tonight.
pikachupwnage804/26 10:31am
Trump: Trump is the greatest hostage negotiator in US history - Chief Negotiator
ledbowman2404/26 10:27am
Police kill man following instructions, last words are you told me to
King_Hutton22504/26 10:27am
Uber drivers plan shutdown over 'poverty wages' as company goes public
SaccharineSmile104/26 10:25am
Could Franklin Richards kill Thanos (with gauntlet)?
jumi804/26 10:24am
Final Thursday Booze Fest!
Johnny_Nutcase2404/26 10:21am
Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation
DevsBro104/26 10:20am
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