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How many dongs you seen in your life?
I_Always_Die1904.07.2017 9:52am0 + 0
Lmfao who was it that said power rangers was the best movie of the year? Helly?
MICHALECOLE4404.07.2017 9:46am0 + 0
What are some of your pet peeves that people do that is just game over?
Shaneariffic1404.07.2017 9:33am0 + 0
There is this white stuff on the ground outside.
SmokeMassTree904.07.2017 9:27am0 + 0
IAmNowGone104.07.2017 9:09am0 + 0
Japan is at it again: Robo Dinos...
pionear104.07.2017 8:51am0 + 0
Is this the real life?
Ogurisama2504.07.2017 8:22am0 + 0
I just got a $100 Amazon gift card from my work's "rewards program."
SkynyrdRocker704.07.2017 7:48am0 + 0
So time to go to war with Syria?
Judgmenl3004.07.2017 6:43am0 + 0
quick! go to Youtube and post the first video in your recommendations!
-Komaiko54-4504.07.2017 5:33am0 + 0
I'm working on my most complicated video ever.
Gamechamp3k304.07.2017 5:03am0 + 0
Bruuuh this lady is loosing her shit at work about someone using "her"
SmokeMassTree2104.07.2017 4:36am0 + 0
Trump once tweeted something about attacking Syria.
GanonsSpirit304.07.2017 4:34am0 + 0
Under what circumstances did you lose your virginity?
usui882604.07.2017 3:26am0 + 0
Which is the better love story, Twilight or Batman versus Superman?
saspa104.07.2017 2:46am0 + 0
project scorpio pole
Ultimaga77204.07.2017 2:13am0 + 0
Donald Trump JUNIOR is considering a run for GOVERNOR OF NEW YORK!!!
Full Throttle804.07.2017 2:10am0 + 0
Anyone here ever played FFXI? I got a little project I'm trying to get help with
ComradeSeraphim804.07.2017 2:01am0 + 0
So today I was talking to a woman who's son died of a drug OD.
argonautweakend104.07.2017 2:01am0 + 0
Why do colleges need awareness posters about sexual harassment?
AC_Dragonfire4004.07.2017 1:56am0 + 0
This American Girl thanks her Dad for teaching her how to SHAVE HER LEGS!!!
mrduckbear404.07.2017 1:49am0 + 0
Mr. Potato Head is dead
Ogurisama104.07.2017 1:45am0 + 0
If I had a superpower it'd be the ability to control time. Not to go back or
iwantmyoldid1104.07.2017 1:45am0 + 0
Facebook... wtf
mastermix3000704.07.2017 1:15am0 + 0
I wonder lf the people who go to Ivy League schools are all geniuses with only A
iwantmyoldid804.07.2017 1:08am0 + 0
Hi, I'm new here.
Dmess851004.07.2017 12:42am0 + 0
Anyone else hate that most services
Blazakenki204.07.2017 12:41am0 + 0
Waifu Battle 2017 Championship Bout: Erza Scarlet vs D.Va
GanonsSpirit4504.06.2017 11:52pm0 + 0
Trump signs bill to allow Hunters to KILL SLEEPING BEARS and BABY WOLVES!!!
Full Throttle1504.06.2017 11:34pm0 + 0
What is your favorite brand of candy bar?
Smallville1704.06.2017 11:30pm0 + 0
South Korea successfully test-fires 800km-range missile.
Ferarri619104.06.2017 11:18pm0 + 0
What is kendrick lamar's alcohol of choice?
thecolorgreen704.06.2017 11:12pm0 + 0
Haven't really been here lately. What have I missed?
Gamefreak99051404.06.2017 10:20pm0 + 0
If you ask me, this is the best scene from Rick and Morty.
Claude_Frollo404.06.2017 10:17pm0 + 0
This 11 y/o Kid committed SUICIDE after his 13 y/o GIRLFRIEND FAKED HER DEATH!!!
Full Throttle1204.06.2017 9:57pm0 + 0
Honestly, do you have some type of social affliction.
IAmNowGone3204.06.2017 9:50pm0 + 0
Rate that game ~ Day 1356 ~ Hide and Seek (Real Life Game)
Slayer604.06.2017 9:48pm0 + 0
Challenge: Cook a hamburger without using ANY metal
Lokarin2304.06.2017 9:33pm0 + 0
So its safe to say Get Out is winning best picture/ best director?
ImmortalityV2004.06.2017 9:20pm0 + 0
Who's the Horatio Caine of PotD?
Cotton_Eye_Joe104.06.2017 8:47pm0 + 0
I'm thinking of having a couple 21 Sodas tomorrow.
WastelandCowboy904.06.2017 8:26pm0 + 0
It looks like Making History will be cancelled.
Cotton_Eye_Joe304.06.2017 8:25pm0 + 0
I wish I had not watched the newest Spiderman Homecoming trailer
Mead2204.06.2017 7:53pm0 + 0
Kefka vs Sephiroth
Kreuk404.06.2017 7:42pm0 + 0
Oculus Founder and Trump Supporter has been FIRED for being a TROLL!!!
Full Throttle104.06.2017 7:38pm0 + 0
Tinder pickup lines topic
SmokeMassTree1104.06.2017 7:32pm0 + 0
nvidia, wtf are you doing? we don't need a 3rd new titan x called titan x
helIy604.06.2017 7:18pm0 + 0
I splash on your bitch like water
RCtheWSBC904.06.2017 7:07pm0 + 0
Thank God Drawn To Death Was Free For Me(PS+)
NightMareBunny404.06.2017 7:07pm0 + 0
Chrono Trigger was worth one hundred dollars.
Cotton_Eye_Joe1704.06.2017 7:07pm0 + 0
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