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Name famous Jewish people in today's entertainment
Bass_X0412/31 4:02pm
What would make 2019 a good year for you?
Vol2tex2612/31 4:01pm
can you all help me come up with a good slogan and logo?
SSJCAT1612/31 4:01pm
Vanguard was a mistake in Mass Effect
Zerocide4412/31 4:01pm
A girl told me she isn't attracted to white guys. Is that racist?
CiIantro612/31 4:00pm
Any other Native American tribe members here on CE?
DarkRoast3012/31 4:00pm
Girls on cheating on their boyfriends (video)
KlRBEH3112/31 4:00pm
DSP Thread Part 4(th place at EVO): It's the guy! I'm reading his topic!
jpenny235112/31 4:00pm
Trump: President and Mrs. Obama built/has a ten foot Wall around their compound
ledbowman2612/31 4:00pm
Goosebumps books rule
frozenshock712/31 3:59pm
Elizabeth Warren running is good for Trump.
Bestoffuture4712/31 3:59pm
Cats rule, Dogs drool
PokemonExpert44612/31 3:59pm
Should I teach my Persian in Pokemon Silver version Blizzard or Ice Beam?
Duncanwii1012/31 3:59pm
Alabama sheriff kept 1.5 million meant to feed ice detainees
Makeveli_lives1212/31 3:58pm
Popular Youtuber, Metal Jesus Rocks, EXPOSED for a silent form of e-begging
Acceptance4012/31 3:56pm
What's a pretty decent 300-500 desktop?
JuanCarlos1512/31 3:56pm
The 1st 3 areas of Super Mario World are the only good parts
PowerOats1512/31 3:54pm
You know, I thought the hate for Morgana would turn out overblown (Persona 5)
DeathVelvien512/31 3:54pm
I would like to take this time to apologize to Nirvana.
Kitt1212/31 3:53pm
Is Boogie2988 dead?
PokemonExpert44412/31 3:53pm
Why buy physical Gold and Silver in America?
known2FAIL5312/31 3:53pm
500 LOLS for the STOOLERS!
Nuffinz0rz512/31 3:52pm
Did reddit make gamespotgamefaqs obsolete?
Kinny1002912/31 3:52pm
Black 2, Platinum, and Emerald are the three best pokemon games.
pres_madagascar4312/31 3:51pm
Muslims arrest 11 young women for arranging lesbian wedding.
UnfairRepresent6212/31 3:50pm
Man as you all are out partying on NYE, just remember this:
Christian RULES812/31 3:49pm
I've been watching bojack horseman
Freddie_Mercury412/31 3:47pm
Gacha and Hero Collection Game General Topic 2: ''Done with this shit!''
Calwings9312/31 3:46pm
ITT: kickass 70s songs
Shotgunnova26812/31 3:46pm
"Moderates" who attack liberals at every given opportunity but leave
ThyCorndog27312/31 3:45pm
I thought there were ads in posts here now
CensorErik912/31 3:42pm
Soulja Boy getting smacked by Nintendo is incredibly satisfying.
LethalAffinity812/31 3:41pm
CE, I need a New Year's resolution. Help a brother out, will ya?
teepan951312/31 3:41pm
Floyd Mayweather's knocks out kickboxer in 3 minutes gets $9 million.
IslamMD2712/31 3:40pm
The perfect girl but she is utterly obsessed with Voltron
UnfairRepresent2012/31 3:39pm
Ever had an IQ test? What is your result?
frozenshock1412/31 3:38pm
How do you deal with being da ugliest person in dat new years eve party you're
V-E-G-Y-1012/31 3:37pm
Save That Couple (Round 13)
Kajagogo2112/31 3:34pm
Reporter finds Gavin McInnes has nazi tattoos, Proudboys threaten his family
Ozai_Was_Right17312/31 3:34pm
This PayMoneyWubby guy on youtube is funny as shit
MrK3V512/31 3:32pm
im faded and depressed lets chat! ama
TheDarkCircle2812/31 3:29pm
Best CE topic of 2018?
YoshitoKikuchi112/31 3:29pm
Did you like the ps4 more or the ps3?
Smallville412/31 3:29pm
Cara Delevingne
RiderofHogs4312/31 3:28pm
Trump: Children immigrant deaths are strictly Democrats fault
SocialistGamer12812/31 3:26pm
they should have a story in Dragonball Super about Vegeta's past as a warlord
Zikten212/31 3:25pm
Wind Waker is still the best Zelda game.
Solar_Crimson2812/31 3:24pm
In hindsight, the Jeff x Annie thing of Community is SUPER creepy. Spoilers
saspa2112/31 3:24pm
is it true what they say?
ModLogic112/31 3:23pm
Fucking Aquaman is going to outperform every other DCEU movie.
pikachupwnage5712/31 3:22pm
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