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Revisiting old movies - A Chipmunk Adventure. Wtf is all I can say.
WaterLink1804/22 8:00am
People are upset over that new sex scene in GoT. SPOILERS obviously.
Nidhoggr4604/22 8:00am
"Sucking at something is the first step to being good at something!"
DK92923904/22 8:00am
Why do people want Melee HD when Ultimate is 10 times better?
Duncanwii3304/22 8:00am
Literally a new Game of Thrones episode tonight and no topic about it *spoilers*
V-E-G-Y-16504/22 7:59am
Does the Wii have the longest console lifespan?
Dark_Garioshi104/22 7:59am
do you find Maisie Williams attractive?
ssj3vegeta4104/22 7:58am
Does anybody play Marvel Strike Force? Part 4
au_gold8604/22 7:58am
TFW Splinter Cell Conviction is the closest we'll get to a Taken video game.
Kitt104/22 7:58am
Would you buy your kids a gaming console/Handheld/PC?
KG536304/22 7:57am
Tonights Game of Thrones fucking robbed us *spoils*
daftpunk_mk5804/22 7:57am
I did the exact opposite of what I'm known for.
TheDogfather304/22 7:57am
Is deeding to straight porn with a friend next to you doing the same gay?
HellsingOrg404/22 7:57am
Check out this Asian girl with a nice ass
Flockaveli1104/22 7:53am
Warned/Suspended General CXXIX: No garbage posts allowed
JustMyOpinion24004/22 7:51am
Catwoman to be played by diff actress in Gotham
toyota1004/22 7:48am
MLP Social v.2478: "In memoriam of the tree..."
DStone3920604/22 7:47am
Why was this hunter so interested in/confused by Ada's high heeled shoe?
UnfairRepresent304/22 7:46am
He's ready to fuck
CoolBeansAvl16004/22 7:44am
I love ghetto Asian women so much.
Scotty_Rogers14004/22 7:43am
Do Americans have a thing against big pharmaceutical companies, and if so...
Sunhawk804/22 7:41am
I have an STD and my urologist appointment isn't for another month :\
JTilly304/22 7:40am
GoT Season 8 has been terrible
PlCCOLO6604/22 7:40am
I don't have a job because I didn't go to school. I didn't go to school because
Verdekal104/22 7:40am
starting Nier 1 now, give me tips and stuff
Rika_Furude1004/22 7:37am
Oh god, I made a terrible mistake....
PiOverlord504/22 7:35am
Would you go out on a date with dis transgender chick?
ssj3vegeta_2204/22 7:30am
Post youtube videos that always make you laugh
Kinny1007104/22 7:28am
Reminder :Tamil Tigers are an ethnic group comprising of Hindus, X-ians, Muslims
Barenziah Boy Toy804/22 7:27am
$1,200,000,000 but everyone looks and sounds like Eli Vance to you.
UnfairRepresent204/22 7:26am
itt: post your profile pic from social media
Parappa092604/22 7:22am
How often should you go to the gym?
KG5361104/22 7:20am
CE what's good in brooklyn
Butterfiles1304/22 7:20am
Anime + Other Stuff General V181: "Black and White Is Alright"
Juhanor16204/22 7:17am
Might I suggest we have a Brie Larson general?
Kitt2004/22 7:17am
Why is the news not more focused on this very big terrorist attack?
Sunhawk504/22 7:17am
How does the way that you groom yourself (facial hair & hair) represent who
BlingBling22947904/22 7:17am
Attention all CE's artist. Looking for an idea/sketch for a tattoo
Bad_Mojo1704/22 7:16am
Carbonara is super simple had no idea and so fucking delisj
FF_Redux1704/22 7:15am
United Kpop FriendsFamilyTownNation General
Highwind079004/22 7:11am
Star Trek fans, check this out. Second main picture down.
Sunhawk104/22 7:10am
Gacha and Hero Collection Game General Topic 3: ''Singing the rate-up blues.''
Calwings33004/22 7:10am
Remember how dumb Fallout 3's Vanilla ending was? (Obvious Spoilers)
UnfairRepresent1104/22 7:03am
You cannot suddenly ouster strongman leaders with multi-decade reigns and expect
BlingBling22947504/22 7:01am
Rewatching Airplane
inloveanddeath0404/22 6:57am
kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss for you
JTilly604/22 6:57am
I didn't know Muffinz0rz was back.
Sunhawk1904/22 6:55am
Can a 30 year old go back to regular high school?
KG536604/22 6:50am
In MK11, Jax's Ending has caused some controversy(Spoilers)
Zerocide21104/22 6:48am
Phoenix Wright is getting predictable
Akagami_Shanks5604/22 6:36am
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