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I started a new job
SirPikachu1204/25 9:32am
have you ever seen a woman with a really nice neck
ArvTheGreat1104/25 8:51am
AG Barr news conference about Mueller report release
Far-Queue11204/25 8:34am
Jar Jar will take the Iron Throne from Thanos
Far-Queue1604/25 8:13am
Osundairo Brothers Sue Smollett Over Staged Attack
aDirtyShisno3004/25 7:46am
YES YES This is Delicious!!
LeetCheet104/25 7:02am
It is LEGAL for Employers to FIRE People in FIFTEEN US STATES for being GAY!!!
Full Throttle4204/25 5:30am
Alabama Cop is SUSPENDED after he PRAISED the SUICIDE of a 15 y/o GAY Kid!!!
Full Throttle2304/25 4:05am
PotdMon: Nerd/Geek
The Wave Master15504/25 3:24am
Oof Joe Biden running for President
St_Kevin1304/25 2:44am
Got my longboard in the mail today-- first time skating in 10+ yrs!
RedPixel1004/25 2:12am
So how do you feel about Aria ... (spoiler)
PowerSurgeX104/25 1:56am
Major avenger endgame spoiler.
Conner4REAL204/25 1:51am
arv is protesting mother nature by wearing shorts in this cold up north!
ArvTheGreat204/25 1:39am
Remember rainbow parties?
GanonsSpirit1204/25 1:39am
Fans have remade Sonic 06 and fixed the game to make it good.
Ferarri6192804/25 1:26am
Are you watching Endgame this weekend?
Cotton_Eye_Joe3404/25 1:16am
Do you like mayonnaise?
edededdy23904/25 12:20am
when i get pennies i throw them in the trash
PaddysPub5704/25 12:18am
Weird music that you love
captpackrat3304/24 11:41pm
Is your team in the Stanley Cup Playoffs this year?
Ogurisama13804/24 11:40pm
Tolerance is a two-way street
JCvgluvr7404/24 11:35pm
Fire is coming
-Komaiko54-104/24 11:14pm
What kind of diet do you follow?
BeuclairDrunk5904/24 11:04pm
itt: we post commercials only 90s kids will remember
knightoffire552804/24 10:24pm
Man, the current winner on Jeopardy, James Holzhauer, has a huge set.
WastelandCowboy3104/24 10:08pm
Girl tweets "You can't eat meat and be an environmentalist"
OmegaM7504/24 9:31pm
Anyone else think AOC is like a Xenomorph?
Lokarin204/24 9:09pm
Would You Kiss This User No 175
DukeSR8404/24 8:54pm
Do you work on your own (cars)?
LinkPizza1204/24 8:34pm
Would You Live With This User No 105
Audweeb204/24 8:02pm
I decided to pull out my YuGiOh cards, see what's cool/valuable and such
Lokarin2304/24 7:29pm
Amazon did a good thing by rebooting "The Tick".
SunWuKung4201304/24 7:15pm
Today's poll is not accurate.
knightimex1004/24 7:12pm
Black Man hailed as a HERO now has MIXED Opinions because he's a CRIMINAL!!!
mrduckbear2204/24 6:56pm
7 and 10 y/o Ohio Girls are EXPELLED because their MOM committed ADULTERY!!!
Full Throttle3004/24 6:43pm
New Overwatch update adds modding tools!
papercup404/24 6:40pm
Stephen Bean topic Series 5, Episode 4: WELL YOUR ASS BETTER CALL SOMEBODYYYYYY!
Kimbos_Egg24604/24 6:25pm
wanna do me... a favour?
Lokarin604/24 6:20pm
Kevin Smith had a heart attack, turned vegan, lost weight and is now making...
FrozenBananas2104/24 6:05pm
"Come a little bit closer, you're my kind of man.
WastelandCowboy704/24 4:04pm
More Starlink content incoming next week, plus a PC version announced
TheWorstPoster204/24 3:23pm
Why do people at Halloween office costume parties laugh and act shocked...
DrYuya604/24 3:01pm
Do yall think Michael Moore votes Republican so he can make new documentaries?
Zareth804/24 2:58pm
Sri Lanka explosions target churches and hotels, killing more than 200.
WastelandCowboy2804/24 2:47pm
Top 50 wealthiest Americans get together, could probably colonize mars...
wolfy425904/24 2:47pm
2nd teaser trailer for Swamp Thing
Zikten304/24 1:55pm
Im watching BlackkKlansman with my sister and... oh boy! (Spoilers)
PK_Spam604/24 1:04pm
How do we even know how big the planets and stars are?
Amenadeel2604/24 12:33pm
Song you know and heard (and possibly love) at least three versions of ?
pancrada3104/24 12:29pm
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