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It's nighttime.
_PandaMaster_902/20 11:53pm
Microsoft Flight Simulator DLC had malware attached to it
Ogurisama202/20 11:37pm
Guys, google monster hunter world NOW
Nomak-542002/20 11:35pm
went back to banging this cougar after telling myself i wouldn't anymore
knightoffire55402/20 10:54pm
Nap topic in ITT this topic
gravy502/20 10:42pm
I bought two Xbox Ones this week.
THEGODDAMNBATMA1202/20 10:40pm
The last season of The Office is really draining to watch.
RomanGhost4202/20 10:32pm
Excuse me I'd like to ass you a question
Cotton_Eye_Joe202/20 10:27pm
Bordertown is awful but I'm enjoying it
Krow_Incarnate702/20 10:24pm
sometimes i feel like we all have friends who like making us wait
NightMareBunny2702/20 10:19pm
Games as a Service.
GrimCyclone802/20 10:07pm
Is "voting with your wallet" a double-edge sword?
InfestedAdam1502/20 10:00pm
I want friends
DeltaBladeX302/20 9:21pm
for the make or break poll of the day, why
cylink1234567891002/20 8:33pm
Another Humble Deviant Bundle is up.
keyblader19852702/20 8:24pm
Mashed cauliflower is awesome.
SushiSquid2002/20 7:42pm
Where would you draw the line?
darcandkharg312802/20 7:40pm
This isn't working out
MrMelodramatic2002/20 6:55pm
Pot holes
gravy502/20 6:48pm
What are your favorite guest appearances in video games?
MoneyMan10004002/20 6:42pm
Odobaros can go die in a fire
helIy102/20 6:14pm
sweet and salty chex mix is just awful
helIy3702/20 6:09pm
_PandaMaster_402/20 6:02pm
Why are there forks, spoons, and knives
TheWorstPoster102/20 5:40pm
I dropped my eggs all over the floor
gravy602/20 5:25pm
Okay, time for some truth!
_PandaMaster_502/20 5:16pm
Who's your favorite American President?
Scloud4702/20 4:50pm
sarah huckabee sanders looks like she constantly is smelling a foul odor
Jen01251102/20 4:23pm
A lot of Family Guy jokes don't have anything to do with the plot.
Cotton_Eye_Joe1102/20 4:09pm
Who do you think is the most well known person on the planet?
XBoner2402/20 3:22pm
About islamic fundamentalist migrants to our countries... i was thinking
Scloud1702/20 2:59pm
It's a stone Luigi
Andromicus302/20 2:53pm
Man DESTROYS his AR-15 Gun by SAWING it in Half!!!
Full Throttle1002/20 2:36pm
"The Invention of Heterosexuality" has the BBC gone full SJW???
Andromicus1902/20 2:36pm
What the hell is going on here
TheWorstPoster2202/20 2:32pm
I got a Nintendo Switch and 3 games (rate choices)
Dmess85902/20 2:31pm
Gonna recommend a book; Caution it requires an extremely open mind
mastermix30001602/20 2:14pm
A conversation I overheard on the bus the other day..
keyblader1985502/20 2:05pm
I can't think of a topic
TheWorstPoster402/20 1:51pm
Name some negative aspects of your favorite games!
green dragon3402/20 1:42pm
'Never Gonna Give You Up' isn't even Rick Astley's best song
Muffinz0rz302/20 1:42pm
DANG IT, Bobby!!!!
_PandaMaster_1502/20 1:20pm
TheWorstPoster1302/20 12:35pm
(Price dropped $0.01 since added)
Andromicus202/20 12:26pm
Does Canada need more freedom?
Scloud702/20 11:59am
You Americans have only won 5 Krusty burgers so far?
Ogurisama402/20 11:45am
What the duck
ss4parrothair202/20 11:38am
Current state of the daily polls
PleasePleasant1202/20 11:35am
When I dropped my phone, it wasn't the fall that broke the screen...
SirPikachu502/20 10:38am
It's daytime
_PandaMaster_302/20 10:24am
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