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This New Green Deal is a fast track to the United States going third-world
TheWorstPoster7702/13 10:14pm
The Mars Opportunity Rover has finally died
Lokarin802/13 10:12pm
Are you celebrating Black people this month?
St_Kevin1802/13 10:03pm
Tetris 99 is pretty dope (Tetris Battle Royale)
DrPrimemaster302/13 9:54pm
There should be no stigma with dating a girl that has BPD
Beveren_Rabbit2502/13 9:54pm
If Conservatives HATE the Government, Why are they so Pro-Military????
mrduckbear1302/13 9:51pm
CBD stores near me are pushing this stuff called "Kratom"
Mead2302/13 9:50pm
Nintendo direct discussion topic.
Kimbos_Egg8002/13 9:48pm
Minnesota School on LOCKDOWN after White Students made these RACIST POSTS!!!
mrduckbear102/13 9:45pm
Either the heater is making lots of noise, or there are people banging in the...
Dikitain602/13 9:19pm
had to dump some of my tinder babes before valentines day
LaggnFragnLarry302/13 9:17pm
How vengeful are you?
SmokeMassTree2702/13 8:11pm
Looking for sites like deviantart, only with a more user friendly interface.
Superrpgman602/13 8:06pm
Do you like to celebrate holidays like Valentines Day?
minervo1602/13 7:53pm
I'ma keep it 100 with you, PotD.
HornedLion102/13 7:31pm
If you SLEEP with a Girl/Guy, Which of these POSITIONS would you do it???
Full Throttle2202/13 6:42pm
Any of you go mushroom hunting?
JoanOfArcade802/13 6:35pm
Is it just cis white males who are getting MeToo?
Cotton_Eye_Joe1502/13 6:28pm
do you think walking phoenix will be a god joker
knightoffire55402/13 6:13pm
Texas HUNTER Pays 115,000 to KILL a Rare GOAT and SCREAMS his Excitement!!!
Full Throttle802/13 5:50pm
arv tossed the bosses daughters salad the other day
ArvTheGreat802/13 5:27pm
I'm doing my girlfriend's homework for her
MrMelodramatic602/13 5:22pm
If anyone makes a topic about the "true" history of Valentines Day,
HeyImAlex502/13 5:19pm
They just redid the first Ghostbusters with the second.
Cotton_Eye_Joe102/13 5:14pm
Dumb math question regarding volume
Veedrock-402/13 3:37pm
lamo wearing a helmet when biking
PeePeeTheFrog1402/13 3:33pm
Are you bothered by people that bring children to R-rated movies?
Beveren_Rabbit1702/13 3:28pm
Why does Super Mario Bros. get such praise?
TheWorstPoster702/13 3:15pm
Wonder Woman holding Hawkgirl and Vixen by their hair
Beveren_Rabbit1002/13 3:11pm
Are you dead?
TheWorstPoster502/13 3:08pm
I think God is truly dead.
Cotton_Eye_Joe502/13 2:59pm
Do people really call cougars "lions"? -_-
Detective__pika5702/13 2:44pm
It's a pity she has such a manly voice and is going to jail...
HornedLion402/13 2:41pm
Rate my EB purchases
DeltaBladeX1502/13 2:34pm
I'm pre-loading Anthem rn!
HeyImAlex302/13 2:33pm
Over 50% of police brutality affect people with disabilities
SpaghettiCookie1102/13 1:58pm
Okami HD or The Messenger?
Aculo702/13 1:28pm
OK would this be cringey?? (Part 2)
-Komaiko54-1502/13 12:57pm
Batman/TMNT crossover comic being adapted as animated film
Far-Queue202/13 12:15pm
Got an old GPS? It probably won't work after April 6th.
captpackrat1502/13 11:54am
butt-heads their heads are the butts
NightMareBunny302/13 11:22am
Ivanka Trump is OUTRAGED after a look a like MODEL depicted her VACUUMING!!!
Full Throttle902/13 10:59am
Opening a Window when it's -20 out
St_Kevin102/13 10:36am
Well, today I was forced to update YT
DiduXD1102/13 10:28am
It's time to D-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-
LeetCheet602/13 9:57am
Just had a dream where Joss Whedon directed Avengers Endgame and won an Oscar
FrozenBananas402/13 9:07am
Jim > Dwight
GrimCyclone502/13 8:09am
I don't think anyone has ever asked me if I've played Fortnite.
Judgmenl202/13 6:37am
One time I tried to hug a girl and she pushed me back .
Cotton_Eye_Joe202/13 6:12am
Some people say that to skip Parts 1 and 3 when watching Jojo.
Beveren_Rabbit802/13 6:12am
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