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Best 8 Seed CBX Day 7 FINALS
Whiskey_Nick512/11 4:05pm
CBX Schedule and Image Submission
SBAllen13012/11 4:00pm
Best 8 Seed CBX Day 6
Whiskey_Nick812/11 3:59pm
Why did they lose? Crono, Samus
Anagram2712/11 3:41pm
Board 8 Wrasslin' League: A solo-tabletop-game-based interactive wrestling thing
Tom Bombadil5212/11 3:25pm
Mercenaries 5 Preseason Topic 1: Wartime Economy
KanzarisKelshen15112/11 3:24pm
Anyone up for Smash?
paperwarior112/11 3:06pm
Is there somewhere to see all the images used in today's battle?
The_Theorum412/11 2:04pm
Time to remove the registered user vote advantage
Moonroof912/11 1:49pm
Is SexistFAQs a thing yet?
Logience512/11 1:31pm
I've been crushing it in SSBU
Moonroof612/11 1:27pm
~Character Battle X Spread Betting~ Legends Final: Link (-28) vs Zelda
MZero112012/11 1:11pm
Save My Smash Bro: Day 18 [smsb] [24/7]
Save-My11112/11 12:36pm
Malaysia Ant Cult
FBike1812/11 12:27pm
How strong could Samus become if Metroid Prime 4 is awesome and sells very well?
Anclation712/11 12:27pm
What's the first fictional character that comes to your head?
Logience2112/11 12:13pm
This contest is exactly why Chrono needs to be in Smash.
Airship_Canon1812/11 11:36am
Your current religious or nonreligious beliefs?
Wreath4312/11 11:13am
The Best Board 8 Fantasy Football League 2018 Topic 3
beavis666x223112/11 9:29am
No matter what happens in this match, Zelda's is the GOAT contest run yes?
Lightning Strikes2512/11 5:50am
Wow, gamefaqs have completely lost the plot
Vlado5412/11 5:47am
Coming soon to a GameFAQs near you, the sequel nobody wanted or asked for!
TsunamiXXVIII3112/11 5:36am
Se7en Ranks 1,300 songs from the --{| 70's| 80's| 90's| 00's| 10's |}-- #6
Se7enthrust4312/11 5:07am
Hope you people with the porn rallies, post some for Zelda in her match!
Safer_7771112/11 4:27am
does anyone have yesterday's leaderboard saved?
iGenesis112/11 3:32am
He come to town.
FBike1112/11 2:31am
Save My Smash Bro: Day 17 [smsb] [24/7]
Save-My9812/11 1:57am
Work-In-Progress 2018 X-Stats
KamikazePotato812/11 1:47am
Pre-contest, I saw a few posts about Crono being the legit #2 on this site
VectorAgent712/11 1:39am
NY Mom CANCELS her BABY SHOWER after her Family MOCKS the NAME!! Is it Dumb????
Full Throttle512/11 1:22am
31 y/o CHRISTIAN is Arrested after he SCREAMED to Kids that SANTA ISN'T REAL!!!!
mrduckbear112/11 1:20am
Would you support Donald Trump appointing himself to the Supreme Court?
red sox 777412/11 12:34am
My current goal in life is getting a sub minute game of solitaire
Sorozone1512/11 12:26am
Somebody needs to fix Squirtle's wiki page
Logience112/11 12:16am
BABE BRAWL: Amouranth (c) vs. Jessica Kingham - TIEBREAKER (NOMINATE!)
Vlado2912/11 12:14am
Godzilla: King of the Monsters trailer 2
INCEPTlON212/10 11:46pm
Thank you Board 8
v_charon37812/10 11:25pm
Best Zelda?
VeryInsane2112/10 10:43pm
45 y/o Pennsylvania Dad who ran away with 16 y/o Asian Girl gets 5 YEARS PRISON.
Full Throttle112/10 10:26pm
Important FFVIII news, apparently (mega spoilers?)
Anagram3112/10 9:55pm
This contest has lost all credit-ability
Logience112/10 9:45pm
Can somebody start a porn rally for Link on yaoi boards?
Logience412/10 9:19pm
Clearly Mario cheated again.
red13n612/10 9:10pm
So does this mean Mario's losing even harder next Zelda match?
Logience512/10 9:09pm
Rallying is only okay if the character I like wins.
UltimaterializerX1312/10 8:53pm
To everyone still pressed over a match from 13 years ago...
HeroicSpiderPig312/10 8:50pm
Legend of Zelda fan but tired of Link always wins? Vote Zelda!
Nanis231912/10 8:18pm
Save My Smash Bro: Day 16 [smsb] [24/7]
Save-My10112/10 7:55pm
What's the idea behind the Loser Bracket?
KiraResari812/10 7:34pm
~*~CBX Official Picsmith Hub - Post Your Match Pics Here!~*~
ZenOfThunder17312/10 6:52pm
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