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looks like i win yet again
edededdy503/02 7:47pm
my 70-ish (?) year old coworker used to watch anime
Greenfox1111503/02 7:44pm
Even if Light got arrested it's not like they can prove the Death Note
Beveren_Rabbit703/02 7:36pm
Today, a friend of mine called me weird.
EclairReturns1803/02 7:26pm
Oh man. A girl at work smiled at me today.
LeetCheet2603/02 7:21pm
Offworld Trading Company has gone free to play for the multiplayer component
Lokarin103/02 6:51pm
Now we play the waiting game
Ogurisama303/02 6:40pm
Vegans ! Please explain how this stuff works
FlyingForever6203/02 6:14pm
Listening to some early 90's rap. People really didnt like Dan Quaile lol
FatalAccident703/02 4:56pm
I killed this first interview
MrMelodramatic603/02 4:56pm
Would You Kiss This User No 137
DukeSR8303/02 4:56pm
Man Star Wars Episode 9 is looking good
St_Kevin403/02 4:45pm
Do you wish this site would do away with the notify without delete?
TommyVercetti203/02 4:45pm
What do you think is more common in restaurants?
Beveren_Rabbit1803/02 4:38pm
My sig is the best sig
TheWorstPoster203/02 4:38pm
Plastic found in the stomachs of deep sea trench animals.
SunWuKung420303/02 4:33pm
Just when I was thinking of introducing an Artificer NPC (D&D)
Nichtcrawler X403/02 4:22pm
This winter SUCKS
captpackrat1803/02 3:49pm
What should G-Khan play next?
GanglyKhan1203/02 2:53pm
What was the last thing you bought that cost over 100 USD?
Lobomoon6003/02 2:17pm
Ive been watching the Twitch stream of Pokemon DP, and... (spoilers)
PK_Spam103/02 1:57pm
Texas School has now BANNED LONG SLEEVE SHIRTS adding to the BAN LIST!!!
Full Throttle1003/02 1:54pm
Mama, just killed a man...
WastelandCowboy803/02 1:41pm
1408 is the scariest movie of all time
knightoffire55503/02 1:12pm
Yo you hear the Joe Pesci gangsta rap? Shits straight fire!
FrozenBananas103/02 1:04pm
Have you seen the movie "The Road To El Dorado"?
Beveren_Rabbit803/02 12:44pm
Why is choking a thing in sex now?
WastelandCowboy1203/02 12:39pm
Weird sex spots...
LinkPizza803/02 12:38pm
Joe, Murr, Q, Sal.
TomNook503/02 12:21pm
Imagine Dragons is so bad lmao
DirtBasedSoap3603/02 12:13pm
Theres gonna be a FOURTH Hotel Transylvania
PK_Spam3203/02 12:09pm
What's you go to potluck item?
LinkPizza1403/02 11:46am
Miao h
metalconkerrr103/02 11:41am
Thoughts on Cabin in the Woods... (Spoilers most likely)
LinkPizza603/02 10:57am
Asian Girl who got to Kiss HARRY POTTER is All Grown Up!! Is She Hot???
mrduckbear1103/02 10:56am
Does anybody know anything about the Spider-Man DLC?
LinkPizza803/02 10:54am
It's 4:25AM in California. I am really inebriated. My wife wants to wake up in
Zangulus703/02 10:08am
Hawaiin-Punch dipped tuna sandiwch
Beveren_Rabbit903/02 8:57am
I love you pumpkin :)
FrozenBananas503/02 8:38am
Is it ever ok to have bad thoughts towards someone?
minervo4903/02 8:33am
I want to paint my nails.
Zangulus303/02 7:24am
i'm about to give up on 2nd run on resident evil 2, ok?
Aculo903/02 5:04am
ATTN: Volvo owners
lihlih903/02 3:59am
Thoughts on Watchdogs...
LinkPizza1003/02 2:18am
Apparently going to PRISON for lying about FALSE ATTACKS is RARE!!!
mrduckbear503/02 1:58am
What's a good ice breaker?
St_Kevin1303/02 1:41am
is it unsafe to use youtube right now?
RJP_X1503/02 1:28am
I am a lower-middleclass upbringing who made it to upper-middle class by 28, AMA
Delicinq43903/02 1:17am
Why are there no good Yu Yu Hakusho games
Krow_Incarnate1903/02 12:21am
Have you ever wanted to know something, but also not want the question
party_animal07403/02 12:08am
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