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My mom has the kitchen tv so loud I can hear it from my room with the door close
ReggieBush09204.09.2017 11:18am0 + 0
Finally got the giant/Gannon Dorfman horse in BOTW.
pres_madagascar604.09.2017 11:18am0 + 0
Just downloaded Opera.
Cheater87904.09.2017 11:17am0 + 0
What are you guys getting me for my golden birthday
darkprince453104.09.2017 11:12am0 + 0
Do you wear a watch?
KamenRiderBlade204.09.2017 11:11am0 + 0
Why does ce think gentrification only happens to bad neighborhoods.
gamepimp12304.09.2017 11:09am0 + 0
Trump is going to push N. Korea. What is going to happen.
Tekutso2604.09.2017 11:07am0 + 0
I bought stuff online
E32005304.09.2017 11:06am0 + 0
Soap operas teach women to believe they like to be overpowered by men
saspa104.09.2017 11:05am0 + 0
So I'm watching Attack on titan Season 2...
Jtrunks604.09.2017 10:58am0 + 0
what is the real meaning of being an adult?
completeboy1804.09.2017 10:58am0 + 0
Comrades! Its time to drink!
Blue_Inigo1104.09.2017 10:53am0 + 0
Keep them coming
megamanfreakXD204.09.2017 10:52am0 + 0
I'd watch the shit out of a gritty version of Hancock.
pinky0926104.09.2017 10:52am0 + 0
Andromeda isnt as bad as everyone is making it out to be
I4NRulez2704.09.2017 10:52am0 + 0
Post scary images/stories/video/ audio/personal experiences ITT pls
ssj3vegeta21004.09.2017 10:50am0 + 0
Who is your most likeable video game character?
Kerred504.09.2017 10:50am0 + 0
$5000 but you have to fend off 5000 fifth graders who want to kick your ass
smoliske1504.09.2017 10:46am0 + 0
Remember when CE called Stefanie Joosten ''Ugly'' and a ''Horseface''
V-E-G-Y-1004.09.2017 10:44am0 + 0
questions about some animes?
redeadlink1104.09.2017 10:44am0 + 0
A girl told me she lost a friend to a pyramid scheme.
epik_fail12004.09.2017 10:36am0 + 0
So I got a new car yesterday CE
sktgamer_13dude1804.09.2017 10:35am0 + 0
Is it time for the world to combine forces and wipe ISIS out?
known2FAIL1204.09.2017 10:32am0 + 0
Does junk food really go straight to the ass?
nayr6261504.09.2017 10:30am0 + 0
I've always wanted to get a lap dance to this song
trappedunderice704.09.2017 10:25am0 + 0
Are you watching the Pinball World Championships on Youtube?
WilliamPorygon204.09.2017 10:23am0 + 0
Can we post photos, memes, or gifs featuring the middle finger?
QuantamLeap304.09.2017 10:16am0 + 0
My "ex" is currently sucking dick on Snapchat
gamepimp124204.09.2017 10:14am0 + 0
tfw cant tell if a friend is interested in you/trying to come onto you
butthole6662604.09.2017 10:11am0 + 0
Noctis' dad is a dilf.
dragnmaninferno204.09.2017 10:07am0 + 0
What are some underrated GameFAQs boards?
Psycho_Poodle204.09.2017 10:06am0 + 0
Hey, it's Easter in a week's time. :D
Sunhawk304.09.2017 10:01am0 + 0
The_Doge2704.09.2017 9:59am0 + 0
People thought my friend and his sister with me were a "Gay family"
HellsingOrg804.09.2017 9:59am0 + 0
So is Smash Bros the biggest fighting game out there at the moment?
WonkyKong2504.09.2017 9:58am0 + 0
I'm confused. Why aren't Microsoft releasing a whole new console, instead...
Sunhawk1204.09.2017 9:55am0 + 0
Just find out my fiance's pregnant.
Howl204.09.2017 9:54am0 + 0
CE should have a weekly game that we all play and talk about.
Steve Nick504.09.2017 9:49am0 + 0
Wheelchair bound, GF leaves handicap BF to die in the cold woods, No mobility
S1nharvest1204.09.2017 9:48am0 + 0
Why aren't there any Hmong super heroes?
green butter904.09.2017 9:45am0 + 0
Let's do the lyrics of The Time Warp one post at a time. Or try.
Sunhawk404.09.2017 9:45am0 + 0
Black girl accepted to 8 Ivy League schools. Affirmative Action or brilliance?
Capn Circus18304.09.2017 9:38am0 + 0
Is Psycho Pass 2 as bad as people say?
giantblimpN7604.09.2017 9:33am0 + 0
My boss is a narcisstic and soulless. I have almost had enough.
wesastro9111904.09.2017 9:30am0 + 0
ITT: you appreciate technically impressive classical guitar playing
Fox_Master404.09.2017 9:28am0 + 0
Trying to collect every Nintendo DS game released
LittleBirdy704.09.2017 9:26am0 + 0
Are depressed men forced to internalize their depression?
Suchomimus1604.09.2017 9:21am0 + 0
My stupid dog let a homeless guy in last night
ExtremeLuchador304.09.2017 9:04am0 + 0
woman driver
ModLogic804.09.2017 9:03am0 + 0
It's hell on Earth and the city's on fire
Pics_nao_plz404.09.2017 8:54am0 + 0
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