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How long have you had your current phone number?
Ogurisama3003/07 4:19am
MoviePass parent company's stocks surge 40% in one day.
Zangulus403/07 2:16am
Utah finally legalizes sex.
Lokarin403/07 12:19am
26 y/o Texas Man is DEAD after he tried to SLIDE down a HAND-RAIL!!!
Full Throttle303/06 10:27pm
Remember the time he ate my goldfish
Ogurisama303/06 10:08pm
It's soooo cold.... there's no way it's only -16 out
Lokarin703/06 10:02pm
choose what i say to this tinder babe/bot
LaggnFragnLarry903/06 10:01pm
this is my only account
knightoffire55703/06 9:51pm
What are your day to day eating habits?
WastelandCowboy2403/06 9:16pm
This is my current favorite song
hypnox203/06 9:15pm
Excluding February, do you believe other months have different amount of days
Beveren_Rabbit1303/06 8:44pm
FUCK! What was that song called?
Impavid545103/06 8:39pm
skyward sword is in my top 5 zelda games, ok?
Aculo2003/06 8:11pm
Luke Perry had a stroke; and Michael J. Fox is suffering complications.
Lokarin1403/06 8:00pm
Have you grown out of having friends?
LinkPizza5403/06 6:24pm
hey I just remembered my password what's up (it's kana)
Sefrig4003/06 6:04pm
Do you like the MMO TERA? Do you like PUBG?
Lokarin503/06 5:57pm
Heinz introduces Mayomust & Mayocue
brestugo1603/06 5:46pm
Do you ever use those coinstar machines?
TommyVercetti1703/06 5:43pm
Keith Flint, singer for Prodigy, dead at 49
Far-Queue903/06 5:08pm
Buffy vs Angel #1 - Opening
GanonsSpirit1103/06 4:51pm
Who is the most childish video game character?
Lokarin2003/06 4:29pm
this is AOC's platform
Philoktetes11803/06 3:15pm
Janet Jackson hasn't had any real hits since her brother died.
Cotton_Eye_Joe803/06 3:09pm
What's the deal with the Holy Grail?
Lokarin2803/06 3:05pm
He became Francine back in '76
Ogurisama703/06 2:48pm
How many people have you had sex with in 2019?
IronicFool4403/06 2:00pm
We lost Keith Flint. (Prodigy founder)
HornedLion503/06 11:38am
SLGBTQ is how it should be
ArvTheGreat1703/06 9:58am
What percentage of users care about badges?
sickie09ismine903/06 9:28am
18 y/o Christian ENDS his Wrestling Career cause he REFUSED to wrestle GIRLS!!!
Full Throttle4003/06 8:48am
*god gives you 300 wives or husbands and 200 concubines*
argonautweakend1203/06 8:21am
How did you react to Cosmo Wright's sexual transition?
minervo4503/06 5:59am
22 y/o Ohio Girl Marries a SHORT Guy AND Dates a GIRL..and they're ASEXUAL!!!
Full Throttle403/06 2:17am
Tales from your childhood. What are things you would do as a kid....
HornedLion2103/06 1:41am
Connecticut Man HIRES a Lawyer for $1000 to FIGHT a $300 TICKET!! Would you???
Full Throttle2303/06 1:40am
My head is a mess of Link Link Fever
Lokarin1103/06 1:12am
I've had only one job in my life, no internships, and no membership in any clubs
EclairReturns703/06 12:45am
Tryin' a new gin tonight
argonautweakend503/06 12:25am
*beepbeepbeepbeep* "Did you get a radar?"
GrimCyclone103/05 11:59pm
I made a topic!
TheWorstPoster303/05 11:30pm
Super Mario redesign
Beveren_Rabbit1103/05 11:25pm
If Chad didn't exist I'd make the hottest girl my wife.
Cotton_Eye_Joe1603/05 11:24pm
attn: fellwolf
IAmNowGone503/05 11:20pm
Child Actresses from KILL BILL are all Grown Up!! Are They Both Hot???
mrduckbear703/05 10:39pm
Tonight's Theme Song: We Still Party!
SunWuKung420203/05 10:38pm
my son is really enjoying portal knights
knightoffire55203/05 10:27pm
Rotten Tomatoes removes Audience Interest % after Captain Marvel falls to 30%.
TigerTycoon6803/05 10:20pm
Should I join ResetEra?
Solid Sonic103/05 9:45pm
Why are children that are the result of an affair always so hyperactive
Beveren_Rabbit703/05 9:17pm
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