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AL governor expected to resign following affair with aide
whitewimmin604.10.2017 3:17pm0 + 0
Honeslty if a dude is gonna refuse to remove, just deboard the whole plane
CruelBuffalo2104.10.2017 3:17pm0 + 0
People really need to stop saying Mac's are overpriced, they're really not
AlBundy333604.10.2017 3:17pm0 + 0
Pop Quiz!
Error13551104.10.2017 3:16pm0 + 0
Louie's new special was ok
On_The_Edge1404.10.2017 3:15pm0 + 0
****you and your ****ing guns
JagerBomberz2304.10.2017 3:12pm0 + 0
Remember, prioritizing Christian refugees is bigoted.
Frostshock3004.10.2017 3:11pm0 + 0
a pair of qt Jehovah Witnesses girls came to my door
FightingGames2104.10.2017 3:10pm0 + 0
Yo, CE needs a version of r/amiugly. Let's start it now!
maoriwarrior504.10.2017 3:08pm0 + 0
Only 8.85% of the users here are under 21. Why arent younger people coming here?
IslamMD2404.10.2017 3:07pm0 + 0
Cheap. Tasty. Filling. Healthy. Pick two.
RedZaraki904.10.2017 3:06pm0 + 0
Why do people get annoyed at me on any Gamefaqs forums?
cheatermaster504.10.2017 3:04pm0 + 0
what is the most good deed you have done in your life yet?
completeboy4704.10.2017 3:01pm0 + 0
I drive around alone for hours every night
butthole6662004.10.2017 3:01pm0 + 0
Nintendo Direct April 12th. 3PM PT/6PM ET.
pikachupwnage2604.10.2017 2:58pm0 + 0
I am a mountain
Pics_nao_plz104.10.2017 2:54pm0 + 0
ManSpread304.10.2017 2:54pm0 + 0
The MGS1 torture section forces you to become a god at mashing
Blue_Inigo1104.10.2017 2:53pm0 + 0
In a room of 23 people there is a 50% chance two of them have the same birthday.
ArchiePeck504.10.2017 2:53pm0 + 0
Bosses aren't in the office today
Pics_nao_plz704.10.2017 2:53pm0 + 0
Sometimes I play Marvel 3 Sometimes people rage quit This is one of those times
BeantownHero104.10.2017 2:49pm0 + 0
Deftones-change (in the house of flies)
pres_madagascar2804.10.2017 2:49pm0 + 0
My Best Buy as a dozen or so Switches in stock
coolcono104.10.2017 2:46pm0 + 0
Are you interested in playing any sport professionally if given the chance?
completeboy1204.10.2017 2:46pm0 + 0
Pretty good PC Bethesda sale going on. Dishonored 2 for $24.
Leanaunfurled1604.10.2017 2:44pm0 + 0
Rocky looks like a hug dork compared to Jason
darkprince45504.10.2017 2:42pm0 + 0
I really can't stand the whiny entitled society we live in right now
Veggeta_MAX1304.10.2017 2:39pm0 + 0
lay Christians of CE, are you attending easter sunday church services?
myzz7104.10.2017 2:37pm0 + 0
Some lady thought I was gonna steal her daughters phone
darkprince451004.10.2017 2:36pm0 + 0
Good grief Mrs. DevsBro gave me a huge lunch
DevsBro1504.10.2017 2:35pm0 + 0
syrian gas attack survivor thanks Trump and blasts anti-Trump people
darkphoenix1814804.10.2017 2:34pm0 + 0
That kid in elementary school who went through the door without touching it
DevsBro404.10.2017 2:33pm0 + 0
Have you ever set someone up for failure?
SomeGuyUO104.10.2017 2:32pm0 + 0
What is the name of that justin bieber fan that has sex with pillows?
mach25687504.10.2017 2:31pm0 + 0
I just bought Mario Sports Superstars
ManLink4321104.10.2017 2:29pm0 + 0
My girlfriend said Radiohead sounds "like a Coldplay knock off"
xBloodBrotherx1704.10.2017 2:27pm0 + 0
Chechnya builds "Concentration Camps" to jail accused homosexuals
Fax_Machine104.10.2017 2:27pm0 + 0
rofl this lady thought she could just boil chicken slather bbq sauce on em
Bok_Choi2504.10.2017 2:25pm0 + 0
Bang the Swedish ESC hopeful Robin Bengtsson or get 10 USD?
BalanceLost604.10.2017 2:21pm0 + 0
i'm white, work in a asian resturaunt, and just got this email from a co-worker
Roxborough4Ever4704.10.2017 2:18pm0 + 0
Have you ever had someone challenge you to a fight after a "car dispute?
Smallville104.10.2017 2:15pm0 + 0
Well that lake is dried up
Marklar204.10.2017 2:14pm0 + 0
So did this Sergio PGA Masters Winner guy face actual adversity
CruelBuffalo504.10.2017 2:12pm0 + 0
Oldboy korean vs oldboy american. Spoilers for both.
saspa704.10.2017 2:12pm0 + 0
Why no topic on just about the only thing Trump has done right?
Cj_WlLL_VVlN2304.10.2017 2:12pm0 + 0
How differently do you express yourself on various platforms of social media?
sLaCkEr408___RJ104.10.2017 2:12pm0 + 0
Tony Hawk games were so fun, way back when.
DevsBro804.10.2017 2:09pm0 + 0
Has anyone here been to prison?
ManLink4321104.10.2017 2:05pm0 + 0
Does Google Assistant have an "always listening" feature like Moto X?
ChainedRedone104.10.2017 2:03pm0 + 0
My parents are ashamed of my career choice.
DK92921904.10.2017 2:02pm0 + 0
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