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Much wow
The_Doge202/20 11:56pm
If robots did hypothetically destroy humanity, what would they do after that?
GoldenFlea902/20 11:45pm
My fav. thing: serious academics who have dubious Einstein quotes in email sig.
COVxy1402/20 11:44pm
Dont you wish you had a lifeguard like this?
Blue_Inigo602/20 11:44pm
My boss' mom died soon do I contact her to offer condolences?
Scaramanga1402/20 11:44pm
PSA: if you did this in AMERICA, the cops would most likely shoot YOU
SaccharineSmile402/20 11:43pm
Shadowrun: Dragonfall (Director's Cut) code inside.
Mr_Magnum_Man702/20 11:42pm
Konkey Dong
WilliamPorygon902/20 11:36pm
What to watch/whats better? FMA03 or FMA:Brotherhood
FLAMING EVIL HOMER602/20 11:23pm
I can't move botw data from my wii u to a flash drive, because it's updating,
DocileOrangeCup202/20 11:22pm
How much money you make an hour?
Patty_Fleur3802/20 11:22pm
Trump signed a memo directing Sessions to take action on bump stocks.
Capn Circus2202/20 11:16pm
Do 2 CE users kissing each other gross you out
Scotty_Rogers402/20 11:14pm
Just 23 cents a day can help save...
SrRd_RacinG502/20 11:11pm
How many hours of sleep will you get tonight?
ssj3vegeta2902/20 11:07pm
The crisis actor bullcrap is spreading across my Facebook again.
fan3571902/20 11:06pm
So I built a thing in Minecraft...
AssultTank502/20 11:03pm
RATE: Felt (feat. Elizabeth Fraser) - Primitive Painters
BlueScum202/20 11:02pm
I want to fuck her
ssj3vegeta2202/20 11:02pm
Welcome to Nintendo Kart!
PikachuMaxwell1802/20 11:01pm
LOL @ GAMERS complaining about BURNOUT: paradise remaster being $40
SaccharineSmile1302/20 10:59pm
CYOA: You are the Demon Lord (Part 2.1, last one purged)
nikko0043002/20 10:56pm
WTF I just found a note my little brother left in the bathroom
Sativa_Rose1202/20 10:56pm
That Asian figure skater NBC is hyping up is hot.
EggNogPrince802/20 10:55pm
I bought a 40oz bag of
E320051602/20 10:54pm
How do you view respect?
sabin017702/20 10:54pm
I bet Trump's iq is less than 1000
Complete_Idi0t502/20 10:52pm
So one argument the founding fathers gave for federalism was that
Doe202/20 10:49pm
As a kid I was sort of taught that all the evil is in the past
Doe302/20 10:49pm
Miss me with that false flag shit
DezDroppedFreak102/20 10:44pm
Was I being rude pointing out that my groceries rung up the wrong price?
IslamMD1902/20 10:43pm
Super Moves: Serious Series - Serious Punch VS Infinity Big Bang Storm
Rika_Furude302/20 10:42pm
Are Beavis and Butthead supposed to be stoned all the time?
ChainedRedone402/20 10:41pm
I miss calling people "Clowns".
Kitt2602/20 10:39pm
The Longest 5 Minutes? More like The Priciest 8 Bit Game.
Hayame Zero602/20 10:39pm
Weight loss linked to healthy eating not genetics, study finds
toyota102/20 10:37pm
What's the most expensive article of clothing that you own?
byrone1302/20 10:37pm
Should 3rd parties be allowed in the US?
Cheater87802/20 10:35pm
Do you like Bullet_Wing?
Eevee-Trainer2202/20 10:32pm
Trip Hop was the Vaporwave of the 90s
MedeaLysistrata202/20 10:32pm
Did JJ Redick use a racial slur?
solosnake3502/20 10:31pm
So, Wakanda.....
DesuDeku1502/20 10:24pm
Why don't the Olympics have uphill skiing
Complete_Idi0t602/20 10:23pm
My most legit complaint about RE6.
LordMarshal1402/20 10:15pm
Goddamn Black Panther was pretty deep for a marvel movie *spoilers*
soulunison22302/20 10:15pm
Moving into my apartment on Friday. First time living alone.
MrK3V2002/20 10:13pm
Nicotine patch dreams?
Forlorn_Ass402/20 10:11pm
Y'all better be lucky that Teen Titans: Battle Blitz didn't have an online mode.
Kitt1202/20 10:10pm
Imagine your ass was your mouth.
SrRd_RacinG302/20 10:10pm
my wife bought that PC cola
Cpt_Pineapple302/20 10:09pm
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