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I know a lot of people turned against Ninja Theory for DmC, but is anyone...
boxington504.10.2017 9:01pm0 + 0
when can i start making APPS and VIDEO GAMES and stuff? computer sci stud
SoundNetwork104.10.2017 9:00pm0 + 0
Your cute gay roommate sleeps with a teddy bear
Rictor_91604.10.2017 8:59pm0 + 0
Why was Germany allowed to exist after the world wars?
solosnake2304.10.2017 8:57pm0 + 0
Who did the ____ thing better? Hunter X Hunter or Naruto? *spoilers for both*
ssj3vegeta_204.10.2017 8:54pm0 + 0
Whenever I'm in the mood to watch Netflix here, my dad wants me join in...
Solid Sonic204.10.2017 8:53pm0 + 0
Pansexual. Feminist. Vegan. Cat lover. Gin Enthusiast. Introvert.
pinky09262504.10.2017 8:51pm0 + 0
Who's going where?! (Raw spoilers)
Bad_Mojo804.10.2017 8:51pm0 + 0
the default female MC in ME Andromeda is actually kinda cute.
MakoReizei804.10.2017 8:51pm0 + 0
Marvel artist sneaks anti Jew and anti Christian message into X-Men comic
Tezlok3404.10.2017 8:47pm0 + 0
I'm at Monday Night Raw in Nassau Long Island
DamageDealerz1204.10.2017 8:47pm0 + 0
I plan on going to different countries at least once a year.
AlternativeFAQS904.10.2017 8:47pm0 + 0
Eurogamer suggests the new Xbox One will be on par with a GTX 1070
AlternativeFAQS6104.10.2017 8:44pm0 + 0
Do girls know that guys watch videos of people having sex
Complete_Idi0t1304.10.2017 8:43pm0 + 0
Wait... there was a captain planet movie?
SSJ3BettyWhite704.10.2017 8:40pm0 + 0
What's with all the threads praising Trump lately?
tissue_paper2004.10.2017 8:38pm0 + 0
I spent last night with go_totodile. ;)
MonsterZed104.10.2017 8:37pm0 + 0
What exactly is point in sharing non majority opinions on reddit?
SuperMariano3304.10.2017 8:36pm0 + 0
What was the last major update SBAllen/admins did on gamefaqs?
MisterPorn304.10.2017 8:35pm0 + 0
Allen hasn't done an update in forever.
Go_Totodile2204.10.2017 8:33pm0 + 0
Does SBAllen get paid from GameFAQs?
1NfamousACE_2504.10.2017 8:29pm0 + 0
Rank all the Coen brothers movies you have seen
clearaflagrantj704.10.2017 8:29pm0 + 0
has anyone seen The Void?
boxington404.10.2017 8:28pm0 + 0
tfw we never got a Pajama Sam/Spy Fox crossover
MJ_Max104.10.2017 8:28pm0 + 0
how do i emoji like Error1355?
armandro204.10.2017 8:28pm0 + 0
Lake County Sheriff Department makes extremist-style threat video
conpfreak204.10.2017 8:26pm0 + 0
So like.... is Tillerson trying to...
Sayoria204.10.2017 8:26pm0 + 0
Fuck! New Japan star, Katsuyori Shibata, collapsed after yesterdays show
Bad_Mojo504.10.2017 8:25pm0 + 0
tfw you want Yooka Laylee but you just spent $150 on a delay pedal
butthole6661304.10.2017 8:24pm0 + 0
wtf there's a Hanna-Barbera Cinematic Universe?
Parappa099304.10.2017 8:23pm0 + 0
I can never come up with witty responses in time
awesome999104.10.2017 8:22pm0 + 0
Any reliable outlets to finance a PC rig/parts?
InstaReturns204.10.2017 8:16pm0 + 0
I have to poop but I have to go shopping.
E320051104.10.2017 8:16pm0 + 0
Is Survival mode on Fallout 4 fun?
Colorahdo2604.10.2017 8:16pm0 + 0
Jesus Christ, I forgot how much GTA Online sucks on Xbox One
D-Lo_BrownTown1204.10.2017 8:13pm0 + 0
Dis guy has a great voice tbh
ssj3vegeta_504.10.2017 8:09pm0 + 0
Wannabe rapper tries to avoid $620 restaurant bill by jumping into the ocean
Darmik4704.10.2017 8:03pm0 + 0
New research claims 33% of Japanese family murders occur over fear of the future
UnfairRepresent704.10.2017 7:58pm0 + 0
When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see?
the_cajun881304.10.2017 7:57pm0 + 0
Ahmed "The Clock Boy" Mohamed General.
Kelystic8104.10.2017 7:57pm0 + 0
Democrats will restore the filibuster if they regain the Senate
Antifar504.10.2017 7:56pm0 + 0
Oh man, did you watch the game last night?
VGAddict90204.10.2017 7:55pm0 + 0
Holy Tony is back ya'll
Makeveli_lives404.10.2017 7:54pm0 + 0
Give the above poster once nice piece of solid, caring constructive criticism.
jenningsnash313904.10.2017 7:53pm0 + 0
joocy anime buttcheeks
ManSpread504.10.2017 7:53pm0 + 0
Do new people still come to CE?
ZombiePelican604.10.2017 7:51pm0 + 0
When you're going for a domination victory and a civ tries to surrender
chill0215104.10.2017 7:50pm0 + 0
Why is the dialogue in Dunkirk so fucking terrible?
Cotton_Eye_Joe104.10.2017 7:49pm0 + 0
I've been coming here since 2003
WrighteousJKO704.10.2017 7:49pm0 + 0
Holy crap, One Punch Man is on netflix
Fart_Tzar2304.10.2017 7:47pm0 + 0
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