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Tfw you think you unintentionally got someone fired
Bio1590404.12.2017 3:20pm0 + 0
What kind of person do you consider yourself?
completeboy5304.12.2017 3:17pm0 + 0
The better synonym for pig? A hog or police officer?
Bryan_the_Lion404.12.2017 3:17pm0 + 0
Man college was great.
DevsBro3004.12.2017 3:16pm0 + 0
So now Russia is making concentration camps for guys.
OctilIery4304.12.2017 3:13pm0 + 0
CE, this is an average accent in Ireland
Marklar504.12.2017 3:07pm0 + 0
MTV to revive Fear Factor with rapper Ludacris as host.
PyroBlade19852004.12.2017 3:05pm0 + 0
LOL United Airlines Just Messed Up AGAIN
XmasPikachu5604.12.2017 2:59pm0 + 0
If you had the oppertunity to destroy the world would you?
tremain071104.12.2017 2:58pm0 + 0
21 years old, just out of college. making 200k a year, wondering how to invest
MixedRaceBaby804.12.2017 2:57pm0 + 0
You are are beautiful in your own way
BignutzisBack104.12.2017 2:56pm0 + 0
Bang the Swedish girlband Dolly Style or get 10 USD?
BalanceLost2204.12.2017 2:50pm0 + 0
I haven't felt so uninspired to buy a video game...
Solid Sonic604.12.2017 2:50pm0 + 0
do i just put tax forms in a regular envelope
MixedRaceBaby104.12.2017 2:49pm0 + 0
Hypothetically, if music genres could be ranked objectively
FightingGames1304.12.2017 2:47pm0 + 0
Some of the best posters this board has ever seen were the girls.
Sunhawk204.12.2017 2:46pm0 + 0
Are you supposed to tip for carryout?
V-E-G-Y-3004.12.2017 2:45pm0 + 0
Leaked Battlefront 2 teaser commercial
Peter_Griffin332604.12.2017 2:45pm0 + 0
Why do girls with gummy smiles insist on showing off said gums?
Correct_Facts104.12.2017 2:44pm0 + 0
If x^(-1) is 1/x, then why is sin^(-1)x equal to arcsinx and not 1/sinx?
Metua704.12.2017 2:43pm0 + 0
just managed to make a new line to insult pc gamers, if anyone is interested
completeboy3404.12.2017 2:39pm0 + 0
People who did nothing wrong
Blue_Inigo904.12.2017 2:37pm0 + 0
What's the worst video game you've ever played?
DevsBro3404.12.2017 2:32pm0 + 0
They've got a power and a force that you've never seen before
Pics_nao_plz104.12.2017 2:30pm0 + 0
What's the reason 'holocaust centers' is offensive?
CruelBuffalo1704.12.2017 2:29pm0 + 0
Should I just run through the first Kingdom Hearts instead of playing BBS?
nayr626404.12.2017 2:25pm0 + 0
I think I'm going to buy those Snickers Ice Cream Bars
E32005904.12.2017 2:23pm0 + 0
Man fan died at the room shot up to 97 degrees
Gosh1004.12.2017 2:22pm0 + 0
why is it called "redpill"
mario20004404.12.2017 2:21pm0 + 0
Started watching 13 reasons why
gna647404.12.2017 2:20pm0 + 0
"Money can't buy happiness."
Kitt5704.12.2017 2:16pm0 + 0
You really should budget lotto tickets and scratchcards in your life
MrK3V704.12.2017 2:16pm0 + 0
"Its Time for White People to Pay for Privilege: The Equality Tax"
meingott5404.12.2017 2:15pm0 + 0
there are no non-loading doors in ESO apparently. this is really bugging me.
DuranOfForcena104.12.2017 2:14pm0 + 0
How can I get a car?
ReggieBush09604.12.2017 2:13pm0 + 0
Police detain suspect in Borussia Dortmund team bus blast case
E32005404.12.2017 2:13pm0 + 0
How should my MC plow his love inrerest
LastTomorrow204.12.2017 2:11pm0 + 0
A map that shows we really do live in two different Americas
E320053604.12.2017 2:09pm0 + 0
anyone see this jontron vid
HBK304.12.2017 2:08pm0 + 0
Why don't people get mad over Swedish girls getting killed by Muslim extremists
LRodC604.12.2017 2:08pm0 + 0
Remember Best. Game. Ever.?
Slip-N-Slide1304.12.2017 2:08pm0 + 0
you will not understand the language but will still understand whats going on
completeboy304.12.2017 2:06pm0 + 0
Going to a John Mayer concert tonight. Ama.
lww99504.12.2017 2:05pm0 + 0
Lobbyists tied to ex-Trump aides register as foreign agents
whitewimmin304.12.2017 2:04pm0 + 0
The Jeans Topic.
3khc1704.12.2017 2:02pm0 + 0
Human garbage tries to sexually assault a 2 y/o at the park, mom beats his ass.
xBloodBrotherx8304.12.2017 2:01pm0 + 0
What's a weird thing you do...
Samaellives91904.12.2017 2:01pm0 + 0
when MJ changed his skin color did he gain white privilege?
darkphoenix1811204.12.2017 1:59pm0 + 0
Every non dcau movie is such garbage
xyphilia104.12.2017 1:58pm0 + 0
The Red Skull never used chemical weapons on his own people.
RchHomieQuanChi704.12.2017 1:57pm0 + 0
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