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Are you ready for Game of Thrones tomorrow?
FrozenBananas407.15.2017 7:37pm0 + 0
Last weekend I attended my father's family reunion in Ft. Lauderdale (see pic)
RCtheWSBC3107.15.2017 7:34pm0 + 0
Recommend a cold supper
Lokarin707.15.2017 7:31pm0 + 0
Superconducting Quantum Levitation on a 3-pi Mobius Strip
Far-Queue607.15.2017 7:11pm0 + 0
Spla2n Splatfest in an hour and a half!
-Komaiko54-207.15.2017 7:09pm0 + 0
Was in America, went into a diner and ordered sausage and eggs. Got this.
TheCraigadile2407.15.2017 7:08pm0 + 0
It's raining, it's pouring, Emperor Emhyr is snoring.
WastelandCowboy207.15.2017 6:59pm0 + 0
We need to bring the word "swa swa" back from the dead
-Komaiko54-907.15.2017 6:41pm0 + 0
Guys arv is in a critical situmawashion the bosses daughter
ArvTheGreat507.15.2017 6:29pm0 + 0
Do you think being a slave is a good thing?
Lokarin707.15.2017 6:20pm0 + 0
China gets the single most best piece of technology ever
TheWorstPoster807.15.2017 5:50pm0 + 0
Just caught a donphan
ArvTheGreat107.15.2017 5:45pm0 + 0
I'm hanging out with a bunch of brits.
PK_Spam207.15.2017 5:26pm0 + 0
So Hillary's cabal can kill multiple people and make it look like suicide
KevinceKostner6107.15.2017 5:15pm0 + 0
Gay Bois, would you have sex with Cara Delevingne?
KevinceKostner207.15.2017 5:09pm0 + 0
You meet the girl of your dreams
TheWorstPoster1507.15.2017 4:55pm0 + 0
I just noticed YouTube has a preview thingie when you mouse over videos.
SpeedDemon20507.15.2017 4:54pm0 + 0
C/D: you always tip
Muscles1207.15.2017 4:53pm0 + 0
Behold the greatest scene in anime
PK_Spam1307.15.2017 4:52pm0 + 0
Where's Chelle?
Ezel_Bayraktar207.15.2017 4:49pm0 + 0
Do you think love can bloom even on a battlefield..?
Kimbos_Egg407.15.2017 4:25pm0 + 0
Someone made a topic a while back about a new item at burger king. What was it??
thecolorgreen307.15.2017 3:55pm0 + 0
A hotdog is sideways, so it's not a sandwich... it's a taco.
Lokarin407.15.2017 3:51pm0 + 0
So i just got horizen/ff12 remaster.
Kimbos_Egg407.15.2017 3:45pm0 + 0
so, pretty disappointed with my new switch, ok?
ZiggiStardust3607.15.2017 3:44pm0 + 0
I got 13 hours of sleep last night.
Stupid Pirate Guy207.15.2017 3:35pm0 + 0
I don't understand why IMDb lists Spider-Man films as adventure
Ezel_Bayraktar207.15.2017 3:22pm0 + 0
Well, time to go to a funeral...
Lokarin207.15.2017 2:38pm0 + 0
Are you going to see Avengers: Infinity War opening weekend?
WastelandCowboy107.15.2017 2:35pm0 + 0
Is walking exercise?
Veedrock-907.15.2017 1:46pm0 + 0
What was sex ed like at your high school?
MrMelodramatic4707.15.2017 1:45pm0 + 0
whats up with mcsame as bush?
ImCallingYouOut407.15.2017 12:46pm0 + 0
What smartphone do you own?
miki_sauvester107.15.2017 12:34pm0 + 0
Icoyar tier topic ITT
gravy607.15.2017 12:24pm0 + 0
What do you think it is mostly why xbox consoles sell so terribly in japan?
UT19993607.15.2017 12:06pm0 + 0
Arv wonders: why do they put a pepper in the box of pizza
ArvTheGreat1607.15.2017 11:58am0 + 0
Do you think would be noticeably better if you were more attractive?
Blighboy3507.15.2017 11:35am0 + 0
How old were you when you JOINED GAMEFAQS???
Full Throttle1207.15.2017 11:27am0 + 0
im still not sure what i want to do
lolamericans507.15.2017 11:00am0 + 0
Finally the Emmy's got it right. Bill Nye nominated for outstanding writing.
Gamerz4Justice407.15.2017 10:36am0 + 0
Why can't we carry over saves in games like NBA 2k and FIFA?
FatalAccident807.15.2017 9:32am0 + 0
Gonna attempt to delid my cpu
thecolorgreen507.15.2017 8:40am0 + 0
Should I be a pizza topping?
ss4parrothair407.15.2017 8:09am0 + 0
I filed a police report against my ex
Erik_P7707.15.2017 7:09am0 + 0
My dad has cancer :(
Doctor Foxx2507.15.2017 6:33am0 + 0
HEY ADMINS: Today's poll needs a redo IMMEDIATELY!!!
McSame_as_Bush1307.15.2017 6:08am0 + 0
Every time I see a preview for Valerian, I keep thinking that the guy...
keyblader1985207.15.2017 5:36am0 + 0
Did you know that the Bible ENCOURAGES Humans to TRAMPLE on SNAKES/SCORPIONS???
mrduckbear807.15.2017 4:54am0 + 0
Trump wants a see-through wall to prevent "sacks of drugs" injuries.
Lightning Bolt3507.15.2017 4:06am0 + 0
NASA admits it doesnt have the funding to land humans on Mars.
WastelandCowboy2707.15.2017 3:51am0 + 0
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