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Military Women are shifting AWAY from the REPUBLICAN Party and to the DEMS!!!
mrduckbear212/31 1:53am
Looking for a cool community
SpaghettiCookie5512/31 1:07am
This has purple stuff inside
Ogurisama2112/31 12:33am
When googling help for games nowadays, why is first result usually a video?
DrYuya3912/30 11:32pm
I'm screwed.
EclairReturns1812/30 10:47pm
The funkiest video game music
Lokarin1412/30 9:47pm
my user level has changed to veteran
OniRonin1812/30 9:41pm
my son didn't care for this game
knightoffire55212/30 9:16pm
this shit is too small
Bulbasaur512/30 8:31pm
One thing I never consider with USB flash drives is their size and will they fit
argonautweakend112/30 8:09pm
I try to shop locally exclusively
SpaghettiCookie1812/30 6:38pm
Another game stop freakout
Mead14612/30 5:32pm
Lol they cancelled a women's March in Northern California because
dioxxys712/30 5:31pm
2018 Film Rankings
Pus_N_Pecans112/30 4:25pm
what are some mondegreens you used to 'know'?
mondoshawan21012/30 4:17pm
would you watch a muslim comedy called 'It's always Sunni in Philadelphia?'
Lokarin1512/30 4:08pm
every time I make a topic it always get derailed with some bull shit!
-Komaiko54-4112/30 3:42pm
They call it Jerusalem Shawarma...
St_Kevin412/30 3:30pm
Hide the Pain Harold
Mover_of_Zigs212/30 3:25pm
I still can't believe Jack and Jill was a real movie.
Cotton_Eye_Joe812/30 2:34pm
I had a dream where my Dad caught me jerking off.
Yellow Devil in Mega Man 11 is kicking my ass.
Judgmenl812/30 12:59pm
Have you ever wanted to play Left 4 Dead 2... with sex?
Lokarin1712/30 12:56pm
*runs to corner of of neighborhood* AVENGERS INFINITY WAR IS ON NETFLIX!!!
FrozenBananas4012/30 12:10pm
Drinking and eating...
LinkPizza712/30 11:45am
Nora Ali is hhnnngg *pics included
lihlih712/30 11:42am
Why are Roman Polanski and Bryan Singer getting free passes?
Lokarin2112/30 11:09am
I didn't get nominated for the Naval Academy...
Impavid541112/30 10:45am
That new Jordan peele movie looks good
SmokeMassTree1612/30 9:48am
Great UFC event tonight
kangolcone212/30 7:58am
Least favorite part of visiting my parents for the holidays?
RCtheWSBC2612/30 4:00am
Chromehound and Fracture worth grabbing?
DeltaBladeX612/30 2:15am
Kids will have no problem with their homework with virtual assistants.
WastelandCowboy712/30 1:50am
Favorite Christmas commercial
OneTimeBen1312/30 1:22am
Got a phone number but I'm moving in 7 months (3)
SpaghettiCookie1912/30 1:15am
what's good when you are sick and just want a one-food?
Lokarin2012/30 1:02am
Anyone else watching Jones vs Gustafson?
OhhhJa312/30 12:33am
JimCarrysToe, do you still have your chicken pox?
OmegaM312/30 12:19am
jones v gustafsson ii
argonautweakend112/29 11:58pm
Aquaman *possible spoilers*
Krazy_Kirby112/29 10:38pm
Girlfriend bought me rubbers last night. We haven't used rubs in over 6 years
BloodWhen_iWipe2612/29 10:26pm
I bet this guy posts here lol
OhhhJa812/29 10:13pm
I graduated with 28k in student loans
MrMelodramatic2112/29 10:11pm
Remember your past, to find your future
minervo412/29 10:05pm
Dat XBox One poll!
SunWuKung420212/29 10:00pm
i don't like god of war
knightoffire55712/29 9:55pm
That feeling when you disagree with a bunch of posts you see online.
Judgmenl1412/29 9:46pm
Should the Stanford Prison Experimented be revisited?
DrCidd512/29 9:38pm
Pick a game console.
solid_kush4212/29 9:32pm
Anyone know what the type of this dog is called?
Ferarri6191312/29 9:27pm
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