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I don't like the term fwb for my fwb. Maybe lover is better?
FF_Redux2004.08.2017 11:02pm0 + 0
Never understood why poor people want to increase taxes on the rich.
R0N1N187804.08.2017 11:02pm0 + 0
What's your favorite Classic Sonic game?
TableFlip3104.08.2017 11:02pm0 + 0
ITT: The best Michael Jackson song of all time
Krystalcyanide1004.08.2017 10:58pm0 + 0
& Knuckles
Scotty_Rogers704.08.2017 10:57pm0 + 0
tbh it's amazing how well Blizzard outdid Valve with Overwatch
butthole6661404.08.2017 10:57pm0 + 0
my wife wants me to tickle her throat
Cpt_Pineapple604.08.2017 10:57pm0 + 0
*sitting at work* *first castle music from P5 plays on repeat in my head*
Alucard188704.08.2017 10:44pm0 + 0
i bought sailor moon socks
drunkmuggle4204.08.2017 10:43pm0 + 0
What's the most fucked up play I can read or act?
nayr626104.08.2017 10:41pm0 + 0
My dad sent my to the auto shop to get some blinker fluid
IhateSmokie704.08.2017 10:32pm0 + 0
I get tired super early now
Justin_Blackmon204.08.2017 10:31pm0 + 0
Dark Souls 2 Playthrough thread
Doe4504.08.2017 10:29pm0 + 0
wasn't Pennywise scarier when he wasn't obviously evil looking?
MakoReizei1704.08.2017 10:27pm0 + 0
What would Trump need to do in order to lose supporters?
epik_fail1704.08.2017 10:24pm0 + 0
Man I'm getting nostalgic over Mega Man 9
ZMythos1604.08.2017 10:23pm0 + 0
Man who brutally attacked dog claimed he had no intention of hurting it.
St0rmFury204.08.2017 10:21pm0 + 0
i'm drinking joose and malt liquor, AMA
organicbamf5504.08.2017 10:17pm0 + 0
What should I get at McDonald's?
hotwheeler893104.08.2017 10:13pm0 + 0
So liberals, gay, and cucks support EQUALITY.
FFVII_REMAKE1104.08.2017 10:12pm0 + 0
Is it true dat CEgals will start to like like you when you're mean to dem?
V-E-G-Y-704.08.2017 10:11pm0 + 0
Top 10 best Smash 4 team combos
legendarylemur1104.08.2017 10:10pm0 + 0
Is The Admiral Racist?
known2FAIL21204.08.2017 10:09pm0 + 0
Is JT the best male artist of the decade+?
darkprince45504.08.2017 10:08pm0 + 0
My penis is still erect from all the sweet-ass music in Persona 5 >_>
NeonOctopus3504.08.2017 10:04pm0 + 0
What should I name my Wind Waker Link
DocileOrangeCup1904.08.2017 10:02pm0 + 0
On special demand, i am here to give away free advice to anyone about anything!
completeboy1904.08.2017 10:02pm0 + 0
Is it considered to be sex if you don't cum?
EffectAndCause304.08.2017 10:01pm0 + 0
why do christians believe that babies are born sinners? original sin
Rika_Furude504.08.2017 10:00pm0 + 0
An angry ex-girlfriend slaps and tries to to kick her ex-boyfriend in the groin
TwinStars3104.08.2017 9:59pm0 + 0
So I really wanna have sex with my mom's friend's daughter
Scotty_Rogers1204.08.2017 9:55pm0 + 0
why is almost every next american couple having a divorce?
completeboy704.08.2017 9:53pm0 + 0
an hour after meeting this girl she was leaving my apt with a tummy full of seed
No_U_L72004.08.2017 9:53pm0 + 0
Where does one with no College degree get good paying work?
AlBundy331904.08.2017 9:52pm0 + 0
Ohio man accused of swinging hatchet at his son
Rob Cesternino404.08.2017 9:50pm0 + 0
Why do I even buy video games anymore? I just end up playing Street Fighter.
nayr626104.08.2017 9:49pm0 + 0
what accent do you have?
Parappa095704.08.2017 9:46pm0 + 0
Mmmmh does anyone like fresh young nubile girls?
xyphilia3104.08.2017 9:46pm0 + 0
ITT we compile the best vidya music from every videogame series.
Doe504.08.2017 9:41pm0 + 0
The French election is wild
Antifar204.08.2017 9:37pm0 + 0
Your favorite game has been remade by the developer of the last game you played.
slothica2404.08.2017 9:35pm0 + 0
Wendy's promises man a year of free nuggets for 18 million RTs; he's now at 650K
Garioshi2904.08.2017 9:35pm0 + 0
Router problem. Halp!
LilTic711902104.08.2017 9:34pm0 + 0
Best game in the Megami Tensei series?
TroutPaste1304.08.2017 9:33pm0 + 0
I'm not gay but World Of Final Fantasy is a really fun game so far
Darklit_Minuet2504.08.2017 9:32pm0 + 0
Do you support the U.S. engaging in war with Syria?
Zero_Destroyer3504.08.2017 9:31pm0 + 0
Crepes are like, the GOAT dessert.
M_Live604.08.2017 9:28pm0 + 0
Remember the time when Christopher Hitchens mauled Al Sharpton in a debate?
ShiningFetus404.08.2017 9:25pm0 + 0
So a couple weeks back I asked CE to recommend me popcorn, here be the results
Fart_Tzar604.08.2017 9:23pm0 + 0
So I guess WW3 is starting soon?
LIsJustice804.08.2017 9:22pm0 + 0
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