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Do you floss?
StoneRevolver1812/08 12:03pm
So why do good girls like bad guys?
GanonsSpirit2212/08 12:01pm
Rate: Liking someone who doesn't like you back
AnnoyedCops912/08 11:47am
When do you start your Christmas/holidays shopping?
InfestedAdam1212/08 11:02am
Rate that thing ~ Day 1831 ~ Gamestop
Slayer412/08 10:43am
Bloodstained CotM kind of sucks (spoilers I guess? just gameplay spoilers)
Chewster2312/08 8:42am
I'm surprised we haven't gone to the extremes yet with GMO babies
NeoSioType1012/08 5:54am
I woke up to my parents screaming and cursing my name for sleeping until 8:30
PK_Spam6912/08 5:17am
Last week, I went to my local dog park and played with all the dogs, ok?
ClarkDuke412/08 4:46am
Pewdiepie vs T-series is spilling over into my daily life.
DrCidd512/08 4:36am
Which word do you like more?
crazyisgood1001412/08 3:56am
Would you rather sleep alone, with your significant other, or next to your pet?
WastelandCowboy1912/08 3:25am
I hate how SMS verification is becoming a thing
NeoSioType3512/08 3:05am
Ooh, piece of candy.
knightoffire55312/08 2:55am
These Smash Brothers games are always beyond me.
Judgmenl4412/08 2:18am
Do you have goals potd? Are you actively trying to achieve them? tell me bout it
Troll_Police_3312/08 1:44am
Is it ok to lie at work, morally-speaking?
JCvgluvr2112/08 1:32am
Joker from Person 5 in Smash!
papercup5512/08 12:53am
Would You Live With This User No 12
Audweeb1412/08 12:12am
When I was in 7th grade a family moved in next door
argonautweakend312/08 12:10am
Bought to do Karaoke, song suggestions?
DrPrimemaster912/07 11:58pm
Do you like Christmas parody songs?
Krazy_Kirby1712/07 11:56pm
And a one, and a two, and a three...
Ogurisama612/07 11:24pm
Would You Kiss This User No 81
DukeSR8712/07 11:21pm
So I went to BK this morning, what happened to their cruisants?
wolfy42412/07 11:15pm
Rudy the Big Booty Reindeer, had a very large behind. And if you saw it jiggle
FrozenBananas212/07 11:12pm
Had to go to the hospital today
minervo1712/07 10:56pm
Game of the Year?
-Komaiko54-3512/07 10:45pm
Are you happy with this modern world?
Cotton_Eye_Joe1312/07 10:42pm
Do you like snow?
DirtBasedSoap1112/07 10:36pm
Gamestop is in the red. $488 million loss.
Ferarri61917912/07 10:12pm
This 24 y/o Blonde Girl STABBED her RACIST DAD to Death in Connecticut!!!
Full Throttle1712/07 9:33pm
Y'all ever try those Quest protein cookies?
Oops_All_Berrys712/07 9:30pm
So you have a Bell, a Book, and a Candle...
Lokarin912/07 9:24pm
What is your favorite Magic the Gathering color?
BigOlePappy3212/07 9:09pm
whats a strategy for ff7 ruby weapon with super fancy materias
argonautweakend1012/07 8:20pm
Thoughts on winter?
minervo3812/07 8:16pm
Cat GIFs
DeltaBladeX612/07 8:15pm
You guys remember that moment of truth show?
OhhhJa612/07 8:08pm
People are like declawing cats is humane
ArvTheGreat912/07 7:27pm
Would You Rather No 112
DiduXD312/07 6:58pm
minervo2612/07 6:48pm
I finally bought a switch with Breath of the Wild.
Zangulus2012/07 6:26pm
New Mortal Kombat 11 trailer...
pionear312/07 5:48pm
What's for supper/dinner/evening sustenance?
Dynalo14412/07 5:38pm
So now that it's December, what's your Game of the Year (GotY)?
Blighboy5412/07 5:28pm
Detroit area man arrested for tricking women into fondling their feet.
DoubleOSnake1312/07 5:27pm
I got Monster Boy for the Switch.
Dmess85612/07 5:19pm
What a beautiful Duwang!
Oops_All_Berrys312/07 5:04pm
Smash Bros friend code topic?
-Komaiko54-112/07 4:53pm
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