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Man sues deputy after police dog bites his head.
UnfairRepresent504.07.2017 2:18pm0 + 0
Powers gonna be off from 9:30AM to 3:00PM for maintenance. What should I do?
nayr626604.07.2017 2:13pm0 + 0
Do you remember the film where Shaq plays a secret service agent?
Cotton_Eye_Joe504.07.2017 2:13pm0 + 0
Are my friends cheap assholes?
clearaflagrantj2104.07.2017 2:12pm0 + 0
What's your favorite thing about good ol' America?
jenningsnash313204.07.2017 2:12pm0 + 0
Fox News: 2 Russian warships meeting US ships that bombed Syria
ShutTheHellUp1004.07.2017 2:11pm0 + 0
Are Syrian women hot?
ShutTheHellUp1104.07.2017 2:03pm0 + 0
Well, now that we've gotten that strike out of our system, I'm sure we're done
Antifar504.07.2017 2:02pm0 + 0
The KKK started as a terrorist group within the Democratic party...
Mike_Stanton3504.07.2017 2:02pm0 + 0
Border Patrolls gets fucked by Twitters lawsuit, stops their request for info
CruelBuffalo204.07.2017 2:02pm0 + 0
Gifs of Two Blonde Women
_PandaMaster_104.07.2017 2:01pm0 + 0
upset the majority to please the less than one percent and this is what happens
Medz86062204.07.2017 2:01pm0 + 0
Woman creates 'Muffin's Halo' device to help blind dogs enjoy life.
UnfairRepresent304.07.2017 2:00pm0 + 0
Be honest. I'm not even close to being the worst poster on the board.
Bok_Choi504.07.2017 2:00pm0 + 0
We aren't really going to war with Russia
ZMythos104.07.2017 1:56pm0 + 0
is california the most mountainous place with lot of forest in america?
completeboy404.07.2017 1:56pm0 + 0
Researchers create a machine learning tool that identifies alt accounts 91% of
DuranOfForcena1404.07.2017 1:50pm0 + 0
Just saw Suicide Squad... man it sucked (spoilers)
Sting2804.07.2017 1:50pm0 + 0
Rocky Horror Picture Show songs, by tier.
Sunhawk104.07.2017 1:49pm0 + 0
I'm a liberal, but is this strike a bad thing?
MJ_Max1704.07.2017 1:48pm0 + 0
Honestly, the best part about P5 finally releasing is that Waifu Wars 3 can
Pics_nao_plz104.07.2017 1:47pm0 + 0
Ah, a great deal of tattoos! OH WAIT! That's me...
electricbugs23304.07.2017 1:47pm0 + 0
My Little Pony The Movie Announced
Terra-enforcer1604.07.2017 1:47pm0 + 0
Dear SBAllen, can you remove the notification of a new post if you've blocked
MixedRaceBaby104.07.2017 1:41pm0 + 0
LOL @ this customer: "I went to login and the dots were gone!"
E32005704.07.2017 1:38pm0 + 0
I don't know what prompted the responses to this tweet, but
Antifar104.07.2017 1:36pm0 + 0
His physics teacher would be proud. Shitty UFC fighter cheats during weight in
CruelBuffalo2204.07.2017 1:34pm0 + 0
Persona 5 has the perfect chill music
MixedRaceBaby604.07.2017 1:33pm0 + 0
Every couple I've known where the girl is smarter and makes more money the baby
UltimaW1004.07.2017 1:31pm0 + 0
Looking to buy a good pair of wireless headphones
este914804.07.2017 1:31pm0 + 0
Perky White Booty
_PandaMaster_304.07.2017 1:30pm0 + 0
there really needs more RPG with jazzy battle theme
apolloooo1904.07.2017 1:28pm0 + 0
what is your view on patreon scammers on youtube?
completeboy904.07.2017 1:28pm0 + 0
What would be your dream VR game?
MJ_Max1704.07.2017 1:27pm0 + 0
why do people with good expensive cars act like dicks on the road?
apolloooo1904.07.2017 1:27pm0 + 0
At which time of the day sky looks very good?
completeboy804.07.2017 1:25pm0 + 0
WHY did trump launch the missiles?
NoJobBob2104.07.2017 1:24pm0 + 0
Now that Trumps numbers are in a tailspin, watch him launch a strike...
NotDanHarenlol1304.07.2017 1:23pm0 + 0
There were 5 Switches in stock at the Target near work two hours ago. 2 Left now
Error13552004.07.2017 1:22pm0 + 0
So if the world does end, would that be so bad?
DevsBro2404.07.2017 1:21pm0 + 0
Woo, Bolivia is out here
Antifar104.07.2017 1:18pm0 + 0
Did Aaron Rodgers ever look at Olivia Munn?
Damn_Underscore1404.07.2017 1:18pm0 + 0
How come video game commercials suck/are nonexistent nowadays?
Returning_CEmen504.07.2017 1:17pm0 + 0
Rape and incest are the will of god
megamanfreakXD3604.07.2017 1:16pm0 + 0
Anyone think that the Syrian rebels staged these chemical attacks?
Arabian2004.07.2017 1:16pm0 + 0
peanut bans don't work
ChromaticAngel1004.07.2017 1:13pm0 + 0
Oh hey, my not trolling topic got deleted for trolling
BillySastard104.07.2017 1:12pm0 + 0
Fantasy Creatures: Dragon
V-E-G-Y-704.07.2017 1:12pm0 + 0
It is a whopping 14 C today and sunny to boot @[email protected]
BalanceLost1504.07.2017 1:12pm0 + 0
Come watch me race the Brazilian Grand Prix
Antifar604.07.2017 1:07pm0 + 0
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