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how many of your female friends are physically more fit than you?
Anisoptera410.12.2017 3:46am0 + 0
I love how Trump never talks about Mexico paying for the wall anymore.
CiIantro1110.12.2017 3:43am0 + 0
I feel Naoto's original design is way better than what P4 went with. Spoilers
saspa1410.12.2017 3:19am0 + 0
Wonder Woman in Teen Titans Go!
Anisoptera610.12.2017 3:18am0 + 0
It's officially my 13th birthday.
C_Pain2410.12.2017 3:16am0 + 0
Every white chicks favorite song from the early 2000s
Nostalgic410.12.2017 3:09am0 + 0
Asking for my friend about her macbook purchase and return
SamusGlory210.12.2017 3:08am0 + 0
I wish I could tie you up in my shoes, make you feel unpretty too
AlCalavicci610.12.2017 2:58am0 + 0
Pumpkin Spice or Szechuan sauce?
AeroFlash15410.12.2017 2:54am0 + 0
played Live A Live, playing Secret of Mana
Second_Chances310.12.2017 2:47am0 + 0
Da feels man I told my crush baby baby i swear I'm taking you there.
MuscleHamster0110.12.2017 2:46am0 + 0
I have 300 UNREAD Messages...
mrduckbear210.12.2017 2:44am0 + 0
Gunvalkyrie21310.12.2017 2:43am0 + 0
I'm So Hood
3khc710.12.2017 2:42am0 + 0
Garbage localizer NISA promises free patch to fix broken Ys 8 translation
TheMarthKoopa3010.12.2017 2:42am0 + 0
I was in the gifted program as a kid
Patty_Fleur1510.12.2017 2:34am0 + 0
Literally less than 3 hours of sleep, and I can't go back to bed!!!!!!!!
PiOverlord1410.12.2017 2:33am0 + 0
Here's a pic of two Jedi furries going into a strip club
_Kowalski_1310.12.2017 2:32am0 + 0
How do you feel about sleep?
LordRazziel2010.12.2017 2:29am0 + 0
There is a wasp on my ceiling but im already in bed
Two_Dee1810.12.2017 2:29am0 + 0
If a girl anonymously asked you out via a note on your car....
Admiral_Zero1610.12.2017 2:27am0 + 0
Sleep apnea topic
MachoManSavage510.12.2017 2:25am0 + 0
Just drove by the first moose accident of the fall/winter.
Iron-Tarkus410.12.2017 2:23am0 + 0
Ok no seriously Why are hurricanes given female names? (And male for that matter
saspa5310.12.2017 2:21am0 + 0
pikachupwnage610.12.2017 2:20am0 + 0
I can only hope that the unavoiadable Korean conflict is not nuclear
butthole666510.12.2017 2:19am0 + 0
French gymnast wants to switch to MMA, would do better as a porn star tbqh
CruelBuffalo310.12.2017 2:14am0 + 0
age limits for activities beyond video games
FightingGames810.12.2017 2:14am0 + 0
I only had 2 drinks last night, I fell asleep and slept for 13 hours
FF_Redux410.12.2017 2:11am0 + 0
There will be a reward for whoever posts the most in this topic
Hey50010.12.2017 2:10am0 + 0
Holy shit. Baby Driver was hype
darkprince451210.12.2017 2:09am0 + 0
It would be cool as an anime
boxington2010.12.2017 2:01am0 + 0
It's been 10 years since Sonic was confirmed for Smash Bros, do you remember?
tremain07610.12.2017 2:01am0 + 0
China is dominating the rest of the world in solar energy
FLUFFYGERM1210.12.2017 2:00am0 + 0
Need some homework help
Garioshi810.12.2017 1:58am0 + 0
When you kiss someone with herpes around their lips..
Kurumiee310.12.2017 1:48am0 + 0
He got with best girl! He got with best girl!
AlisLandale210.12.2017 1:46am0 + 0
Girafarig is way underrated IMO
Coffeebeanz410.12.2017 1:46am0 + 0
Is K-pop the most racially diverse genre of music?
Two_Dee4010.12.2017 1:45am0 + 0
Communist compounds in America (super interesting)
CiIantro410.12.2017 1:43am0 + 0
Bar makes girl drinks liquid nitrogen. She loses her stomach.
frozenshock8610.12.2017 1:43am0 + 0
Have you ever sniped the last post in a 500 topic?
UncleBourbon33310.12.2017 1:40am0 + 0
This 16 y/o Girl TERRIFIED her 4 y/o Neighbor cause she put THIS on her Window!!
mrduckbear1010.12.2017 1:38am0 + 0
imagine being a trump supporter
Letron_James2410.12.2017 1:37am0 + 0
Black man accused of theft is tied to a post and beaten with sticks in India
Rob Cesternino810.12.2017 1:33am0 + 0
The perfect girl but she is a lootbox/ microtransactions whale
Blue_Inigo910.12.2017 1:32am0 + 0
PS1 games are a lot shorter than I remember.
MakoReizei310.12.2017 1:28am0 + 0
y'all ever had Slim Chickens?
lilORANG410.12.2017 1:27am0 + 0
When was the last time you kissed a black child?
Blo910.12.2017 1:24am0 + 0
This 18 y/o Kid RAPED a MOM of 2..then asked to do YARD WORK to make it up!!
mrduckbear910.12.2017 1:23am0 + 0
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