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So Build a bear has Buildable Charmanders.
Duncanwii304.13.2017 2:45pm0 + 0
30 Rock is an example of great writing and self awareness.
Bok_Choi704.13.2017 2:45pm0 + 0
I think I just experienced something paranormal
brotrrwinner2604.13.2017 2:43pm0 + 0
its my pa's birthday and he's crying about our dog that died almost a year ago
Balrog0504.13.2017 2:43pm0 + 0
NY State Offering Free College Tuition - Starting Fall 2017
TaZa922104.13.2017 2:43pm0 + 0
Mississippi is rejecting 98% of welfare applicants, won't explain why
whitewimmin12904.13.2017 2:40pm0 + 0
There's a lot going on in this headline
Antifar104.13.2017 2:38pm0 + 0
So my apartment complex has termites.
HaVeNII7304.13.2017 2:34pm0 + 0
Shouldn't Trump actually be the 44th president?
LRodC204.13.2017 2:34pm0 + 0
Why are so many people pointing out that Ludacris abs are fake?
Swagnificent119404.13.2017 2:31pm0 + 0
This rich Kenya int'l student got into a huge fight with an African American guy
Kinny1005204.13.2017 2:29pm0 + 0
I just found out that my shower curtain has lead in it
Complete_Idi0t404.13.2017 2:27pm0 + 0
I need some extra money on the side. Thinking about ubering
Veggeta_MAX404.13.2017 2:23pm0 + 0
So a marriage license is voided if you don't prove of a ceremony?
Veggeta_MAX1604.13.2017 2:22pm0 + 0
Why do larger dogs obey their owners?
XmasPikachu2704.13.2017 2:21pm0 + 0
I had a skin abscess roofed and stufffed with a balloon AMA
BignutzisBack204.13.2017 2:20pm0 + 0
Its not the horniness, its the lonliness.
FF_Redux304.13.2017 2:18pm0 + 0
Just found out my son has CMT and I think it's my fault.
meestermj1104.13.2017 2:10pm0 + 0
Conjunction junction.............
ManLink4321404.13.2017 2:08pm0 + 0
do you double park?
Medz8606804.13.2017 2:08pm0 + 0
Puked microwave bacon on my bedroom carpet
IHeartRadiation1304.13.2017 2:07pm0 + 0
Just slept with my boyfriend
coldcuts3704.13.2017 2:02pm0 + 0
I'm going to be buying a Switch soon
ManLink43211104.13.2017 1:57pm0 + 0
My damn brother RUINED my day yet again.
WilliamPorygon504.13.2017 1:55pm0 + 0
What's the conflict between counties, again?
ShinigamiSoul304.13.2017 1:47pm0 + 0
I am seeing people complaining porn videos haven't been pirated yet on tube site
DundiesAward104.13.2017 1:47pm0 + 0
Is all of this warring going to lead to Fallout New Vegas?
RchHomieQuanChi704.13.2017 1:44pm0 + 0
Dark Souls III was released a year ago. Im going to revisit that part of my life
Ic3Bullet204.13.2017 1:43pm0 + 0
Are lakes considered romantic spots for weddings?
Duncanwii204.13.2017 1:42pm0 + 0
I realize too late that I want a Switch
parabola_master1004.13.2017 1:41pm0 + 0
Is skiing an essential life skill?
Squall28404.13.2017 1:40pm0 + 0
is it wrong to fantasize about two women you know having sex while in a
MixedRaceBaby1004.13.2017 1:37pm0 + 0
How well do you feel you're doing in your life?
Sunhawk3204.13.2017 1:37pm0 + 0
Afghans: "ENEMY MC130 ABOVE!"
EvalAngell504.13.2017 1:31pm0 + 0
Hangouts is not doing sms anymore?
Leight_Weight404.13.2017 1:29pm0 + 0
My boss didn't like my idea of switching everything over to Mars time
Complete_Idi0t404.13.2017 1:28pm0 + 0
So when are America and China going to team up to crush North Korea?
meingott2304.13.2017 1:28pm0 + 0
Anyone know what Afgan Saudi relations are like?
coolcono104.13.2017 1:28pm0 + 0
I may not fuck a cute as FUCK white chick dis week, but at least I'll
V-E-G-Y-504.13.2017 1:17pm0 + 0
I want to fuck her
V-E-G-Y-804.13.2017 1:17pm0 + 0
Obese Man Talks About Yooka-Laylee
Swagnificent1193804.13.2017 1:15pm0 + 0
World War III teams are forming
twitterfriends3404.13.2017 1:13pm0 + 0
Things said by JESUS CHRIST that users on CE should LISTEN TO
Damn_Underscore4004.13.2017 1:13pm0 + 0
I've been gone from here like 4 years...all I see is news topics?!?
MFBKBass5404.13.2017 1:08pm0 + 0
A girl at a bar yesterdasaid I seem pretentious because of my hair and glasses.
pinky09264304.13.2017 1:01pm0 + 0
What do you excel at, and what motivates you?
_Goggalor_704.13.2017 12:59pm0 + 0
For British Eyes Only
I4NRulez404.13.2017 12:59pm0 + 0
Anyone else have an account a worse creation date to karma ratio?
ssj2majinvegeta204.13.2017 12:57pm0 + 0
Toshiba is dead. Is Sony next?
awesome9991504.13.2017 12:56pm0 + 0
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark/Trump
ninjarobot_22104.13.2017 12:50pm0 + 0
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