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Where would you go if gamefaqs shut down?
minervo3602/15 11:08am
What was your last purchase in a thrift store?
DeltaBladeX2102/15 11:07am
How'd you do this Valentines?
JixHedgehog902/15 10:30am
I know I use this a lot, but is this the best gif of all time??
Muffinz0rz45602/15 8:55am
minervo302/15 8:12am
Sleeping rapper shot by 6 cops
Lokarin2102/15 5:06am
This internet censorship is next level now lol
OhhhJa3702/15 4:18am
Windows 10 update screwed up my PC.
Ferarri619802/15 4:00am
understand me, son
argonautweakend402/15 2:26am
Trump gave a very good speech
St_Kevin2602/15 1:57am
one weird trick to stop false fire alarm prankers
Philoktetes402/15 1:46am
Post a song in this topic if you want to wake up on the first day of 7th grade
Beveren_Rabbit202/15 1:18am
Does a game like this exist: Procedurally-generated multiplayer FPS
Chewster402/15 12:58am
Gathering Storm is slightly underwhelming so far
FatalAccident202/15 12:57am
Valentine Poll: Have you found someone yet, or are you "Foreveralone"?
shipwreckers4402/15 12:39am
Cotton Eye Joe is officially off the market.
Cotton_Eye_Joe502/15 12:33am
Do you like Ed, Edd, n Eddy?
Cotton_Eye_Joe3102/15 12:24am
Shit I was wine drunk last night
knightoffire55402/14 11:53pm
Pandora got mad at me for thumbing down "Clutch".
SunWuKung420902/14 11:32pm
Sad Valentine
-Komaiko54-2702/14 11:23pm
Alita Battle Angel was fucking AWESOME
Krow_Incarnate1002/14 10:32pm
tinder slut keeps texting me while i'm waiting for alita battle angel to start
knightoffire55802/14 10:30pm
1.5 BILLION Mega Millions Winner has STILL Not Come Forward with 60 DAYS LEFT!!!
Full Throttle302/14 10:30pm
Bald Racist only gets 10 YEARS for ATTEMPTED MURDER on THREE Black Men!!!
Full Throttle102/14 10:14pm
Bowdler602/14 10:06pm
Chris Redfield's final transmission
Beveren_Rabbit202/14 9:49pm
According to stats, most people choose an ANIMATED AVATAR over a REAL ONE!!!
Full Throttle502/14 9:47pm
How do you even deal with youtube without addblock?
Viking_Mudcrap1002/14 9:19pm
So... I'm worried about getting into a relationship
pipebomb_phil1102/14 9:04pm
One of my neighbours has, umm, WS? or whatever - so she's always smiling
Lokarin502/14 9:04pm
Is Donald Trump a communist?
Cotton_Eye_Joe402/14 8:57pm
Lets play strip poker
Ogurisama1902/14 8:48pm
Which of these 7 Girls is the HOTTEST??..One is a Real B****!!!
mrduckbear1102/14 8:45pm
Should capital gains count as 'income'
Lokarin902/14 8:16pm
Well, I beat Kingdom Hearts III *SPOILER-ISH*
quigonzel3502/14 8:04pm
How do you like my new signature?
Lobomoon2002/14 7:48pm
Valentines day is dumb.
Noop_Noop3302/14 7:31pm
Over 60% of GameFAQs users are alone :(
DeadlyNinjaBees1902/14 7:12pm
So are there any games that are kinda like the matrix?
green dragon2102/14 7:11pm
I haven't hypnoxed in over 2 years.
CoinFlipBimbo4102/14 7:10pm
Men are from Mars, women are from Venus
Oops_All_Berrys402/14 6:49pm
Tired of getting a standard strangle? Feeling light headed? Vision impairment?
ArvTheGreat102/14 6:38pm
Would You Live With This User No 57
Audweeb402/14 6:32pm
Would You Kiss This User No 126
DukeSR8302/14 6:24pm
Looks like I don't get a tax refund this year :(
green dragon1502/14 6:14pm
Wolverine, Punisher, Venom, Elektra, Conan, Brother Voodoo to form new Avengers
Far-Queue702/14 5:58pm
AI Contestant faces 40 YEARS PRISON for having 2LBS of FENTANYL!! Is She Hot???
Full Throttle602/14 5:51pm
My mom gave me a valentines day card with $50 in it...
argonautweakend1402/14 5:50pm
Any cool PoTD Discord channels goin' on lately?
Renraku_San502/14 5:37pm
DiduXD202/14 5:31pm
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