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"Barry" is underrated!
SunWuKung420104/23 10:59am
arv reviews sekiro!
ArvTheGreat304/23 10:35am
Post here to get blocked
MrMelodramatic3804/23 9:30am
where is the option for arv picks neither!
ArvTheGreat404/23 8:36am
Is that the reference?
adjl604/23 7:59am
thoughts and prayers for all those poor Easter worshipers
Lokarin104/23 7:20am
dude gets beat up by female mma fighter
darcandkharg312204/23 6:37am
Duo Lingo is a fun app
St_Kevin504/23 6:14am
I just noticed that FF6 is incredibly cutscene dense...
Lokarin2304/23 3:47am
This is an egg.
KeepAnEyeOut1004/23 2:31am
how often do you make sperm?
Aculo3004/23 2:18am
Fear not, for you are found.
WastelandCowboy104/23 1:08am
can you throw up sugar?
-Komaiko54-2904/23 12:43am
You call that a Knife, this is a Knife
Ogurisama1004/23 12:30am
That's how I beat Sinbad
Cotton_Eye_Joe304/23 12:08am
DaftAlive08 is getting married tomorrow
ungubby204/22 11:59pm
There was nothing on, so I put on Daria
slacker03150504/22 11:25pm
What happened to PotDpedia?
FridayHorse604/22 11:18pm
23 y/o Conservative is SCREAMING MAD after she got the AXE from a BERNIE event!
Full Throttle8904/22 10:59pm
At what point is something victim blaming?
Muscles5104/22 10:48pm
feels like texas has got to worry about severe weather all the time this month
NightMareBunny2004/22 10:42pm
Two possible presidential candidates want to reduce/get rid of student loans.
wolfy424104/22 10:39pm
I've gone through like five different nose hair trimmers in just a few years.
keyblader1985304/22 10:30pm
Would you favor a 72 Hour
BUMPED20023504/22 10:27pm
It's always fun watching videos from Twitchcon
FrozenBananas104/22 9:35pm
Dormammu, I've come to bargain.
WastelandCowboy2004/22 9:30pm
The Sri Lanka lead terrorist looks like Jontron
wah_wah_wah1604/22 9:09pm
i wonder if they changed the mountain dew recipe recently
Sefrig2204/22 8:59pm
Love todays poll
fireemblemomega204/22 8:23pm
What is the deal with those damn Snapchat filters on dating sites?
Cotton_Eye_Joe104/22 8:19pm
Should Immigrants Legal Or Not
BUMPED20023504/22 8:11pm
New Homestuck update released Saturday.
Far-Queue404/22 7:37pm
Pokemon go official topic #5
Oblivion_Hero20704/22 6:52pm
Who da fudge is BTS?
karlaemeterio2304/22 6:51pm
Need help remembering the. same of a game series.
Bugmeat604/22 6:40pm
Why do people say thank you so much?
thedeerzord2004/22 6:38pm
In your opinion are most of the world's people good people?
JebronLames4204/22 6:24pm
Would You Kiss This User No 173
DukeSR8204/22 6:09pm
Would You Live With This User No 103
Audweeb204/22 6:06pm
Bowdler204/22 5:34pm
I was all like "why does this coke zero taste terrible?"...
Lokarin2004/22 5:28pm
50 y/o College Student will NOT face Death Penalty for Killing 3 MUSLIM KIDS!!!
Full Throttle4304/22 5:19pm
Mexican-American War II is happening...
pionear2104/22 4:35pm
Daily reminder that you make no difference to the environment
own3d2904/22 4:05pm
Google Me On The Spotify
HeyImAlex304/22 4:04pm
Rate my recent purchases (games and cheap Lego)
DeltaBladeX1604/22 3:16pm
Something weird was going on with Hulu...
LinkPizza2004/22 3:13pm
What's your favorite pie?
captpackrat3104/22 3:05pm
What's up, PotD, What's up?
Cotton_Eye_Joe404/22 2:58pm
Do you lie when you answer the Poll of the Day?
KopeofOnrac2304/22 2:36pm
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