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Bungie soon to gain full publishing control over Destiny franchise
JonThePenguin2201/11 1:21pm
Best 3 Seed CBX Day 2
Whiskey_Nick2001/11 11:52am
Save My Disney Character X Round 26 *RULE CHANGE* [SMDC]
GenesisSaga22101/11 11:41am
Kingdom Hearts III epilogue and secret movie release dates announced
JonThePenguin701/11 11:20am
Jojo Part 4 - Dub Kira Reveal
GANON1025601/11 10:34am
One of these Celebrity WOMEN are NOT 30 YEARS OLD Yet..Guess which it is!!!!
mrduckbear401/11 9:52am
is there a good calculator for the expenses of buying and having a house?
Tom Bombadil4601/11 7:49am
~*Save My Persona Character*~ MMXIX Round 12 *NEW RULES*
kateee4401/11 12:27am
Maryland Parents who SMASHED their Son's XBOX ONE have their Probation REDUCED!.
Full Throttle201/10 11:47pm
Maria ranks all 141 League champs blind part 2
profDEADPOOL31401/10 10:50pm
Underleveled801/10 9:47pm
(+ ) SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE: Ultimate League // S1 - Divisional Matches (4) ( +)
3DSRage50001/10 9:13pm
26 y/o Pennsylvania DISABLED Man debuts his GIRLFRIEND!! Is She Hot????
Full Throttle701/10 7:07pm
Do you like this character? Day 1122: Black Panther (Black Panther)
Underleveled4001/10 6:39pm
Nintendo already dropping the ball on Switch Online NES games
Jakyl252701/10 4:51pm
Best New Character 2018 [nominations]
Johnbobb16601/10 4:49pm
Korayashi24701/10 3:04pm
Best of the Trope Season 2: Day 24 - Even Evil Has Standards
GavsEvans1231101/10 2:27pm
Amazon has some pretty underrated TV shows
OliviaTremor1801/10 12:13pm
i bet my first playstation 4 game
ertyu0078401/10 11:16am
i never thought the day would come where i'd have to get youtube premium
CoolCly401/10 10:22am
well, got a girlfriend because of Jojos bizarre adventure
Heroic Bigpun6101/10 7:00am
Persona 5 Mafia Topic 8 - Mementos: Path of Chemdah
Arti48901/10 3:14am
Ranking every movie I've seen from 2018
Johnbobb2901/10 2:55am
It's been 5 years to the day... Who was the real Ass Crack Bandit?
scarletspeed7701/10 1:39am
People are putting a ton of effort into making Sonic 2006 not suck
TheRock15251201/09 11:49pm
Voting for the 2018 Vidya Gaem Awards has begun
Logience1901/09 11:11pm
~*Save My Persona Character*~ MMXIX Round 11
kateee4301/09 10:39pm
ATTN: People who eat desserts and call them too sweet.
3DSRage1301/09 10:34pm
Undertale Genocide final boss for your browser. *spoilers*
LapisLazuli2401/09 8:24pm
ATTN: People who eat dinners and call them too salty
NFUN901/09 7:36pm
Best 3 Seed CBX Day 1
Whiskey_Nick201/09 6:30pm
Best contest entrant to not win the championship = ?
SuperNiceDog901/09 5:39pm
How dark do you like your chocolate?
Bartzyx2801/09 5:34pm
Castle Super Beast podcast has launched (Super Best Friends)
LapisLazuli201/09 5:08pm
Best 4 Seed CBX Day 7 FINALS
Whiskey_Nick301/09 5:04pm
NFL Pick'em topic: Wild card round
Emeraldegg5901/09 3:58pm
~*Save My Persona Character*~ MMXIX Round 10
kateee3701/09 3:01pm
An economic system that destroys families is not worth having - it's an ENEMY!
Vlado25801/09 1:31pm
POLL: Are you a nationalist or a globalist?
Vlado9401/09 12:41pm
Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn coming March 8th
ninkendo2701/09 12:05pm
Worst trends in today's gaming?
Solioxrz36234701/09 10:22am
Do you like this character? Day 1121: Chloe Price (Life is Strange)
Underleveled3901/09 9:31am
Is Zone of Ender's worth setting up my PS3 for?
IfGodCouldDie1201/09 8:41am
Best of the Trope Season 2: Day 23 - Earn Your Happy Ending
GavsEvans1231301/09 8:33am
why am i just learning there's an ace combat 7 and it's out in 10 days
iiicon1601/09 7:25am
Nintendo boss specifically mentions movies in things they're looking at.
Airship_Canon501/09 5:33am
Board 8's Other NFL Picks League - Wildcard Weekend - Happy New Year!
Ashethan5401/09 3:00am
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom sells 8x more on Switch than other platforms
ninkendo101/09 2:50am
Best trends in today's gaming?
Lightning Strikes4001/09 1:03am
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