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R. Kelly gotta go to jail after this one.
BlingBling229471107/23 4:18pm
'Plastic Wave' in Dominican Republic, fucking gross video
Muffinz0rz507/23 4:18pm
C/D: Japanese people are doing it right.
BlingBling22947207/23 4:16pm
Heat Index of 101 at 9pm tonight
InstaReturns107/23 4:16pm
10k Club... Members only.
smoke_break1607/23 4:16pm
Thank God we're allowed to be agist on this websight
Veggeta X307/23 4:14pm
is CJayC dead?
Cpt_Pineapple707/23 4:14pm
People LITERALLY preferred a person like Trump over Hillary
YoshitoKikuchi6107/23 4:13pm
One dead, one injured in Nevada Mormon church shooting
Muffinz0rz707/23 4:13pm
If I could , I would go back to 1995 and fuck the shit out of Stacey Dash
Kitt3807/23 4:12pm
Trump is Tom Cruise from Tropic Thunder
DeadSite507/23 4:12pm
50% of the human population turns into Titans from Attack on Titan. We survive?
DemonBuffet1407/23 4:07pm
Rate these bands/10
_Goggalor_1407/23 4:05pm
WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is #1 with around $40,000,000
Scorsese2002507/23 4:05pm
Shoot it down.
BlingBling22947207/23 4:05pm
What's with the rise of interactive novels in gaming?
ZMythos307/23 4:05pm
LOL @ going to college
WhereIsMegaMan2407/23 4:02pm
Finished Witcher 3: Blood and Wine *spoilers*
Doom_Art2107/23 4:01pm
Toronto has had some notable killings lately.
BlingBling22947207/23 4:01pm
Nu är det bra med dig. Hejdå tanten.
BalanceLost1907/23 4:01pm
nanako dojima
soulunison2407/23 4:01pm
Did you hear about that $10,000 pair of jeans?
MeIon Bread1507/23 4:01pm
Tinder "No Hookups. If you're trying to fuck, swipe the other way"
robellr132707/23 4:01pm
Huh I think I gave up caring about video games
clearaflagrantj207/23 4:00pm
ATTN: joestarrr
smoliske3507/23 3:56pm
I had three people ready to play foosball but guy 2 wouldn't fucking stand up.
Nuffinz0rz507/23 3:56pm
Why is there still no Switch Okami listing on Amazon, despite the fact it's...
Sunhawk407/23 3:54pm
Fuck this fucking world
_Goggalor_5307/23 3:50pm
How far am I from the end of Dragon Quest IX? (spoilers maybe)
Cotton_Eye_Joe407/23 3:48pm
Youtube showed me an ad for the thing I was trying to watch
Zikten507/23 3:48pm
So was Vegy banned?
Duncanwii4707/23 3:48pm
Could the Justice League of America defeat Thanos?
UnfairRepresent1007/23 3:46pm
Save That RPG Character (Round 34)
Kajagogo5307/23 3:45pm
Judge Dredd TV Show Pilot Script Is Finished
E320051207/23 3:44pm
I love stupid customers
E320052307/23 3:40pm
Too embarrassed to tell my wife/kids I got fired
REMercsChamp1007/23 3:39pm
You ever encountered a scrawny clown snatch?
Bass_X0107/23 3:39pm
Which person in this comic are you?
Sunhawk707/23 3:39pm
How would you react if you found a son in your dildo's room?
Touch607/23 3:39pm
What if Trump regularly posted on CE?
legendarylemur507/23 3:38pm
How long is your lunch break?
Vol2tex2507/23 3:36pm
ITT, we are nostalgic about arcade culture in the 1990s.
MeIon Bread1907/23 3:34pm
I want the ''Everybody Votes'' Wii-channel back
Kurumiee907/23 3:31pm
Apparently and old coworker of mine convinced a bunch of people to call in sick
mistalightbulb807/23 3:29pm
Black owner of SF lemonade stand has police called on him
Mezcla707/23 3:26pm
CE metal topic
TheGoldenEel8307/23 3:23pm
C/D: Our outrage culture is what Russia wants
EndOfDiscOne207/23 3:23pm
Today on Twitter's "weird hills to die on"
CruelBuffalo1407/23 3:21pm
My co-worker's ass literally cures my depression
Dhalsim1707/23 3:20pm
Why haven't they made a remake of E.T (Atari 2600)?
2001007/23 3:20pm
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