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Rate my Summer Steam Sale haul!
Muffinz0rz307.05.2017 2:28pm0 + 0
How many generations of your family was born and raised in the United States?
InfestedAdam3107.05.2017 2:20pm0 + 0
School tomorrow.
MrMelodramatic1207.05.2017 2:15pm0 + 0
I hate car mechanics.
CountessRolab2707.05.2017 2:13pm0 + 0
Could ADHD perhaps be a evolutionary thing?
Firewood181007.05.2017 2:11pm0 + 0
There's a newish documentary on Netflix. Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press
Doctor Foxx607.05.2017 1:47pm0 + 0
Germany embraces fascism by cracking down on free speech
Zeus1507.05.2017 1:00pm0 + 0
Someone makes a topic about getting fed up with jackasses...
Solid Sonic507.05.2017 12:50pm0 + 0
Post high school summer sucks.
FinalXemnas1407.05.2017 12:48pm0 + 0
ITT: We go Super Sayian
Dmess851207.05.2017 12:32pm0 + 0
You see a penny on the ground outside do you usually pick it up?
UT19991807.05.2017 12:24pm0 + 0
The X-Men Cartoon is more relevant today than it was back then
St_Kevin707.05.2017 11:57am0 + 0
Which of my top 10 best games of all time is the best?
Metal_Gear_Link107.05.2017 11:34am0 + 0
Putting your height on your tinder profile is a turn off.
MrMelodramatic3307.05.2017 10:29am0 + 0
What should my secondary PSN name be? (Choices inside)
DesertPenguin091407.05.2017 9:57am0 + 0
I'm a 1 GPU kind of guy.
Dmess852107.05.2017 8:54am0 + 0
What's Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?
ss4parrothair2807.05.2017 8:36am0 + 0
Rate my steam summer sale haul:
SamusGlory507.05.2017 6:50am0 + 0
(POLL) Is www.gamefaqs.com social board PotD ''one of the good ones?"
McSame_as_Bush607.05.2017 6:46am0 + 0
Florida Couple who won the 328 MILLION POWERBALL still live like POOR PEASANTS!
mrduckbear3807.05.2017 6:30am0 + 0
Rate allstarsniper32's steam summer sale haul!
AllstarSniper321407.05.2017 6:06am0 + 0
This American Dad said Trump SAVED a UK Boy by Offering FREE HEALTHCARE!!!
mrduckbear507.05.2017 4:11am0 + 0
This BARREL ASS Chewed out a man for texting she was fat on a flight IS SHE HOT?
TheOrangeMisfit2707.05.2017 4:06am0 + 0
The Judge who gave a LENIENT Sentence to a 19 y/o RAPIST is DEFENDING it!!!
Full Throttle507.05.2017 3:40am0 + 0
When life pisses all over you
TheWorstPoster407.05.2017 3:17am0 + 0
First year in ever that I have no holiday plans
RCtheWSBC9007.05.2017 3:14am0 + 0
Do you own an American flag?
-Komaiko54-3207.05.2017 2:59am0 + 0
Do you generally find women boring?
OmegaM7507.05.2017 2:52am0 + 0
where's the poll option that says i sold my ps4 to fund a new gaming pc?
thecolorgreen307.05.2017 2:50am0 + 0
Any reason why a girl would be scared of me?
GreenTreeClub3107.05.2017 2:40am0 + 0
I feel like rereading The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
EclairReturns507.05.2017 2:35am0 + 0
So in regards to fireworks pissing people off...
argonautweakend507.05.2017 2:19am0 + 0
It sounds like fireworks, it smells like fireworks,
AllstarSniper32207.05.2017 1:56am0 + 0
Are there a lot of loud fireworks going off around you tonight?
CwebbMichSac41607.05.2017 1:35am0 + 0
I'm soooo in love
Jen01251307.05.2017 1:09am0 + 0
dunno whats so cool about fireworks tbh
lolamericans807.05.2017 12:59am0 + 0
My poor dogs are freaking out
Mead607.05.2017 12:44am0 + 0
I'm currently doing a first aid course.
Mario_VS_DK307.05.2017 12:29am0 + 0
My rainbow brethren
Yellow1307.05.2017 12:15am0 + 0
This 32 y/o BLONDE Girl WHOPPED a GUY and made him CRY after he TOUCHED her!!!
Full Throttle1107.05.2017 12:11am0 + 0
What's something you personally experience that you're certain other people dont
PK_Spam3207.05.2017 12:06am0 + 0
Man, FighterZ has got me feelin' like it's 2001 again
Krow_Incarnate407.04.2017 11:34pm0 + 0
Join me as I 100% a few Zelda games. Most likely will contain spoilers.
supergamer1912307.04.2017 11:24pm0 + 0
Who here posted that video of the girl eating an onion?
MrMelodramatic1707.04.2017 11:15pm0 + 0
Fucking pumped watching this one again
papercup107.04.2017 11:06pm0 + 0
i just realized they got rid of the good futurama episodes on netflix
LaggnFragnLarry507.04.2017 10:49pm0 + 0
I'm certain that this person parked in front of me has a glows ticket in the
helly207.04.2017 10:44pm0 + 0
So my buddy introduced me to one of his friends
Erik_P3307.04.2017 10:31pm0 + 0
Oh dear lord im just trying to sleep
thecolorgreen1007.04.2017 10:26pm0 + 0
I have important news
TheWorstPoster207.04.2017 10:24pm0 + 0
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