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Supposed details of the FF7 remake were leaked >_>
SoraOwnsOctopus17605/23 7:03pm
Doom for Sega Saturn is such a crime against humanity
DarkRoast2005/23 7:02pm
Teen Titans CYOA: Romance Resurrected Part 11
Cartridge8842305/23 7:01pm
The_Doge spotted being FAT!!! Breaking News!!
FF_Redux1305/23 7:01pm
Here is a pic of my bf's dad in his 20s
FF_Redux705/23 7:01pm
should nintendo pay compensation for 64 victims?
ModLogic3105/23 7:01pm
Baking a cake for a same-sex wedding? No!
BalanceLost7605/23 7:01pm
What's the crown jewel of your video game collection?
k8ybug905/23 7:00pm
huh... so i guess i've never played Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal
DuranOfForcena605/23 7:00pm
"Forty-five percent of women of color are often the only or one of the only
BlingBling22947605/23 6:59pm
Chicken Parmesan sandwich back at Burger King!
Vol2tex1205/23 6:59pm
I'm thinking about getting a gimmick
Cpt_Pineapple1905/23 6:59pm
Like this topic if you're seeing this in 2019
Mark_DeRosa705/23 6:59pm
Check out this GIF I made of Hot Eurasian Woman!
Scotty_Rogers2705/23 6:58pm
Save That Magic User (Round 18)
Kajagogo3605/23 6:58pm
Girls Frontline General 11: Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mosin
Shotgunnova10705/23 6:58pm
Mississippi Owner gets a BLACK EYE after he ADMITS using the N-Word!!
Full Throttle1205/23 6:57pm
Waiting to hear back on a job interview that went well. It's agonizing
TheGoldenEel1205/23 6:57pm
Off-duty New York firefighter attacked by teens after defending elderly couple:
mach25687305/23 6:57pm
ugh my manager wants me to do more projects for the upcoming year
Parappa091405/23 6:57pm
Tacos are overrated
BobanMarjanovic2105/23 6:56pm
it's not "immigrants" it's "aliens"
HylianFox1105/23 6:55pm
If your total calories in per day averages to under 1800 will you lose weight?
joe400013205/23 6:55pm
ITT: post kickass 90s songs
Shotgunnova45205/23 6:54pm
ITT I post thick women
Flockaveli7505/23 6:54pm
Watching Dr. No for the first time
Dark_Garioshi1705/23 6:54pm
I'm currently watching The Arnold's best movie
SomeLikeItHoth2405/23 6:52pm
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Bith Lords
Doom_Art205/23 6:51pm
Feelin adventurous CE recommend new Breakfast Cereal to try pls
HellsingOrg1205/23 6:51pm
Lemmy C UR Selfie, CE-PPL
RoadsterUFO36605/23 6:50pm
Someone said "administering the dick" when they meant "disk"
BlingBling22947105/23 6:50pm
Rank the Eminem albums, go
AvantgardeAClue505/23 6:48pm
Is it moddable to call someone "boy"?
LightningAce11705/23 6:48pm
This company in Australia will pay for your video games, and they hire remotely,
BlingBling22947105/23 6:48pm
ITT: ten words of predictive text
DezDroppedFreak10605/23 6:47pm
C/D: Your parents are still together.
Solar_Crimson4805/23 6:46pm
MLP Social v2479: "This is so not cash moneeeeeeey!"
MegamanXfan21xx33205/23 6:45pm
ITT: Cute/Hot Japanese girls Part 2
SpiritSephiroth18605/23 6:45pm
ITT a pic of my ~1k watch
No_U_L73005/23 6:45pm
Save that Assassin! Round 89!
Popcorn_Fairy1405/23 6:44pm
Things I currently can't enjoy because of stress and anxiety:
billcom6705/23 6:42pm
I started playing Baldurs Gate...
solosnake905/23 6:42pm
In Family Guy canon everyone in India and Pakistan are dead.
Duncanwii105/23 6:42pm
Sexy Anime Girls V11: "Bouncing back"
Calwings4905/23 6:42pm
Samsung AI can animate pictures realistically
Makeveli_lives805/23 6:42pm
A friend of mine has a top-of-the-line gaming PC, but a 720p monitor.
CRON1505/23 6:42pm
Which CEgirl is dis??
ssj3vegeta_805/23 6:41pm
If you have conservative values on gamefaqs you get modded
Patty_Fleur5905/23 6:41pm
i feel like extroverts get a lot of undeserved hate on CE
Parappa093705/23 6:40pm
Looking for anime recommendations.
dotsdfe1405/23 6:40pm
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