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my son wants elsa and anna from frozen to be his girlfriends
LaggnFragnLarry909/15 11:32pm
Guess I'm moving sometime this week.
KogaSteelfang909/15 11:29pm
Why do you still come here?
JoanOfArcade3009/15 10:57pm
i finally tried the toasted cheeze-its.
helIy109/15 10:48pm
C/D: Smartphones are the future of gaming
NightMareBunny1409/15 10:05pm
I'm surprised, Sonic 2 HD is still around
DeltaBladeX509/15 10:02pm
In which continent do you live?
Emulator2209/15 9:17pm
whats the next game i should play drunk
knightoffire55609/15 8:51pm
How important are looks to women?
DrProfessor3009/15 7:50pm
Hulu totally screwed up their user interface with this update
Jen01251709/15 7:43pm
If you take a picture of the Master Sword and then track it...
Lokarin609/15 7:42pm
Re-watching The Office and made it to Scott's Tots
Doctor Foxx6709/15 7:15pm
Lol how much did Bungie pay to withhold reviews
KevinceKostner709/15 7:07pm
Sunny's Beer University Day 2
SunWuKung4205009/15 7:01pm
God this is an awful Top ten horror games list someone posted here
dioxxys1609/15 7:01pm
Beer >>>>>>> calculus
RCtheWSBC10209/15 6:56pm
I think they should fire 1 of the guys from 5 Guys.
Jiggy101011509/15 6:33pm
This is the integrity of our mainstream news today
TheWorstPoster1309/15 6:06pm
Girl's Mode 4 was announced.
Dreaming_King709/15 5:48pm
RC, have you had any humanoid encounters in Chicago?
Jen01251509/15 5:26pm
Who in the world is still afraid of clowns in this day and age?
do_ob_tpkillr2909/15 5:17pm
Luigi > Mario...but god DAMN, Wario >>>> Waluigi
FrozenBananas2409/15 4:47pm
The universe has shader errors
Yellow909/15 4:44pm
I think i will watch the Golden Knights first official NHL game this Sunday
Ogurisama309/15 4:37pm
This video had me in tears laughing
Doctor Foxx1109/15 4:30pm
Cassini is going to die tomorrow, being torn apart by Saturn's atmosphere
TheWorstPoster809/15 4:24pm
Cop who allegedly shot black man and then planted a gun found not guilty
Blightzkrieg1309/15 4:24pm
spent $6 for a gallon of apple cider
helIy909/15 4:23pm
GameTok with Lok: Best of NEW music in games
Lokarin109/15 4:21pm
If you were out somewhere and happened to notice someone famous nearby...
OmniImmortal1709/15 4:17pm
I dont wanna get up!
thecolorgreen909/15 4:11pm
A clownfish walks into a barn
Mead709/15 4:05pm
This is the 15 y/o Washington SCHOOL SHOOTER who Killed his BEST FRIEND!!!
Full Throttle1509/15 3:41pm
I don't find clowns scary or disturbing but the clown from It spooked me a lot..
KINDERFELD209/15 3:26pm
Good song about clowns.
Superlinkbro309/15 2:29pm
What movie do you think of: (Day 20 - Director day) Steven Spielberg
impatientperson1109/15 2:10pm
mastermix30001709/15 2:08pm
How do you pronounce "Antifa"???
Full Throttle1209/15 1:54pm
Somebody paid my coworker with an 1808 and 1830 half dollar.
argonautweakend2309/15 1:49pm
I'm going to cedar point, anybody interested?
CedarPointcp1909/15 12:52pm
Did you guys read this funny story on yahoo?
CedarPointcp409/15 12:48pm
Getting hit up by beggars more and more these days.
GrimCyclone2609/15 12:18pm
i'm cold and tired and hungry and there's no food
Lokarin3309/15 11:23am
What character do you think of: (Day 18) Morgan Freeman
impatientperson3409/15 11:09am
He's guilty of mayhem, exposure indecent...
Ogurisama709/15 10:46am
That beer university lasted only two days at most?
AllstarSniper32409/15 10:01am
Just had corned beef tacos
ss4parrothair1009/15 9:22am
Kefka vs Pennywise vs Joker
TheMatrix3009/15 5:45am
22 y/o Kid who RAPED a Girl is now in a COLLEGE TEXTBOOK with his FACE in it!!!
mrduckbear5509/15 5:02am
walking dead theory (possile spoiler)
Krazy_Kirby509/15 4:14am
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