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just bought a silver iphone X 64GB - available for pickup today
Future_Trunks911.05.2017 4:57pm0 + 0
Did you got to your senior prom?
UT19991111.05.2017 4:56pm0 + 0
God damn that new World of Warcraft cinematic makes me want to join the Alliance
CEs_EFG6511.05.2017 4:52pm0 + 0
Why don't conservatives like liberals using "snowflake"?
SomeGuyUO2211.05.2017 4:50pm0 + 0
America's gun violence is a culture problem.
Metro21111.05.2017 4:47pm0 + 0
Anime & Other Stuff General v141: ''I have to be a lonely warrior tonight.''
Calwings50011.05.2017 4:44pm0 + 0
Persona games are unrealistic
Darklit_Minuet811.05.2017 4:42pm0 + 0
What are you shopping for right now?
SF_Okami2411.05.2017 4:42pm0 + 0
Think of a conservative CEman
LightningAce11211.05.2017 4:36pm0 + 0
Why does Germany completely censor Nazi references in all media
Fishy4611.05.2017 4:34pm0 + 0
Oh no my cat just ate some of the beef from my big Mac!!!
Complete_Idi0t711.05.2017 4:33pm0 + 0
Holy shit, my coworkers from Target STILL WORK HERE.....
FFVII_REMAKE711.05.2017 4:32pm0 + 0
Do you like taylor swift's music?
UT1999111.05.2017 4:30pm0 + 0
What are your thoughts on Joy Division?
Antifar2411.05.2017 4:30pm0 + 0
Would you forgive your s/o in this scenario?
InYourWalls13511.05.2017 4:29pm0 + 0
Had a sleep paralysis moment but a good one all things considered
salandrews3811.05.2017 4:29pm0 + 0
So the Sonic Adventure games are still better than any 3D Mario game
Damn_Underscore1411.05.2017 4:27pm0 + 0
Can atheist murder victims go to heaven?
lilORANG1111.05.2017 4:27pm0 + 0
Can someone spoil the entire Double Dragon series for me?
3khc211.05.2017 4:26pm0 + 0
Would you be turned on if your girlfriend had a dick?
ManLink43211411.05.2017 4:25pm0 + 0
3rd mission cod ww2 is copying BF1....but with a white soldier lol
Joeydollaz1011.05.2017 4:24pm0 + 0
Playing MGS3 blind but for real this time *spoilers probably*
Garioshi16811.05.2017 4:17pm0 + 0
Trump was clearly talking about cats
Complete_Idi0t111.05.2017 4:15pm0 + 0
Can we have a new Star Wars game with Jedi Outcast/Academy lightsaber combat?
Kitt911.05.2017 4:14pm0 + 0
best lubricant for fidget spinner?
Philoktetes611.05.2017 4:14pm0 + 0
God of War 4: Escort Mission
BignutzisBack1311.05.2017 4:13pm0 + 0
so im gonna have a resident evil game marathon this month
yusiko4611.05.2017 4:13pm0 + 0
Going to a dog shit football game today
KiwiTerraRizing2811.05.2017 4:13pm0 + 0
heads, i win; tails, you lose
dolomedes511.05.2017 4:07pm0 + 0
trying to remember life before having a kettle.
dolomedes2911.05.2017 4:06pm0 + 0
hahahahahahaha lmfao
Genocet_10-325711.05.2017 4:01pm0 + 0
What's your favorite part about The Harry Potter Series?
OmegaVideoGameG211.05.2017 4:00pm0 + 0
In da Avengers did Loki really mean to *spoilers*
ssj3vegeta_211.05.2017 3:59pm0 + 0
Anyone else feel like Mario runs entirely too slow in Odyssey?
dave_is_slick1111.05.2017 3:56pm0 + 0
It's honestly kind of creepy how similar Suguru Kamoshida and very are, wow
BignutzisBack211.05.2017 3:52pm0 + 0
Hey spanish speaking guys.
dragnmaninferno1611.05.2017 3:50pm0 + 0
Are you used to mass shootings yet?
Unsugarized_Foo811.05.2017 3:48pm0 + 0
What's the best three topping pizza combination?
robellr133111.05.2017 3:48pm0 + 0
5 million, but every criminal dies
PowerOats1911.05.2017 3:47pm0 + 0
I'm at a wedding and everyone is dancing.
Superlinkbro611.05.2017 3:46pm0 + 0
Has anyone figured out Geno's main yet
RedWhiteBlue411.05.2017 3:44pm0 + 0
I have to laugh at "investors" who don't own shares of FANG stocks
BignutzisBack411.05.2017 3:43pm0 + 0
How many alts do you have?
jpenny22611.05.2017 3:40pm0 + 0
Co-worker quitting his job and writing on Facebook that those he didnt get along
Ic3Bullet2311.05.2017 3:39pm0 + 0
*You have one or more unread system notifications*
Tropicalwood311.05.2017 3:37pm0 + 0
The red coins in Yoshi's Island on level 1-7 are bullshit
BignutzisBack311.05.2017 3:36pm0 + 0
When you see an upcoming game that looks promising but it's an indie game.
EffectAndCause1211.05.2017 3:36pm0 + 0
Just found out that my crush owns a scab collection
2001111.05.2017 3:32pm0 + 0
Anyone else surrounded by friends who always just make the worst life decisions?
BottomAssButt1811.05.2017 3:30pm0 + 0
CE Which version of Disney's Aladdin's Arabian Nights do you like more?
Duncanwii311.05.2017 3:29pm0 + 0
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