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If you are under 40, do you think you will live to be 50+?
wolfy424701/04 11:02pm
We're gunna build a tunnel to America, and America is gunna pay for it
Lokarin501/04 10:36pm
Would You Live With This User No 29
Audweeb301/04 10:34pm
My father is now taking care of his youngest grandchild...
Zangulus3201/04 10:30pm
I think we're gonna look back on Bird Box as a modern classic
PK_Spam2301/04 10:25pm
Would You Kiss This User No 98
DukeSR8301/04 10:04pm
In my wilder youth, I partied non stop, ok?
ClarkDuke601/04 9:45pm
Tried to make hardboiled eggs
darcandkharg311401/04 8:58pm
Do you lebd finacial aid to others?
LinkPizza1001/04 8:41pm
The Game of the Year POTD is so stupid & biased in Nintendo's favor.
INTERWEBUSER2901/04 8:36pm
Sheesh did you get your w2 already?
Sequiro101/04 8:26pm
Feral monkeys in Florida carry herpes strain that is lethal to humans
Far-Queue3601/04 7:26pm
I'm bored at work, send me youtube videos to watch.
ungubby1301/04 7:07pm
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
Ferarri6196301/04 6:55pm
Woman refused french fries at Burger King by racist employees
Mead3001/04 6:29pm
slice of pizza in a pot of boiling water
Anisoptera2501/04 6:17pm
Why has Gamefaqs become useless for actual FAQs now?
Ferarri6192301/04 6:09pm
Switch owners: Any recommendations on travel cases/bags?
SunWuKung420601/04 6:00pm
We live in a world where Burger King and Mcdonald's deliver
Ferarri619801/04 5:34pm
Women's toes = I wanna suck them all
CHROM6501/04 5:32pm
DOA6 Do you think Maria should return?
DreamWalker161701/04 4:46pm
Smashing Pumpkins was on Jimmy Kimmel tonight and I couldn't stop imagining
Bugmeat601/04 4:09pm
I don't think the earth is flat
MICHALECOLE501/04 3:53pm
Switches get bitches
FinalFantasyVII901/04 3:46pm
does anyone on POTD work in agriculture? (specifically an agronomist)
Noop_Noop901/04 3:30pm
PotD Birthday Topic
JazzMasterZero1601/04 3:19pm
would you eat this chicago style za
Philoktetes2401/04 2:46pm
I really dislike when sites don't have pages for things like pictures or videos.
AllstarSniper32401/04 2:33pm
how vaccines cause autism, ok?
Aculo101/04 2:16pm
Do you hide your accent?
JoanOfArcade5101/04 1:49pm
arv doesnt know how people can watch the process of speed running on twitch
ArvTheGreat101/04 1:14pm
Is Chandler the only person out of his group of friends who has never been fired
EclairReturns3001/04 1:02pm
My friend's wife doesn't like me
ungubby3001/04 11:15am
Did every game in the Xbox Summer of Arcade suck?
Lokarin901/04 9:48am
ZOMG Guys!
_PandaMaster_1001/04 8:09am
I feel like Pokemon BW had a lot of unused backstory
NeoSioType1601/04 7:28am
No such thing as white jews..
bossjony2801/04 7:19am
White Cop who was FIRED for NOT Killing a Black Man Speaks Out!!!
Full Throttle2601/04 6:49am
shhhh, don't tell anyone, ok?
Aculo1101/04 2:44am
Worst pun you've seen on a book title?
DiduXD801/04 2:29am
Why do stores like Value Village have shitty security?
DiduXD201/04 2:25am
I've done some thinking about the therapy sessions that I go to.
EclairReturns1101/04 2:15am
Imagine thinking that any American politician is "far-left".
Create your perfect Ben & Jerry's flavour.
Manick1231201/03 11:51pm
What did you buy this steam sale?
eating4fun2801/03 11:34pm
Are video games expensive?
Aculo9601/03 11:29pm
I formally apologize.
-Komaiko54-5101/03 11:25pm
I don't trust men my age who don't game
Philoktetes1101/03 11:22pm
I have to go to work 4 hours early tomorrow. I'm still awake.
SkynyrdRocker101/03 11:22pm
I'm a cool gamer Doge
The_Doge801/03 11:17pm
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