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An hour into FF IX (spoilers to where I am)
Verdekal604.07.2017 10:30pm0 + 0
Post the song that best describes yourself.
LordRazziel1104.07.2017 10:25pm0 + 0
why being a virgin is looked down as an insult in today's world?
completeboy20304.07.2017 10:25pm0 + 0
Is it really hospital rules you have to leave in a wheelchair
glitteringfairy2004.07.2017 10:25pm0 + 0
Has a video game ever gotten you more interested in real world stuff?
Antifar1304.07.2017 10:24pm0 + 0
The greatest John Wayne trailer
Fart_Tzar204.07.2017 10:17pm0 + 0
Unlocking Artoria Pendragon in Extella is the biggest bullshit since Sun Quan
ChromaticAngel104.07.2017 10:16pm0 + 0
itt: describe your dream game
truly_FLCL1504.07.2017 10:15pm0 + 0
Gargoyles Series Finale - "Hunter's Moon" (SPOILERS)
saspa1704.07.2017 10:13pm0 + 0
Trump wanted fewer words, more pictures in his briefings
Antifar1204.07.2017 10:11pm0 + 0
Syria media claims 9 civilians were killed by the airstrike including 4 kids
known2FAIL604.07.2017 10:08pm0 + 0
Are there any Wilt Chamberlain records or achievements that can be broken?
YoshitoKikuchi704.07.2017 10:08pm0 + 0
Man accused of going after relatives with hatchet.
SonicZack404.07.2017 10:07pm0 + 0
Do you have a video that tops the horse taking it to the limit, CE?
ChrisHansen59104.07.2017 10:03pm0 + 0
I need more casual first "date" dates besides lunch.
gamepimp121104.07.2017 10:03pm0 + 0
It's your main man Knuckles, and we in Meteor Herd. You ready to go to space?
LanHikari10604.07.2017 10:01pm0 + 0
it's weird how HOT my sister is but I don't find her attractive at all
SoundNetwork1304.07.2017 9:57pm0 + 0
Rinoa (FFVIII) + Quina (FFIX) =
AlCalavicci504.07.2017 9:56pm0 + 0
I finished Persona 4 Golden. Weighing in with final thoughts (spoilers)
BlueBoy6751004.07.2017 9:53pm0 + 0
Its 730 am and my Uber driver is drinking red bull and eating Doritos
PoopMcgee420804.07.2017 9:51pm0 + 0
CE, list some causes of cultural/social change for me
Mark_DeRosa604.07.2017 9:51pm0 + 0
Do you guys ever get that urge for a big strong athlete to hold you down
CruelBuffalo704.07.2017 9:50pm0 + 0
If pirating is a victimless crime then why do gamers use pirating as a way to...
Burt_Macklin1104.07.2017 9:49pm0 + 0
Do you want some extra cream on your eclair?
Scotty_Rogers104.07.2017 9:49pm0 + 0
I need a new gamefaqs username, give me suggestions
_DanHaren_2404.07.2017 9:48pm0 + 0
Really, the whole reaction to the Syria thing shows that typical conservatives
toptopmax104.07.2017 9:47pm0 + 0
NYPD Cop who Dreams about EATING WOMEN says he STILL visits Fetish Sites!!
Full Throttle5104.07.2017 9:47pm0 + 0
LOL, Hillary is still crying about Comey and the Russians
Manocheese804.07.2017 9:45pm0 + 0
Help me start my next set of backlog games
Ozarhok604.07.2017 9:42pm0 + 0
Can You Seperate The Post From The Poster?
thanosibe604.07.2017 9:38pm0 + 0
Omg the N64 controller is awful
Squall28104.07.2017 9:37pm0 + 0
This 26 y/o Asian Girl is going to PROM, 8 years after a RAPE by a 16 YEAR OLD!!
Full Throttle2604.07.2017 9:36pm0 + 0
'He is my Master: Meet the Aussie woman happy to be a slave
Darmik3104.07.2017 9:35pm0 + 0
If there is a war that includes 1st-3rd world countries would they fight in U.S.
Oakland510_204.07.2017 9:33pm0 + 0
Muslims on subway in Hong Kong start a fight, then get the s*** beat out of them
Rob Cesternino10804.07.2017 9:31pm0 + 0
Young white guy rapes 1 year old girl and gets no jail time. Iowa Law folks...
Luteryder2104.07.2017 9:31pm0 + 0
Where does Taco Bell fall on the fast food spectrum?
Virtrudian904.07.2017 9:29pm0 + 0
TSA pats down little boy for over two minutes then detains him for over an hour
Logos6204.07.2017 9:29pm0 + 0
Anti-Transgender BUS is coming to a CITY NEAR YOU in AMERICA causing OUTRAGE!!
Full Throttle3104.07.2017 9:24pm0 + 0
Tupac movie comin' out June 16?
SrRd_RacinG104.07.2017 9:23pm0 + 0
Welp world, it's been a good run.
XmasPikachu7304.07.2017 9:22pm0 + 0
The girl who plays Cheryl in Riverdale
Bio1590904.07.2017 9:22pm0 + 0
This show cannot possibly be real, right?
dotsdfe2604.07.2017 9:17pm0 + 0
Why is persona 5 so good
Rika_Furude104.07.2017 9:16pm0 + 0
having sex with a flat chested chick is a terrible experience
GODTIER4104.07.2017 9:16pm0 + 0
So Evil Ryu, Violent Ken...what's Sakura? Horny Sakura?
CruelBuffalo2604.07.2017 9:15pm0 + 0
am I your favorite POSTER?? poll:
SoundNetwork1204.07.2017 9:13pm0 + 0
the first episode of Boruto is out
boxington1904.07.2017 9:12pm0 + 0
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX comes in the mail tomorrow.
TheSingingHobo304.07.2017 9:10pm0 + 0
I destroy my enemies
chill02604.07.2017 9:08pm0 + 0
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