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Asking a redhead if she is natural, why is that considered sexual harassment?
EmaIdon7910.14.2017 9:24am0 + 0
This looks like my kind of party/happening
DoubleDare110.14.2017 9:18am0 + 0
Do you think it's true what they say about chinese food?.......
JebronLames1710.14.2017 9:15am0 + 0
Non-Christians: Does saying Bless you after you sneeze unironically bother you?
Veggeta X710.14.2017 9:15am0 + 0
To non-Christians: Does "Merry Christmas" unironically bother you?
Trayvon1310.14.2017 9:14am0 + 0
Chance the Rapper buys out two movie theater showings for Marshall
Akagami_Shanks210.14.2017 9:04am0 + 0
I didn't consider something about the Megaman Legacy Collection 1&2
Kaliesto110.14.2017 9:00am0 + 0
PSA:People who have garage sales with a few items.
Shadowstrike007210.14.2017 8:56am0 + 0
A hot day just showed up outside my front door
ManLink4321310.14.2017 8:53am0 + 0
How did anybody figure out how to beat Star Ocean 2?
DevsBro8610.14.2017 8:50am0 + 0
Court of Appeal overturns previous ruling on gender segregation in schools.
unpleasant_milk310.14.2017 8:45am0 + 0
I'm ashamed to say i just can't get into persona 5.
pres_madagascar1710.14.2017 8:16am0 + 0
17 y/o girl raped 3 times in the same night in London
pls1610.14.2017 8:16am0 + 0
Noticed an influx of trans people in my YT channel comments in the last weeks
HellsingOrg810.14.2017 8:15am0 + 0
A hot babe just came to my front door
stevethewindow410.14.2017 8:15am0 + 0
Papa Johns - How do they manage to make some of the greatest pizza on earth?
Philoktetes310.14.2017 8:12am0 + 0
When did every meme become a forced meme?
IWBYD210.14.2017 8:10am0 + 0
Would you still bang Jodie Foster?
Cardboard-Box110.14.2017 7:57am0 + 0
Club football is BACK! Liverpool/United and Barca/Atletico playing today
ssj3vegeta_110.14.2017 7:49am0 + 0
Can you make me Xcited? Can you XciteMe?
SoXcited910.14.2017 7:47am0 + 0
Sleight was the best superhero movie since the Dark Knight trilogy
mortimerjames1110.14.2017 7:44am0 + 0
Have you ever "gone to bed hungry" before?
JebronLames310.14.2017 7:28am0 + 0
the final season of game of thrones wont use any scripts
Bluebomber182110.14.2017 7:24am0 + 0
how do I close my account
anth0ny1310.14.2017 7:20am0 + 0
The liberal snowflakes remind me of Kyle's mom in the South Park movie.
Cotton_Eye_Joe210.14.2017 7:20am0 + 0
Have you ever been abducted by aliens CE?
LIsJustice1110.14.2017 7:18am0 + 0
Scotty_Rogers (M)
SomeLikeItHoth1710.14.2017 7:12am0 + 0
Do you think ayesha curry is pretty?
JebronLames610.14.2017 6:39am0 + 0
You know what my problem is? I am not interesting.
knightoffire55710.14.2017 6:35am0 + 0
Jackie Chan didn't even voice himself in that cartoon show?
lilORANG3510.14.2017 6:29am0 + 0
Do you think there's an age requirement for being a MILF?
Slip-N-Slide3010.14.2017 6:29am0 + 0
Black Football Player is CUT for KNEELING and his White Teammate AGREED to it!!
mrduckbear910.14.2017 6:25am0 + 0
anti-abortion GOP rep tells woman he had an affair with to get an abortion
thronedfire22710.14.2017 6:12am0 + 0
If gun owner peeps are scared of corrupt government tyranny...
lilORANG5310.14.2017 6:10am0 + 0
There's another hurricane in the Atlantic, and it's moving NORTHEAST.
the_cajun88210.14.2017 6:08am0 + 0
Robin is part of both Teen Titans and Young Justice?
saspa2210.14.2017 6:00am0 + 0
Should I get Dragon Age:origin plus expansion for six dollars?
mach256876510.14.2017 5:58am0 + 0
Is The Division still a thing?
RockRapDubstep110.14.2017 5:47am0 + 0
I just checked out the Politics board.
DK92922810.14.2017 5:34am0 + 0
Youtube Red's original content is total garbage. I hope it goes under.
CiIantro1910.14.2017 5:31am0 + 0
Statistically, there probably WAS someone that had an uncle at Nintendo.
saspa410.14.2017 5:26am0 + 0
I really really <i>really</i> enjoyed blade runner 2049
Parappa094310.14.2017 5:16am0 + 0
wackyteen510.14.2017 5:08am0 + 0
The NY Man who DESPISED the FEARLESS GIRL Statue was KILLED by a Train!!
mrduckbear410.14.2017 5:06am0 + 0
I have a question for The Gays of CE
Zodd32242210.14.2017 5:03am0 + 0
5 TRILLION dollars but the only music you can listen to is Train.
MakoReizei310.14.2017 5:03am0 + 0
What is the appeal of pretending to be Racist/Sexist online?
DepreceV2710.14.2017 5:02am0 + 0
Man Arrested for Sexually Assaulting 2-Year-Old Girl in Chick-fil-A Bathroom
CADE FOSTER710.14.2017 4:52am0 + 0
This 18 y/o Blonde Girl LIVE STREAMED herself having SEX!! Is She Hot??
Full Throttle3010.14.2017 4:47am0 + 0
GameFAQs is the closest thing I have to a social life
Scotty_Rogers1310.14.2017 4:39am0 + 0
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