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^King of the Mountain^ - Save My Superhero - Day (FAB 5!)
v_charon4511/04 4:09am
Save My Character Battler X: Day 93 [smcb] [24/7]
Save-My13411/04 1:26am
Guys, we made it.
ZeldaTPLink1611/04 12:58am
Looks like we'll probably see Vivi/DK III
Underleveled811/04 12:41am
Ufc 230
ScareChan2311/04 12:39am
What the fuck is happening?
ExThaNemesis4611/04 12:30am
FLAMANDER RANKS VGM ~ (ranking phase)
Flamander17011/04 12:25am
15 y/o FAT Kid STRANGLED his MOM because she YELLED at him for getting a D!!!!
Full Throttle111/04 12:23am
How is kosmos so close to losing?!
crazyray471011/04 12:06am
Danta might cry
greengravy294411/04 12:06am
Did anyone play The Quiet Man yet
ninkendo111/03 11:50pm
Alabama is not fucking around.
UItimaterializer411/03 11:18pm
What!? HOW is Leon SCOTT Kennedy losing to a MONKEY???
tazzyboyishere411/03 11:10pm
After playing MGSV for so long, all other games feel clunky w/ poor controls
ExThaNemesis1411/03 11:07pm
[TTCB] Day 27 - Goro M./Joker v Vanille/Wrex & Hat Kid/Mordin v Bowser/Peach
KamikazePotato2911/03 10:36pm
Would you want the u.s. to scrap daylight savings time?
AirJordan23453111/03 10:33pm
Bye for 2 weeks b8.
Leafeon13N2211/03 10:13pm
Kingdom Hearts III Tangled trailer (now with English VO!)
JonThePenguin1211/03 10:05pm
Save My Character Battler X: Day 92 [smcb] [24/7]
Save-My12011/03 9:38pm
Who is vote stuffing Donkey Kong?
PoIl61771011/03 8:59pm
One-state wins in round 1
Underleveled211/03 8:56pm
my lightning rally not workin
SuperNiceDog111/03 8:52pm
Contest Stats and Discussion - Part 1295
swirIdude50011/03 8:32pm
Just found out my hs lacrosse teammate murdered his Russian mail-order bride
Menji3011/03 8:29pm
Anybody seen Netflix' Hilda? (Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, etc)
LapisLazuli211/03 8:27pm
Tie breaker question
iGenesis211/03 8:12pm
Enjoying leftover candy on a JoJo Friday!
ninkendo2811/03 8:12pm
PoIl6177611/03 8:10pm
Was Amaterasu beating Draven a show of strength or the power of anti votes?
InsaneGamer137711/03 8:00pm
~Character Battle X Spread Betting~ Day 17 - Round 2 Division 1
MZero113411/03 7:59pm
Why did they lose? Albert Wesker, Richter Belmont, Draven, Metal Man
Anagram3111/03 7:45pm
Reject Battle X! R1D16 - Cindy/Callie, Laharl/Yoshimitsu, Knack/Guy, Misty/Jecht
Johnbobb2911/03 7:19pm
You know what's really dumb? Ellie is legitimately one of the best characters
The Real Truth4011/03 6:57pm
If It Were Up to Board 8: Ryu/Lloyd, Shepard/KRool, Ellie/KOSMOS, Aqua/Quiet
NowItsAngeTime5111/03 6:53pm
Poll: Who is the biggest "turd" of Round 1?
Haste_23011/03 6:44pm
Poll: Who is the biggest "star" of Round 1?
Haste_22011/03 6:08pm
Save My Character Battler X: Day 91 [smcb] [24/7]
Save-My9611/03 5:29pm
Best 13 Seed CBX Day 6
Whiskey_Nick411/03 5:23pm
How are we supposed to Nuzlocke this anyway?
WrestIeMania3111/03 5:21pm
The actual CBX Losers Bracket! Round 1 Day 15
Oxbridge2111/03 3:20pm
ertyu 0078 video game contest the legend of zelda vs Mortal kombat
ertyu0078311/03 2:15pm
Do we still think Fallout 3 would be strong in a games contest setting?
LinkMarioSamus211/03 1:35pm
Save My Character Battler X: Day 90 [smcb] [24/7]
Save-My12711/03 12:38pm
Mega Man X shouldn't be in these contests
Moonroof7611/03 12:35pm
*high fives ~52% of gamefaqs*
Vlado111/03 10:10am
With round 1 coming to a close, who's your favorite 15 seed to ever win a match?
ZeroSignal620511/03 9:46am
How did you vote in Ocelot/Dedede and Shepard/K Rool
STElNER311/03 8:39am
So when do clocks get changed back?
AirJordan2345511/03 8:30am
Today's match shows why GameFAQs is such a joke.
Not_Wylvane111/03 6:03am
Save My Character Battler X: Day 89 [smcb] [24/7]
Save-My11311/03 4:01am
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