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I've been feeling really weird recently.
Pooping on the clock
Andromicus707/24 12:02am
The poll that some don't know about reminds me of a certain game series...
LinkPizza607/23 11:56pm
The most amazing poker clip ever
MICHALECOLE407/23 11:36pm
I hate Tom Cruise, but the new Mission Impossible is pretty good.
McSame_as_Bush107/23 11:31pm
a guy in our office died. had a TON of porn on his work computer, ok?
Aculo3307/23 11:30pm
Do you know the cartoon The Raccoons?
Lokarin307/23 10:55pm
"We are all Thai kids trapped in a cave called Donald Trump"
dioxxys607/23 10:44pm
This poll was a good way of tricking people into admitting how old they are.
PoIl61771807/23 10:29pm
Since Kim Jong Un is reading this, what do ya'll wanna ask him?
Ferarri619507/23 9:45pm
How do I unfollow someone?
XianMei507/23 9:32pm
I'm still pathetic. It's been years and I still can't move on I guess.
pipebomb_phil2807/23 9:31pm
I need some assistance with something that I'm ill equipped to handle
DrProfessor1207/23 9:12pm
is it against the rules of this site to say your going to pay users?
Zikten807/23 9:06pm
Best country ever topics on hiatus
Ogurisama207/23 8:49pm
im drunk and i dont understand the story of terranigma (drunk spoilers)
knightoffire55207/23 8:28pm
Starting Destiny 2 in the first time in forever
TheWorstPoster807/23 8:09pm
I am wondering if it would be plausible for a children's television show to
TheWorstPoster807/23 8:09pm
Name an artist that was really good at one point, then began to suck.
minervo1307/23 8:08pm
Why don't phones have a "random dial" button?
TheWorstPoster2207/23 7:58pm
My dog is a very good bitch
TaKun782607/23 7:47pm
Would you do it? Free food, whatever you want, every meal, but....
GrimCyclone4907/23 7:02pm
Would you rather no 1
DiduXD907/23 6:38pm
Even the best fall down sometimes
DirtBasedSoap607/23 6:26pm
why do Americans clap when their food gets served at restaurants?
ImCallingYouOut5907/23 6:08pm
Can we get this bigot fired?
DirtBasedSoap2107/23 6:00pm
The B52's, great music
Serdar107/23 5:59pm
lol im fucking amazing
ImCallingYouOut507/23 5:16pm
IAmNowGone3507/23 4:57pm
Guys I have stage four Ligma
St_Kevin407/23 4:53pm
Just watched Ninja II. Scott Adkins is fucking amazing!
pipebomb_phil107/23 4:05pm
Remember when the Drew Carey show had realistic gay and transvestite characters?
Lokarin907/23 3:28pm
Main Hero In Netflix Voltron series confirmed to be gay
NightMareBunny1307/23 3:25pm
It bothers me when places try to charge a tip before you even get a service
Viking_Mudcrap1907/23 3:12pm
Console you wish you had kept
BUMPED20023107/23 3:02pm
Shazam trailer. The OTHER Captain Marvel movie
Zikten3307/23 2:43pm
Do you have a RESTING B**** FACE???
mrduckbear1807/23 2:36pm
Rate this cartoon series DAY 26: Droopy (1943)
trentpac507/23 2:29pm
TOP5 Most beautiful languages in the world
Serdar307/23 2:09pm
Well, there was an accident today...
LinkPizza2707/23 1:31pm
RE2 Remake CE
zebatov307/23 12:56pm
i've been addicted to this fucking song all day
Hard_Light3407/23 12:42pm
The sky is broken
TheWorstPoster207/23 12:37pm
Was your dad right?
Solid Sonic1007/23 12:34pm
Rate that thing ~ Day 1749 ~ Jupiter
Slayer1107/23 12:06pm
Y/N: Oxford Comma
YOUHAVENOHOPE4507/23 12:01pm
Harry Potter shoots Snape with an M9 in a Spongebob Squarepants simulation.
Muffinz0rz407/23 11:56am
I fucking win once again
ImCallingYouOut607/23 11:49am
The whole premise of Aquaman is stupid - spoilers
Viking_Mudcrap1507/23 11:46am
Remember when Black Lincoln freed all the non-binary multi-racial slaves?
Lokarin407/23 9:09am
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