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Just saw what might be the most weeb account suicide ever
DeltaBladeX207.21.2017 9:23pm0 + 0
No fuckin' police are gonna tell me to shut up...
Solid Sonic807.21.2017 9:15pm0 + 0
The Nintendo fanboyism here is so blatant, even the mods don't hide it
chill02907.21.2017 9:10pm0 + 0
xseed games to stream senran kagura peach beach splash today
NightMareBunny307.21.2017 8:36pm0 + 0
Video Game Maker ATARI is releasing a BIZARRE New SPEAKERHAT!! Look at it!!!
Full Throttle307.21.2017 8:35pm0 + 0
Is it against the ToU to tag random people who don't post on this board?
EightySeven607.21.2017 8:22pm0 + 0
The most deadly enemy in all of the Megamans.... is the Robo-Ostrich
Lokarin1107.21.2017 8:18pm0 + 0
I volunteered to go to work on Saturday
AwesomeTurtwig407.21.2017 7:36pm0 + 0
woah the lead singer of linkin park committed suicide
Jen01258207.21.2017 7:08pm0 + 0
Hey PC gamers, would you play on this?
DeltaBladeX507.21.2017 6:30pm0 + 0
Would you ever consider getting lasik?
UT19992407.21.2017 5:50pm0 + 0
That first sip of cold beer after a hot day in the kitchen.
SunWuKung420307.21.2017 5:46pm0 + 0
I don't usually dream about "playing" games...
Lokarin407.21.2017 5:27pm0 + 0
I remember how people here made fun of me for wanting to carry a sword around.
Dreaming_King9607.21.2017 5:24pm0 + 0
Too many video games kind of puts you down
St_Kevin207.21.2017 4:58pm0 + 0
I just wonder if he will still have the phone job (Rocko's Modern Life)
DeltaBladeX407.21.2017 4:57pm0 + 0
Just found out the new Pikmin.
Gamefreak99051407.21.2017 4:57pm0 + 0
DAE Mike Pence???
DirtBasedSoap307.21.2017 4:55pm0 + 0
I Would Hate To Be My Opponent Right About Now...
aDirtyShisno1807.21.2017 4:47pm0 + 0
just found out yik yak was shut down
knightoffire55107.21.2017 4:31pm0 + 0
It would be stupid to give up a full time job right?
rexcrk3907.21.2017 4:20pm0 + 0
What is the worst Pixar movie, in your opinion
AwesomeTurtwig5207.21.2017 4:10pm0 + 0
There is going to be a juggalo march in D.C. 9/16/17.
Grindcorp90001007.21.2017 3:52pm0 + 0
1 in 8 Trump Voters say they want an ELECTION DO-OVER!!!
Full Throttle907.21.2017 3:08pm0 + 0
Sean Spicer has resigned as press secretary.
SushiSquid907.21.2017 3:02pm0 + 0
She said yes!
knightoffire55407.21.2017 1:48pm0 + 0
Chester Bennington's suicide is the 1st time a death in the music industry hurt
Solid Sonic707.21.2017 1:27pm0 + 0
Answer choices are lame sometimes.
GhostOfOdin307.21.2017 1:24pm0 + 0
A tie fighter doesnt even look like a good ship...
argonautweakend207.21.2017 12:54pm0 + 0
paypal is ridiculous
helly1507.21.2017 12:40pm0 + 0
The moon landing was a hoax
TheWorstPoster407.21.2017 12:35pm0 + 0
Conservatives keep WARNING us that if Trump is impeached, Pence will be WORSE!!.
mrduckbear1507.21.2017 12:19pm0 + 0
Gonna go see Girl's Trip...
Junpeiclover207.21.2017 12:09pm0 + 0
Best Adam Sandler Movie?
TheOrangeMisfit1807.21.2017 12:07pm0 + 0
How often do you dudes usually jerk the gherkin?
UT19991407.21.2017 11:58am0 + 0
Member Chewbacca again?
Ogurisama207.21.2017 11:55am0 + 0
Who is responsible for leaving the toilet seat down?
St_Kevin2907.21.2017 11:21am0 + 0
Do you use Twitter?
OlorinTheOtaku1307.21.2017 11:01am0 + 0
I experience earthquake
ha21nagamas907.21.2017 11:00am0 + 0
i'm calling it now, tomorrows poll is gonna be about chester
helly1207.21.2017 10:59am0 + 0
Ya know, I'll probably cry when Kingdom Hearts III releases....
quigonzel1907.21.2017 10:44am0 + 0
Wow, this poll has me reminiscing hardcore!
quickbeam407.21.2017 10:44am0 + 0
Stormy Ascent is overrated in difficulty
TheWorstPoster607.21.2017 10:11am0 + 0
HWT, WE GAR-DEna in geardagum,
-Komaiko54-207.21.2017 8:19am0 + 0
This 22 y/o Blonde LIBERAL Girl was FIRED because she Supports the LGBTQ!!!
Full Throttle5607.21.2017 8:06am0 + 0
Florida man shoots out tires of AT&T trucks parked in front of his home
Far-Queue807.21.2017 6:05am0 + 0
This is an accurate representation of a typical millennial
Judgmenl4607.21.2017 5:45am0 + 0
Crowded places make people think more about the future
Zeus307.21.2017 5:17am0 + 0
Seiken Densetsu 3 soon, who should I use (Spoilers?)
Nichtcrawler X2507.21.2017 4:58am0 + 0
Best Jim Carey Movie?
TheOrangeMisfit2607.21.2017 4:25am0 + 0
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