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What lessons did Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer teach you?
DrCidd1312/06 10:33pm
Youtube rewind 2018
-Komaiko54-812/06 10:16pm
Would You Kiss This User No 80
DukeSR8312/06 9:25pm
Would You Live With This User No 11
Audweeb212/06 9:02pm
Do you have any odd behaviors in the shower?
DrCidd2212/06 9:01pm
RIP George HW Bush dies at 94
Muffinz0rz4412/06 8:26pm
Disgraced former NBC Anchor Billy Bush arrives at Bush Memorial in SNEAKERS!!!
mrduckbear1312/06 7:55pm
There's going to be ONE Massive BOMB in December for MOVIES..But Which is it???
mrduckbear3012/06 7:52pm
I just BM'd at 34,000 feet
Mead812/06 7:52pm
How easily are you offended?
minervo2012/06 7:51pm
Would you consider george bush's presidency a successful one?
DoubleOSnake812/06 7:49pm
Which do you think is most likely to be shown at the Game Awards tonight?
MPReviews1112/06 7:41pm
"A raucous riot" says Entertainment Weekly
Oops_All_Berrys912/06 7:18pm
Let's play "rate the above song"
minervo44912/06 7:17pm
What superhero is this?
TheMegaAlakazam912/06 7:05pm
Two and a Half Men wasn't that bad
OmegaM1612/06 6:32pm
I'm watching Gamechamp3k suffer through Bubsy on Twitch
DeltaBladeX212/06 6:30pm
Happy birthday
MrMelodramatic1112/06 5:54pm
How many Mexicans does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
MICHALECOLE4012/06 5:15pm
tinder took my number one profile down
knightoffire55312/06 4:37pm
Would you ever get your girl a cubic zirconia engagement ring?
DoubleOSnake3512/06 4:25pm
How is any of this legal?
Judgmenl412/06 4:17pm
Is 8-month pregnancy abortion legal?
Marianna2212/06 4:14pm
Any videogame I should ask for x-mas
ernieforss1312/06 4:12pm
What are your thoughts on Surveillance Does?
Mover_of_Zigs312/06 4:04pm
Think of a number from 1-10 before you open the poll.
solid_kush2912/06 3:39pm
Where are the good CYOA's and stories hidden on Gamefaqs?
Firewood18412/06 2:59pm
There was a very strange book that was read in schools as a kid,
wolfy42212/06 2:45pm
"If the title is undisputed then what's all the fighting about?"
DoubleOSnake212/06 1:38pm
arrowverse > netflix marvel
knightoffire551512/06 1:37pm
People underestimate Microsoft when it comes to technology
TheWorstPoster312/06 1:21pm
iCarly and wizards of Waverly place are two of my favorite shows.
helIy1712/06 1:13pm
Who else is getting new the Soulja Boy Game Console?
MNTwins19911812/06 1:09pm
Holy shit, renting a car is so expensive
green dragon1712/06 12:57pm
Would you die at this range?
Solid Sonic1012/06 12:25pm
What do you think are the three most "original" movies of all time?
MICHALECOLE5112/06 12:14pm
I don't like any of the topics here
TheWorstPoster212/06 11:32am
Can we get community forums that ARENT run by Influencers / paid for by devs?
Judgmenl212/06 11:29am
I bought Spam for the first time.
GanonsSpirit3912/06 11:24am
My unpopular opinion: I don't think the Mass Effect series is very good.
Cotton_Eye_Joe5212/06 9:40am
This 27 y/o the First TRANSGENDER at the MISS UNIVERSE Pageant! Is She Hot???
mrduckbear3112/06 9:30am
What are your top three celebrities you would invite to dinner a dinner party
wwinterj25912/06 8:21am
I need a good movie script
-Komaiko54-2412/06 7:26am
Cat / Chat 5: Cat no banana
Doctor Foxx21312/06 4:56am
Zeus' mom has got it going on, she's all I want and I've waited for so long, ok?
ClarkDuke712/06 3:33am
how is your credit?
Aculo3512/06 2:58am
Did any PAL gamers here sit on Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle WiiU keys?
DeltaBladeX1012/06 2:49am
Looks like tumblr is banning all porn in about 2 weeks
PK_Spam5612/06 1:57am
When virtue signalling goes awry
Lokarin312/06 12:57am
So what would the logistics/usage of a lighter than air great sword be like?
Dreaming_King1712/06 12:46am
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