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I'm watching House of 1000 Corpses
darkprince45901/07 7:16am
What are your thoughts on therapy?
V-E-G-Y-801/07 7:15am
Next, the Patriots must be silenced until next year...
Going_Deep_08301/07 7:13am
Five teens burn to death in an escape room...
Solid Sonic1701/07 7:12am
two annoying things about rdr2
NinjaBreakfast801/07 6:57am
You ain't cool unless you hate The Last Jedi.
Cotton_Eye_Joe1101/07 6:55am
After all this time, Brock may have finally found true love. (Pokemon)
Solar_Crimson2801/07 6:53am
no GDQ topic this year? man, y'all really don't give a crap anymore
myzz7301/07 6:52am
Are there any torture scenes in Split?
Cotton_Eye_Joe201/07 6:43am
Should calling someone a ginger in a prejudiced way be considered offensive?
catboy0_0301/07 6:41am
A fanboy knows a hater.
ledbowman401/07 6:40am
Don't you hate it when people call you...
bulletproofvita801/07 6:38am
News Flash: Christians not only think you are a bad but they think much worse!
RealityCheckBro301/07 6:31am
Welp, I've never been warned
bulletproofvita701/07 6:30am
Welp, i'm warning you.
Frostmourne101/07 6:30am
I've been tearing it up with Little Mac on Smash recently
Akagami_Shanks201/07 6:17am
Christian Bale thanks Satan in Golden Globe acceptance speach.
UnfairRepresent101/07 6:16am
Are there any legit new users who joined this site last year?
user-1501/07 6:13am
MatPat from Game Theory (YouTube) gets rekt by Toby Fox
Cheeze_E_Breath4701/07 6:10am
Question about nobodies in kh2 spoilers
Rika_Furude701/07 6:09am
Hot take: Zelda wasn't truly great until A Link to the Past.
Cotton_Eye_Joe2001/07 6:08am
dogs have no soul
Reis7301/07 6:04am
Ever get super nostalgic for a kinda crappy video game
Gafemage1501/07 6:04am
My girlfriend has expressed interest in a threesome with me
ArtOfLimit2901/07 5:58am
Will Endgame live up to the hype?
Rika_Furude301/07 5:47am
What's wong with that Lyion girl?
Darkfire801/07 5:43am
New Where in the world is carmen sandiego series is coming to netflix
yusiko1301/07 5:21am
Trump>Obama>RR>Ol Bill>dubya>SR>Jimbo
darkprince45401/07 5:14am
Why is Seattle pronounced as see-attle and not sea-ttle?
Kurumiee1101/07 5:11am
Just watched Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (like 4 times)
Darklit_Minuet801/07 5:04am
Are you depressed?
Genocet_10-3254601/07 4:54am
How good is Knights of the Old Republic?
Shotgunnova5201/07 4:52am
The first proper monday after the holidays is super depressing.
pinky0926501/07 4:49am
Don't call me a rat buddy.
Cotton_Eye_Joe301/07 4:41am
Anyone ever dream about Katy Perry's breasts too?
HellsingOrg1501/07 4:38am
post girls you think are hotter than Vicki Li
Milkman52001/07 4:36am
yo has anyone here ever been on an exchange program in japan
tachyonZ1501/07 4:33am
Odd computer issue, maybe someone CE can help.
cjsdowg301/07 4:30am
Would you recognize your own dick if someone sent you a pic of it?
thronedfire24901/07 4:23am
Cinnamon Rolls or Honey Buns
Frostmourne301/07 4:06am
Why are people on voice chat such animals?
tremain07701/07 3:51am
*opens voicemail from unknown number"
Cotton_Eye_Joe101/07 3:43am
The whole sexism and genderisn and racism arguments are so boring now
stevethewindow201/07 3:41am
anyone else have their hands cramp up when playing the 3DS?
VipaGTS1001/07 3:40am
Golden Globes: So who won just to please SJWs?
toyota501/07 3:33am
paul blart is my sons favorite anime
knightoffire55101/07 3:26am
How great would a PC port of Kingdom Hearts be?
Cotton_Eye_Joe201/07 3:26am
i am unfuckable
Cotton_Eye_Joe301/07 3:24am
C/D CE is da only source of socialization you have
V-E-G-Y-1001/07 3:13am
I bought a new monitor and now Nvidia is giving Gsync support to monitors
Doe301/07 3:11am
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