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Is driving four hours to see Coldplay a waste of gas?
Cotton_Eye_Joe908.18.2019 9:00am0 + 0
A great swordsman once said, "Hesitation is defeat."
Dreaming_King308.18.2019 8:47am0 + 0
ITT: We write a crappy story three words at a time: part 2
KJ StErOiDs3708.18.2019 8:37am0 + 0
I really fucked up not getting Mario Tennis Aces at launch
SkynyrdRocker108.18.2019 8:25am0 + 0
A FEMALE Airport Employee is FIRED after she wrote a MAN this OFFENSIVE NOTE!!!
Full Throttle808.18.2019 7:59am0 + 0
I got this amazing match on tinder pleeeease tell me how do I not fuck this up
-Komaiko54-2408.18.2019 7:56am0 + 0
Why is it called Bulbapedia and not Pikapedia?
MartianManchild308.18.2019 7:34am0 + 0
I will post in this topic every day I don't accomplish anything
Lokarin208.18.2019 7:06am0 + 0
Was Ronald Reagan racist?
SkynyrdRocker5108.18.2019 7:04am0 + 0
What if your life is actually a live tv show?
wolfy42408.18.2019 6:04am0 + 0
If you DIED, do you think Gamefaqs Users would care??
mrduckbear4908.18.2019 6:02am0 + 0
Let's play "Rate the above song" Part II
Ferarri61926008.18.2019 4:42am0 + 0
Swat Kats
NightMareBunny1408.18.2019 4:29am0 + 0
Who is your favorite member of "The Squad"?
miki_sauvester608.18.2019 4:03am0 + 0
Roald Dahl's "The Witches" is getting a new movie
OmegaM508.18.2019 3:51am0 + 0
I want to feel alive
-Komaiko54-3408.18.2019 3:40am0 + 0
Anyone else play Rainbow Six Siege?
Zangulus508.18.2019 3:40am0 + 0
23 y/o Liberal Girl is found GUILTY of SLAPPING a MAGA SUPPORTER!! Is She Hot???
Full Throttle308.18.2019 3:00am0 + 0
vulcanize the whoopee stick
knightoffire55208.18.2019 2:45am0 + 0
Anime, Manga, VN, JRPG, Related Things Discussion Topic LXXXVI
dragon50444908.18.2019 2:02am0 + 0
Alaska has the WARMEST Year EVER..and ALL of their SALMON is DEAD!!!
mrduckbear1208.18.2019 2:01am0 + 0
Why weren't slaves used to dig to the center of the earth?
NeoSioType1808.18.2019 1:53am0 + 0
GBA is better than the DS
ArvTheGreat2208.18.2019 1:51am0 + 0
Cormier vs. Miocic 2, who guys got?
dragon5041108.18.2019 1:45am0 + 0
20 y/o HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT is Arrested after he did THIS to his GF's CAR!!!
Full Throttle1008.18.2019 1:27am0 + 0
Teen Girls are in Trouble ALREADY on the FIRST DAY for showing their SHOULDERS!
Full Throttle1808.18.2019 1:17am0 + 0
Today marks two years of veganism
Doctor Foxx37208.18.2019 1:07am0 + 0
word on the street is AOC is having campaign funding problems in her district...
-Komaiko54-2808.18.2019 1:07am0 + 0
Would you like Kana has a teacher?
Lokarin308.18.2019 1:05am0 + 0
Is ea access like ps+? If they change the games around will i still be able to
Kimbos_Egg308.18.2019 12:44am0 + 0
ITT I try to convince Nade Duck (and anyone else) to play Final Fantasy XIV
papercup20708.18.2019 12:41am0 + 0
Should Rozie kill me?
Keron_Mahabir208.18.2019 12:17am0 + 0
Angry German kid who went viral in mid-2000s tells his story.
Ferarri619408.18.2019 12:09am0 + 0
ding dong ring ding dong dong dong dong dingy dongy dong dong dong
FridayHorse708.17.2019 11:53pm0 + 0
this topic is an echo chamber hugbox
TheWitchMorgana2508.17.2019 11:48pm0 + 0
Twice in a blue moon, I might stumble cross thoughts like
-Komaiko54-308.17.2019 11:41pm0 + 0
Stephen Bean topic Series 5, Episode 5: OH HELLL NAWWW!
Kimbos_Egg27308.17.2019 11:15pm0 + 0
I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it
-Komaiko54-2308.17.2019 10:56pm0 + 0
What's the best ammo of these (list is from a game, so some may not be real))
Lokarin2008.17.2019 10:32pm0 + 0
Are a you fan of huge roller coasters?
CedarPointcp1708.17.2019 10:32pm0 + 0
It's so weird seeing someone on tinder and then seeing them in person
-Komaiko54-508.17.2019 10:07pm0 + 0
Think my dads got cancer
FatalAccident1408.17.2019 9:32pm0 + 0
how much do you pay for internet? what's the speed? what company do you use?
Aculo1208.17.2019 9:13pm0 + 0
Which of the current american pony cars do you think looks the best?
CedarPointcp1108.17.2019 9:06pm0 + 0
Wahoo, Gears of War 4 is free on Xbox Live. Time to get drunk and play it
FrozenBananas2608.17.2019 8:31pm0 + 0
Wanna get into mini RCs and have a problem
hypnox608.17.2019 8:17pm0 + 0
What do you get when you cross Bill Clinton and Donald Trump?
Noop_Noop1408.17.2019 7:38pm0 + 0
I'm debating if I wanna got get some Smitty's
Lokarin1808.17.2019 7:15pm0 + 0
I am fanGIRLIN'
-Komaiko54-108.17.2019 6:54pm0 + 0
How in the fuck do people live in the south
-Komaiko54-4408.17.2019 6:53pm0 + 0
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