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I died
PokemonExpert44801/02 3:22pm
A reporter asks Trump what we should do about mining too many resources.
Genocet_10-325901/02 3:21pm
They made a Ruth Bader Ginsberg movie?
50Blessings301/02 3:21pm
How can someone be for capitalism and against illegal immigration?
Ic3Bullet2201/02 3:19pm
Heineken or Pabst Blue Ribbon?
He-Man401/02 3:16pm
I've read a lot of these. Good list.
BlingBling22947101/02 3:13pm
I noticed something. I don't seem to make many mistakes myself (in the context
BlingBling22947101/02 3:10pm
Lets see what Riley J Dennis is up to
Acceptance501/02 3:09pm
America is weird.
BlingBling22947101/02 3:05pm
ITT: "cool" thing you can buy at a gun show
BlingBling229472401/02 3:04pm
How do people like this become billionaires? Am I not wonky enough to get rich?
BlingBling22947301/02 3:03pm
Sandy Ocasio VS Donald Drumph
Future_Trunks201/02 3:02pm
lol a "weewarrasaurus"
BlingBling22947501/02 2:55pm
Remember, guys. Not all women are the same.
Veggeta X301/02 2:55pm
Goku vs Naruto (equal strength battle)
Kurumiee101/02 2:55pm
well I bought a launch dreamcast console + 2 controllers for $50
Balrog0101/02 2:54pm
look at this meme
Ryuko_Chan1901/02 2:54pm
Apparently I look both older and younger...
AlecSkorpio901/02 2:53pm
For all intensive purposes it's a mute point irregardless
Genocet_10-325601/02 2:53pm
Feed two birds with one score. Lololololololol.
CasinoNights1501/02 2:51pm
Was The Last of Us completely overrated?
Acceptance7101/02 2:48pm
Grown adults at my company throws temper tatrum if they don't have wireless tech
Veggeta X3501/02 2:48pm
Petey Piranha is responsible for my sexual awakening
Doom_Art401/02 2:44pm
I'm tired of being neutral. I want to monetize my power.
BlingBling22947501/02 2:42pm
Would you date a stuck-up person?
PikachuMaxwell901/02 2:38pm
Elderly woman driving on a sidewalk at full speed. She thought it was a lane.
BlingBling229471601/02 2:38pm
Let it go guys: The Kingdom Hearts story does not make sense
REMercsChamp1801/02 2:36pm
What does it mean when a girl jokes about you watching porn?
SomeGuyUO401/02 2:36pm
Can someone give me a summary Kingdom Hearts so far?
SpriteLimit1801/02 2:34pm
Why are tag fighters so unpopular? Tekken Tag and MK9 were great.
UnfairRepresent1301/02 2:33pm
Do you agree with the genophage?
frozenshock2101/02 2:29pm
Having a tooth pulled tomorrow, better than having a root canal done.
Mr_Karate_II301/02 2:29pm
Are aliens just ******* with us for ***** and giggles?
wiiking961001/02 2:26pm
I've already kind of forgetting that Warren is running for president
Balrog0201/02 2:26pm
Was Tetsuya Nomura was high on drugs when he made the Kingdom Hearts story?
REMercsChamp201/02 2:19pm
The average moviegoer does not experience superhero movie fatigue
RchHomieQuanChi501/02 2:16pm
2% of men own 99% of the fleshlights
Complete_Idi0t401/02 2:14pm
Is Jack Daniels supposed to be this smooth?
brotrrwinner1701/02 2:10pm
Internet access is out at work. My job is Internet dependent.
BlingBling229472401/02 2:03pm
This arctic storm has made work pretty slow.
P4wn4g3101/02 2:03pm
Scenario: You come home to find your girlfriend has killed 5000 mexicans
frozenshock801/02 2:02pm
You know how I occasionally like to bash Virtua Fighter?
CasinoNights601/02 2:01pm
alexandria ocasio cortez
Bluebomber182301/02 2:00pm
Does Louis CK mock war veterans with PTSD too?
HylianFox2101/02 1:59pm
Oh . . . this is a real thing.
BlingBling22947901/02 1:57pm
Remember Snapchat?
Vol2tex1401/02 1:57pm
I can't take anyone seriously who likes Requiem for a Dream
bobbaaay2901/02 1:55pm
how long should you date someone before you marry them?
_BlueMonk1401/02 1:55pm
im going to do it CE. im going to stay at an Airbnb
_BlueMonk601/02 1:52pm
Why are most cars silver, gray or black?
treewojima1401/02 1:50pm
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