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Im watching BlackkKlansman with my sister and... oh boy! (Spoilers)
PK_Spam604/24 1:04pm
How do we even know how big the planets and stars are?
Amenadeel2604/24 12:33pm
Song you know and heard (and possibly love) at least three versions of ?
pancrada3104/24 12:29pm
Brie Larson needed a butt-double for Endgame 'cuz she has no butt
Lokarin1304/24 12:25pm
Predict the RT rating round 2 - Endgame
JixHedgehog1204/24 11:56am
I peed the bed today lmao (and a bonus idiotic story)
green dragon2004/24 11:02am
19 y/o Transgender Kid loses his SCHOLARSHIP after TRUMP'S BAN!!!
Full Throttle2204/24 11:01am
Tennessee Man who went to PRISON won 2 MILLION said he'll STILL be a REDNECK!!!
Full Throttle1004/24 10:59am
Bowdler104/24 10:35am
Privileges are a good thing
Lokarin204/24 8:49am
California Senate Unanimously Votes To Ban Racial Hairstyle Discrimination
aDirtyShisno2204/24 7:19am
They caught that woman who threw live puppies in a dumpster
Far-Queue2504/24 4:31am
Drunk Man Harasses his Mother
Yellow104/24 4:23am
Do you like porn?
Ogurisama7104/24 3:32am
Anyone excited for War of the Spark?
TheSlinja1204/24 3:16am
Best part of captain marvin was.......
wolfy42504/24 1:18am
Are you planning on seeing avengers endgame soon?
JebronLames1504/24 12:58am
Has anyone here ever been dumb enough to boil a live lobster?
mastermix30004104/24 12:24am
I might finally have the energy to do the Football M 225 team world cup: Curacao
argonautweakend904/24 12:10am
some people honestly think Disney+ is gonna destroy netflix in a hurry
NightMareBunny5804/23 11:50pm
about heads or tails
erol3120061004/23 11:15pm
"Hate Speech" "Don't joke about rape." Ummmm ok mods?
JCvgluvr4204/23 11:00pm
Do you like Swiss Cheese?
Cotton_Eye_Joe3004/23 10:58pm
Republican Senator says BLOOD WILL HAVE TO BE SHED to Save America!!!
Full Throttle1504/23 10:48pm
Who Sang Lookin' for Love?
Golden Road904/23 10:06pm
all the things she said all the thing she said
knightoffire55504/23 9:39pm
Today I found a 1954 nickel.
SunWuKung4201504/23 9:31pm
got my tax refund check in the mail; gonna buy lotsa Ag
argonautweakend1904/23 8:50pm
Arthur Gear Solid Mom Eater
FridayHorse1504/23 8:27pm
Where is Larry tinder topics
bossjony904/23 8:13pm
Steak, baked potato and asparagus for dinner.
SunWuKung420204/23 7:47pm
Was hoping for a bell curve distribution. Was not disappointed.
EwokCommanda504/23 6:46pm
Won a small token on a scratch lotto, so I'm now enjoying the expensive cup soup
Lokarin604/23 6:43pm
People are DEMANDING this Blonde Teacher be FIRED for doing THIS!! Should she???
Full Throttle4204/23 6:39pm
I wonder how many American dudes are gonna vote for Tulsi Gabbard because she's
Ferarri6191904/23 6:04pm
Colorado Neighborhood FINALLY changes its name SWASTIKA after 119 YEARS!!!
Full Throttle704/23 5:25pm
How many incoming moderations did you have when the read-only ended?
Lokarin904/23 5:06pm
My girlfriend thinks Utah is in the Northeastern US...
blu604/23 5:04pm
How do you shave?
miki_sauvester2604/23 4:43pm
Tire Chalking Ruled Unconstitutional In The 6th Circuit Federal Court
aDirtyShisno1504/23 4:43pm
Whats the worst part about being gang raped by Crosby, Stills and Nash?
argonautweakend1504/23 3:54pm
What Does it Mean to Be 'Healed from Homosexuality'?
JCvgluvr1904/23 3:54pm
Would You Kiss This User No 174
DukeSR8404/23 3:40pm
Would You Live With This User No 104
Audweeb204/23 3:09pm
POTD 4/22 Global warming errr... im sorry "Climate change" is fake
Izzythewinner5404/23 3:09pm
oh gfaqs how I missed you
-Komaiko54-204/23 2:53pm
I wish Amazon had the option to filter languages
DiduXD604/23 2:45pm
what are your top 5 favorite super nintendo games
knightoffire553304/23 2:22pm
I want my money back gamefaqs!
Ogurisama404/23 2:22pm
i am the yugioh master
Bulbasaur1404/23 2:18pm
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