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What would happen if someone farted in a jar and then microwaved it?
piUrsEitanizm604.09.2017 4:03pm0 + 0
I have questions about this meme
Blo404.09.2017 4:02pm0 + 0
i never knew the original POWER RANGESR TURBO had some little ass white girl
SoundNetwork604.09.2017 3:53pm0 + 0
when the people trying to make a difference are shooting people
kg88222204.09.2017 3:52pm0 + 0
Games you can't "go back to"
Ki_cat_2104.09.2017 3:51pm0 + 0
aww Having a daugther
ReggieBush09904.09.2017 3:49pm0 + 0
Imagine if we harvested livestock like we do fish
Fart_Tzar1104.09.2017 3:49pm0 + 0
That moment when you see girls too hot for porn doing porn
spudger1304.09.2017 3:48pm0 + 0
Hacker group known as "Shadow Brokers" has released top NSA software
StucklnMyPants1504.09.2017 3:46pm0 + 0
Are these too big? (boobs)
Milkman54504.09.2017 3:45pm0 + 0
Today was to be my writing weekend.
DK9292304.09.2017 3:45pm0 + 0
Have you ever touched the tip of a girl's nose with your index finger?
frozenshock1504.09.2017 3:45pm0 + 0
big tiddies
soulunison2204.09.2017 3:41pm0 + 0
I guess the mass shooting was the response to Trump?
ShiningFetus704.09.2017 3:39pm0 + 0
I just witnessed a girl suck alcohol out of another girl's belly button. AMA?
NeonOctopus4604.09.2017 3:39pm0 + 0
Don't try to be in a relationship just for the sake of having a relationship.
WafflehouseJK1904.09.2017 3:38pm0 + 0
I've seen all the movies to win Best Picture. AMA
Phantom_Nook2904.09.2017 3:37pm0 + 0
Hypothetical: Someone makes another topic about your gay friend/a cute gay guy.
KeyBlade999304.09.2017 3:37pm0 + 0
Hypothetical: a hot gay guy at the gym approaches you
Rictor_914504.09.2017 3:36pm0 + 0
the only good thing Buzzfeed has ever produced
Milkman5104.09.2017 3:36pm0 + 0
what company makes the best joggers
parabola_master204.09.2017 3:36pm0 + 0
I want to learn how to animate 3D models like Monty Oum. RIP. Where do I begin?
3khc1104.09.2017 3:36pm0 + 0
Your gay friend runs up to you and hugs you
Rictor_91904.09.2017 3:31pm0 + 0
I find myself asking this question every double day:
xyphilia104.09.2017 3:31pm0 + 0
Hypothetical: Your son gets an A for his essay on his heros: Aragorn and Legolas
hyperpsycho1504.09.2017 3:29pm0 + 0
Do ya feel lucky punk?
ManLink4321604.09.2017 3:27pm0 + 0
i'm enjoying persona 5 but i'm honestly surprised people are saying GOTY
Future_Trunks504.09.2017 3:27pm0 + 0
Why is it that the majority of women?
xyphilia404.09.2017 3:25pm0 + 0
Do you like going on huge roller coasters?
Smallville304.09.2017 3:21pm0 + 0
Anyone just see that Filipino Champ vs Itabashi Zangief match?
WalkingLobsters404.09.2017 3:21pm0 + 0
If lebron james can win it all this year would you put him above jordan?
Smallville1304.09.2017 3:21pm0 + 0
CEmen who wear glasses: Post them here ITT
ShinigamiSoul5804.09.2017 3:20pm0 + 0
just picked up nier automata over nioh and HZD
Future_Trunks804.09.2017 3:16pm0 + 0
This is the future of product marketing/advertising:
saspa904.09.2017 3:06pm0 + 0
Anybody on CE heard of Windmills? Rap group inspired by Souls series.
HaVeNII7104.09.2017 3:04pm0 + 0
Depressed? Go Play in the Dirt.
saspa604.09.2017 2:58pm0 + 0
Fate/Stay Night
ChromaticAngel104.09.2017 2:56pm0 + 0
Are you legitimately 'terrified' by Trump?
Capn Circus3004.09.2017 2:56pm0 + 0
Wait, is cereal technically a soup?
lilORANG1204.09.2017 2:56pm0 + 0
try hard MLGs
Cpt_Pineapple404.09.2017 2:56pm0 + 0
Is America great again yet?
M_Live704.09.2017 2:50pm0 + 0
movie lines you've always wanted to say irl but never got the chance to
No_U_L71104.09.2017 2:43pm0 + 0
Imagine being a vegan that's pro choice.
RockRapDubstep7404.09.2017 2:37pm0 + 0
Do you think rape culture is a thing?
ShiningFetus204.09.2017 2:37pm0 + 0
Lol modern family trying to make like julie bowen isn't gorgeous
saspa104.09.2017 2:34pm0 + 0
your hot gay roommate keeps making shit topics on CE
Cpt_Pineapple404.09.2017 2:30pm0 + 0
Sweden: Police warns of possible terror-act by truck running over crowd
ROBANN_887204.09.2017 2:30pm0 + 0
Are you afraid of reincarnation?
frozenshock1004.09.2017 2:29pm0 + 0
When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore.
DevsBro204.09.2017 2:28pm0 + 0
with a bunch of ads being pulled from youtube, is youtube done?
Future_Trunks904.09.2017 2:27pm0 + 0
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