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Pornstars that you liked but were ruined by tattoos/piercings
Sexypwnstar409/15 11:59pm
Are there any white people named Ebony?
USANumber21009/15 11:58pm
Is there any end in sight for the bombardment of politics?
RockRapDubstep309/15 11:57pm
Army to receive first batch of new M1A2 SEP v3 Abrams Tank Prototype
The_Donald209/15 11:55pm
I now know everyone's social security numbers
Complete_Idi0t2209/15 11:53pm
lol the gun episode of Season 4 of Bojack
Bio1590309/15 11:53pm
C/D You don't get da appeal of booty eating
ssj3vegeta_309/15 11:53pm
So it appears I'm on the market for new anti-virus... Kaspersky woes...
Cheko2015809/15 11:53pm
sabin017209/15 11:52pm
Eat a big ole' bag of...
BootyGif809/15 11:52pm
It kills me that I can't experience what it's like to be inside someone and blow
USANumber2109/15 11:52pm
I voted in the Church election today.
BalanceLost809/15 11:48pm
Does anyone here use Apple Music on Android?
thepope_3290209/15 11:47pm
Yesterday I learned what dabbing is
Colorahdo2309/15 11:44pm
Wtf @ this new Netflix 'Big Mouth' show....promotes pedophilia?
Trayvon4809/15 11:39pm
Ask a former bully anything
BigBaIIer4109/15 11:36pm
does anyone not have any ride or die homies since graduating college?
WalkingLobsters409/15 11:32pm
Why is Christian a common name but not Muslim or Jew or Buddhist, etc?
lilORANG609/15 11:32pm
Samus Returns is the Metroid game I've been waiting for.
MarqueeSeries109/15 11:32pm
Robert California sucked
heynongman109/15 11:31pm
Who is the most likable character on The Walking Dead?(spoilers?)
DirkDiggles3009/15 11:27pm
Let's list some of the saddest games out there.
Solar_Crimson3309/15 11:26pm
Who's the hottest chick on Fox News?
OleBillyBoy225809/15 11:23pm
CR, what do you think of my progress working out, and suggestions?
itachi15243409/15 11:22pm
Iceland's government collapses after PM's father pardons pedophile...
ThinkCritically709/15 11:18pm
Russia is charging a woman for spreading gay propaganda
Horus_Leftfield5509/15 11:17pm
Tfw your boss' maternity leave replacement is more qualified than she is
Bio1590509/15 11:10pm
It's Friday night, millions of people are out having fun...
SomeGuyUO2009/15 11:07pm
You can AirBnb at Donald Trump's childhood home.
C_Pain609/15 11:07pm
One month ago today I was happy as a lark
solosnake309/15 11:07pm
Has anyone ever tried to play KH2 all in first person mode?
BlueBoy6751209/15 10:57pm
post your phone lockscreen
FightingGames1609/15 10:54pm
Wtf my credit score dropped like 30 points in one week
Mark_DeRosa1309/15 10:53pm
18 for a whole 9.5 for a half...
yemmy409/15 10:51pm
Happy Mother's Day everyone!
BootyGif509/15 10:49pm
Mods hate insurance
BignutzisBack1209/15 10:47pm
Recommend me some airship games.
Stagmar109/15 10:43pm
has ur thing ever hit the cervix
Damn_Underscore1309/15 10:43pm
Indians win streak at 21. When will it end?
TroutPaste3909/15 10:40pm
Police trample an old lady.
cjsdowg309/15 10:40pm
So Destiny 2's first raid is pretty damn fun
Touch2809/15 10:36pm
Multiple people injured in Washington school shooting.
Cheater874109/15 10:34pm
The best way to get rid of BLM is to stop clearing cops of all charges
Darklit_Minuet2609/15 10:34pm
Left or Right?
Milkman5709/15 10:33pm
Why can't you call 911 for pets
Complete_Idi0t409/15 10:33pm
LIVE NOW: Ben Shapiro's speech and outside coverage of campus.
Capn Circus9809/15 10:31pm
ITT: We summon random usernames
assassinCrash2409/15 10:31pm
I never heard the song You Spin Me Round in full until recently.
MakoReizei309/15 10:30pm
Any Guy who thinks he's an "Alpha Male" is full of BULLS***!!
mrduckbear109/15 10:29pm
What can you do with just ten inches anyway?
DevsBro109/15 10:28pm
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