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The fact that I even still try to date shows some kind of determination I guess.
billcom6107.13.2017 2:18am0 + 0
Kinda creepy that the only thing separating men and women is hormonal balance
xyphilia4107.13.2017 2:17am0 + 0
Who wore it better? *major spoilers for the Star Wars saga*
BalanceLost1207.13.2017 2:15am0 + 0
Something about net neutrality happening today?
St0rmFury407.13.2017 2:13am0 + 0
This 16 y/o Black Kid faces country wide RACISM in SOUTH KOREA!!
mrduckbear207.13.2017 2:12am0 + 0
This 14 y/o Blonde Girl was ELECTROCUTED after using her PHONE in the BATHTUB!!
Full Throttle507.13.2017 2:09am0 + 0
im really fuckin hungry is dominos pizza any good
Ving_Rhames1907.13.2017 2:05am0 + 0
I only get depressed when I'm sleepy.
Verdekal307.13.2017 2:03am0 + 0
I need new friends to talk to . . .
Funployee207.13.2017 2:01am0 + 0
About five million people have migrated out of California in the past decade
JohnLennon62007.13.2017 2:01am0 + 0
What's the best book you've read this year?
Funployee407.13.2017 1:57am0 + 0
everyone who bitches and moans about their life on here, watch this video
BlackHorse6969107.13.2017 1:55am0 + 0
It's cute whenever the internet gets up in arms about having to pay for things
literal_garbage1307.13.2017 1:54am0 + 0
This 39 y/o Hawaii Man Committed Suicide after he JUMPED into a VOLCANO!!
mrduckbear1407.13.2017 1:51am0 + 0
I'm always amazed how disgusting the CK2 map looks after a hundred years or so
Iron-Tarkus1007.13.2017 1:50am0 + 0
I feel like I didn't do enough every night.
Verdekal107.13.2017 1:46am0 + 0
Iron Man 3 should have been Age of Ultron.
SomeLikeItHoth607.13.2017 1:45am0 + 0
So you sit you S/O down and express something theyve been doing that bothers you
gamepimp12607.13.2017 1:43am0 + 0
Just saw the last 20-30 minutes of Little Miss Sunshine on TV
Milkman5107.13.2017 1:43am0 + 0
Heterochromia is bigoted,
pikachupwnage2107.13.2017 1:42am0 + 0
Blizzard is making scripted AI PvE into a paid eSport
ManSpread207.13.2017 1:36am0 + 0
why is nobody responding to my craigslist ad
hortanz807.13.2017 1:36am0 + 0
I always tweet about any possible crimes I commit
Complete_Idi0t607.13.2017 1:31am0 + 0
I got irritated with low-level Pokemon appearing when I'm doing something else.
DrizztLink307.13.2017 1:29am0 + 0
Should I wear my GTAV hat?
fan357107.13.2017 1:19am0 + 0
Smash players
ManSpread807.13.2017 1:17am0 + 0
CE, I need to hide at work today.
TheFireRises307.13.2017 1:13am0 + 0
You Laugh, You Lose.
3khc307.13.2017 1:12am0 + 0
I know a place on the edge of the Red Light District where we can lay low
Darmik707.13.2017 1:10am0 + 0
Right before I thought of curb-stomping Andy Cohen.
victy88207.13.2017 1:10am0 + 0
Full Throttle's theme song
ChromaticAngel207.13.2017 1:08am0 + 0
An important message to all black Americans:
Capn Circus1707.13.2017 1:07am0 + 0
Accidentally fucked up my laptop today. How to fix?
Puglia771407.13.2017 1:06am0 + 0
this is for all the juggalos and juggalettes whoop whoop
ManSpread407.13.2017 1:04am0 + 0
I just got the creepiest PM. Some CE user just admitted to cyber stalking me.
TheCEmanCometh4207.13.2017 1:01am0 + 0
Just watched this E3 recap
P4wn4g3207.13.2017 1:00am0 + 0
Most men can't get a 9/10 girlfriend?
LenKagamine911307.13.2017 12:58am0 + 0
the issue with baby driver
thisisboris2507.13.2017 12:55am0 + 0
Who will you vote for in the 2020 election?
Howl1307.13.2017 12:48am0 + 0
Stuck in FF IX (spoilers)
Verdekal307.13.2017 12:46am0 + 0
The lying cop who shot Philando Castile, gets almost 50k
cjsdowg8207.13.2017 12:44am0 + 0
neetflix just released a teaser img from the next season of arrested development
hortanz107.13.2017 12:41am0 + 0
You get 10,000 dollars but you have to change your name to creamy peen
SHADOW0106407.13.2017 12:40am0 + 0
Is that new Yugioh movie (Dark Side of Dimensions) worth a watch?
parabola_master1007.13.2017 12:40am0 + 0
Fuck You Lionsgate!!!! You suck!!!
ClunkerSlim707.13.2017 12:38am0 + 0
I always take a penny. I have never left one.
Philoktetes507.13.2017 12:37am0 + 0
i hope the internet gets shut down eventually
Awesome907.13.2017 12:31am0 + 0
You know what there's not enough of?
Flermin1007.13.2017 12:29am0 + 0
I just realized that the villain for the Ben Afleck Batman movie is Killer Croc.
Duncanwii3607.13.2017 12:28am0 + 0
How much of a hit would Taylor Swift's career take if she dated a Black man?
Solar_Crimson1207.13.2017 12:28am0 + 0
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