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Your cute Doge roommate is looking sad
The_Doge1304.12.2017 12:44pm0 + 0
Anyone here familiar with C++?
longsticks2504.12.2017 12:44pm0 + 0
Mike Tyson vs Doge, who wins
The_Doge1204.12.2017 12:44pm0 + 0
If you knew a North Korean nuke was on the way to your area
ReggieBush09704.12.2017 12:42pm0 + 0
Steins gate chapter 10 destroyed the fuck out of me.
orcus_snake204.12.2017 12:38pm0 + 0
CE, I broke my new toy ;_;
Marklar604.12.2017 12:38pm0 + 0
Police Officer denied benefits.
Nomadic View1104.12.2017 12:38pm0 + 0
today is LITERALLY the last DAY to talk to the CUTE ASS WHITE GIRL behind me
SoundNetwork1304.12.2017 12:37pm0 + 0
So you're at home, unemployed and shit posting on CE
REMercsChamp504.12.2017 12:34pm0 + 0
Muslims hating dogs is the most garbage religious belief
clearaflagrantj104.12.2017 12:28pm0 + 0
If you're walking up da stairs behind a hot girl in a skirt, do you look up?
ssj3vegeta_1004.12.2017 12:28pm0 + 0
Yooka laylee, didn't tank because of the jon Tron scandal
soulunison21404.12.2017 12:24pm0 + 0
ITT: Fake southern states.
SrRd_RacinG604.12.2017 12:23pm0 + 0
Tennessee has got to be the worst fucking state in America.
meingott1404.12.2017 12:23pm0 + 0
Has anyone ever told you-you weren't a good person?
Veggeta_MAX904.12.2017 12:11pm0 + 0
What is main reason behind too many obese people in america?
completeboy2004.12.2017 12:05pm0 + 0
Star Wars Battlefront II trailer has been leaked. PS4 gameplay
That_Damn_Kid4904.12.2017 12:03pm0 + 0
did anyone actually enjoy the Daenarys ruler subplot in GoT
green butter204.12.2017 12:03pm0 + 0
What do you live for?
tremain071204.12.2017 11:53am0 + 0
Will united airlines have cheaper flights more you think?
V-E-G-Y-204.12.2017 11:52am0 + 0
MJ_Max204.12.2017 11:47am0 + 0
Made the mistake of arguing against a feminist that generalized all men.
Deadpool_18304.12.2017 11:44am0 + 0
Hottest Babes of TV VII: Agents of Hnnnng! Division
SuperExcitebike1404.12.2017 11:42am0 + 0
im making my girlfriend watch me play diablo 3 ask me anything
Bok_Choi2304.12.2017 11:33am0 + 0
Which of these countries treats their indigenous the worst?
ShiningFetus804.12.2017 11:33am0 + 0
my uncle told me that donald trump is cuban and shouldn't have been allowed to r
PrinceDBF304.12.2017 11:30am0 + 0
So I just found out I can get two free doughnuts per week, for using T-Mobile.
ForestLogic104.12.2017 11:29am0 + 0
Video game headlines
DevsBro604.12.2017 11:28am0 + 0
i cant stop listening to jidenna since he was in luke cage
Balrog0204.12.2017 11:27am0 + 0
Do you believe catcalling is sexual harassment if it offends the woman?
jenningsnash313904.12.2017 11:25am0 + 0
College student shaves her head to combat hair privilege. Remember to check
Milkman52804.12.2017 11:25am0 + 0
2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. Holy fuck
meingott304.12.2017 11:23am0 + 0
Obese Youtuber Is Super Happy About his Sword and Shield
Swagnificent119504.12.2017 11:20am0 + 0
what are your top 3 wishes in life?(no sexual discussion here please)
completeboy1104.12.2017 11:20am0 + 0
so was the United Airlines victim really a criminal in the past or not?
Zikten404.12.2017 11:15am0 + 0
how do i spot lose my stomach fat by summer?
Blastia1604.12.2017 11:08am0 + 0
Wanna here something funny?
pikachupwnage504.12.2017 11:06am0 + 0
I still haven't beaten Shinobi (PS2) on Super.
DevsBro104.12.2017 11:05am0 + 0
Do you care about wrestling?
gandalfl01504.12.2017 11:05am0 + 0
Help! I broke it, what do?
Silver Bearings404.12.2017 10:56am0 + 0
Can someone, anyone explain to me why people debate so much on trivial topics
vicedungwinsgam804.12.2017 10:55am0 + 0
Anyone else find most drunk girls to be annoying af?
Squall281604.12.2017 10:54am0 + 0
How do I use bleach when washing clothes
Sexypwnstar2104.12.2017 10:54am0 + 0
They need a Season 3 of Megas XRL
toptopmax304.12.2017 10:50am0 + 0
Pepsi/Kendall Jenner make new ad after CONTROVERSIAL protest ad
Fam_Fam504.12.2017 10:49am0 + 0
This Earth Day, celebrate fossil fuels
Antifar604.12.2017 10:47am0 + 0
I think I have blood in my sperm
Urien704.12.2017 10:46am0 + 0
the dark souls games aren't that hard
CelestialVoices604.12.2017 10:43am0 + 0
Spicer calls concentration camps Holocaust Centers. Hitler not as bad as Assad.
SuperMariano35404.12.2017 10:40am0 + 0
Ben Carson is the latest conservative to get stuck in an elevator
Antifar104.12.2017 10:37am0 + 0
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